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  1. Thanks. I saw that model and it looks really nice (I like the shorter blade length) but it’s not available in LH so no go for me!
  2. Thanks. I looked at those but they have inserts and on my next putter I am going to go without an insert
  3. Thanks. Did you notice any more forgiveness in the mini giant DF vs the FGP blade or FGP mallet? In terms of FGP mallet vs FGP blade, was it the balance of the mallet which made you prefer it? I think the mallet is a bit heavier? That noticeable at all to you? thanks again
  4. I think I want to try a Seemore putter but am looking for suggestions on which model. I am a lefty and so they are almost never in local stores to try so I am likely buying without testing. I have mainly used Spider type putters the past 5 years or so, but also a bit with an Anser style. But I’m not tied to those and am open to trying something different. The most important thing is I want no shaft bend or plumbers neck. For years I played a bullseye and I want to go back to a straight shaft model. My stroke is somewhere between SBST to mild arc. My initial thought was the original
  5. @howaboutmei am currently comparing these two, among others. Is there a noticeable increase in forgiveness with the newer mFGP compared to the original?
  6. I’m intrigued by the Seemores, but I’m a lefty (in Canada) and the stores here never have the LHs in to try. I putted for years with a bullseye and loved it for alignment due to the centre shaft (and also for short putts, though the lower forgiveness was not great on longer putts). However, i moved away from it years ago and have shuffled between manu different models and styles since. I’m thinking I’d like to try a centre shafted blade again, preferably not too heavy, so Seemore seems to fit the bill. Which models would you recommend? I think maybe the FGP, FGP20, mFGP (carbon steel) would
  7. FWIW, I tested the Ping Tour and Tensei Orange shafts extensively when I bought a G410+ driver a couple years ago and found the Orange to launch way higher than the Tour. I went with the Tour, as it was better for me. YMMV.
  8. I'm not a low index player (I play off about 10 now), but FWIW I have played the G410 irons with DG120 S300 shafts for about 1.5 years and like the combo. I play them in 6-UW. I find them forgiving and consistent.
  9. Ping Tour 65 stiff with G410+ for me. I really like the combo.
  10. I bought a G410 driver a few months ago and tried these shafts extensively when I was demoing (both in stiff). For my swing, the Tour 65 (stiff) was much better than the Orange (stiff). For me, the Orange gave me a ball flight which was very high and ballooning. I also much preferred the feel of the Tour. YMMV. For reference my diver swing is probably around 95-100 mph. I ended up buying the driver with the Tour 65 (stiff). After an adjustment period to get used to the new driver, I very much like this driver + shaft combo. Distance is good but the real thing is the terrific forgiveness.
  11. I like these shafts. For years and years I played the standard DG (in both S300 and X100 softstepped). Then about 4-5 years ago I found those to be too heavy. That led me on a process trying to find some somewhat lighter shafts but not too light. I tried many different shafts, and played for parts of three years with PX 5.5 and Ping CFS stiff, but I never found exactly what I was looking for with those. Then TT came out with the DG 105 and 120, and I tested between those for a while. While I liked the DG 105 in longer irons (eg I have it in my 4 iron) they were too light for my liking in the
  12. > @Valtiel said: > Honestly it sounds like you're simply talking about the Dynamic Gold 120 S300. 10-12g lighter which is the perfect "this shaft feels a little easier to swing" weight difference and a profile you're already familiar with. ^ This
  13. > @FAbb said: > What shafts are people using in these? > > Some if it is almost certainly just new wedge grooves, but I swear these things spin way more than other wedges I've played. If I go anywhere near a full swing with the 50 degree, the spin is out of control. I'm ripping balls back absurd distances. That is NOT what I want, or am used to getting from my gap wedge. I want the ball to hit and stop. And that's exactly what the 50 degree SM7 I had before this did, even when it was brand new. > > I've got the stock zz115 shaft in mine. I'm contemplating buying
  14. I have placed my order: G410 irons 5 - PW and Glide 3.0 50* and 54* (bent to 55*), all with DG 120 S300 shafts. Now the wait begins.
  15. > @GolfTurkey said: > This is my initial review of the Glide 3.0 SS 60 degree based on two sessions around the practice green. I ordered it with my specs which are the Dynamic Gold 120 shaft and orange dot. I compared it to my Vokey V grind, whose grooves are sadly shot and the V grind is currently unavailable. > > Before hitting a ball: this thing is light even with the DG 120 and the head is huge! The shaft isn't heavy but is also not particularly light, so the head and swing weight must be super light. It didn't bother me when chipping/pitching but I'm not sure that I will
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