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  1. So happy to see the clean crowns on the fairway & hybrid. Not a fan of Turbulators. Might be time for me to upgrade the Anser 4w and G30 hybrid.
  2. 42 yrs old, handicap around 11-12. Shotscope - Avg 245, P-Avg 272, Long 307 Yesterday I had a pretty standard driving day. Had the wind at my back on a couple of trouble-free holes where I could open it up a little so there were a couple that were above average. Yesterday's Shotscope data: Drives: 242, 253, 237, 291, 216 (tight fairway, defensive swing), 300, 249, 256, 198 (duck hook into trees), 239. Avg: 248 Avg (high/low outliers removed): 246 I'd say my "normal" swing produces about 250-260. When there's no trouble around I ca
  3. Whatever this was, I want a whole set of them: https://www.pgatour.com/equipmentreport/2018/06/11/tony-finau-tyrrell-hatton-testing-ping-prototype-3--iron-iron.html If it's something that I actually have access to, Blueprint even though I'm nowhere near good enough to play them.
  4. Play at 75%. I've found that most swing changes, drills, and techniques can be easily performed at 75%, but until they are second nature it is very difficult to ramp them up to 90-100%. I'd save 90% for during the lesson when you have someone there watching and error-checking, then play at a more controllable level understanding you may give up 2-3 strokes per round. Club up on approaches, take a little off the driver, and let short game be your "scoring" method until the other parts catch up. If you were playing high 70's, you have the short game to keep you comfortably below 90 e
  5. +1 on Anser 4w. Best fairway wood I've ever had in the bag. Also liked Cobra BioCell Plus FW's. Super compact. Get the 5-7W, set it to 17*, and enjoy. Also surprised noone has mentioned the F6 Baffler yet. It is hard to beat if you're looking for something compact and forgiving.
  6. Fairway wood. It took me so long to find one I'm confident hitting, that if I had to change it I'd be frightened.
  7. $150 for my Cobra F9 driver ordered to my specs this spring. Could spend more, but why? I have a couple thousand in putters sitting at home, but can only play one at a time and right now it's a Seemore M1 that I picked up on the cheap.
  8. Played with my guy again this weekend. Every time he plays with me it's like his own personal Super Bowl. I guess I'll take it as a compliment that his biggest personal goal is being able to beat me. Never a round I look forward to playing, but I'm too golf-addicted to say no.
  9. Cobra King Utility set at 20.5*. According to Shotscope, I average 215, long of 235. My target distance for that club is 220-225, so I'm in range. It's on it's way out of the bag though. I hit my hybrid more consistently and about the same distance (hybrid slightly longer), so I'm leaning toward replacing the driving iron with a 60 degree.
  10. A family friend is in his early 70's and is just starting to take up golf. He currently is using a Tour Edge set-in-a-box with steel stiff shafts, and was planning to buy a set of Callaway Stratas with graphite regular or senior shafts. I offered to rebuild a set using some of the equipment I have laying around, with the goal of building a set that is forgiving, complete, and has a little more quality than the box set. My budget is $100 max to buy shafts. I already have all the clubheads, grips, epoxy, ferrules, etc. Here are the options I'm currently considering. Let
  11. I have seen a couple times where the flag was marked completely off the green. It doesn't seem to happen often for me, but I wonder if there's a delay in picking up the satellite, causing it to register after I've already walked off the green. I had forgotten about having to make those corrections.
  12. Don't take for granted that your GF's dad wants to spend time with you. That relationship can make a lot of things easier in the future if there's ever a breakup (especially with kids involved) and she starts acting like a lunatic. Your relationship with her parents may be priceless if things ever go south. 1) You and GF's dad should go get lessons together. Then use your wife's pushing to get "extra" golf rather than making that your main golf time. Maybe have him come out and play 9 with you after work or go to the range with you. 2) start walking. I have one
  13. The V3 has settled in and been pretty rock-solid for my last few uses. The only recent missed shot was a really weird one. I was standing in a greenside bunker with my ball just outside of the bunker. I used my hybrid to bump & run onto the green, so my hands were down on the shaft below the grip of the club. I think that put the sensor too far away from the watch so I had a birdie recorded and had to add a shot... 2 minutes of editing and I was done. Other than that it has caught all of my shots and hasn't added any extras lately. I agree that the club tagging display is supe
  14. Ping Anser 4w has been a game changer for me. F6 Baffler spent a lot of time in the bag also.
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