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  1. For his sake, I hope he hangs it up. Nothing left to prove except that he cares about his kids having a dad around.
  2. My wife and I have been house shopping and I'm terrified of having to go through the golf stuff in my garage. I'm actually hoping we settle on a house with a 3 or 4 car garage so I can designate a "golf space" and not have to downsize much.
  3. I'm still using a Cobra Fly-Z, so that would be my admittedly biased answer. I'd say TM M2 (2016) or Sim. Both are approaching legendary status.
  4. I'd probably go all-ping if I decided to move away from single length irons. But as it stands, I'm all-cobra except for a Ping fairway and hybrid.
  5. Got another nice box from the subscription that my wife got me for Christmas. Really nice towel, a couple sleeves of Oncore balls, cleaning brush, hat, and a neck gaiter.
  6. The laundry bag is 100% the way to go. This one at Walmart is a great fit: Mainstays Grey Flannel Drawstring Canvas Laundry Bag http://www.walmart.com/ip/Mainstays-Grey-Flannel-Drawstring-Canvas-Laundry-Bag/316803747
  7. Finau's Piretti https://golf.com/gear/putters/tony-finau-piretti-putter-custom-mayakoba/
  8. Anywhere other than the course, I tell them "my handicap is 40 yard wedge shots". If they press, I give them my "bad day" handicap, about 2 strokes worse than my actual handicap because that's what they're likely to see on any given day. If we're on the first tee working on a bet, I estimate it about a stroke better than actual just to avoid claims of sandbagging if I have a great day. I also follow it up with my normal scoring range, especially if it's a course I play often.
  9. When the guy with the advanced towel technique asks "So what are we playing" on the first tee, that's when I should probably go grab a fishing rod and find a less expensive way to spend my next 4 hours.
  10. I get intimidated whenever I see someone with highly developed towel technique, especially older guys. When they have the wet/dry setup on the bag, the "never let em see you sweat" towel in the cart, and the "around the greens" towel that accompanies the wedges & putter, they're planning to eat dinner with someone else's money.
  11. Any reason for the affinity for 10+ year old drivers? Granted, I'm still playing a driver from 2015, but I think you can find something relatively current in sub $100 range like a Cobra F6 or F7. For a few bucks more, take a look at something like a Callaway Fusion, all the forgiveness and "squaring" help you could want for about $150 used.
  12. I'd start with hybrids and save irons/wedges for last. If he was playing a 3 iron and no fairways before, then maybe help him find adjustable 2 & 4 hybrids he likes that can make things easier until he's ready to hit long irons again. Also consider a driving iron if he's not really a fairways/hybrids guy. Lots of improvement in that area over the last 5+ years. Should definitely be able to find something more forgiving than the 3i he was playing. I'd try to find a way to pry the 3i & 4i out of his hands for a while and get him back to consistent ballstriking.
  13. We don't really want to do this do we? This is the "not in the bag, not part of a set" bag of wedges... A few each of Adams, Titleist, Ping, Cleveland, Cobra, and Callaway, plus about a dozen Mizuno's and probably another half dozen wedge heads in my club graveyard.
  14. GP CP2 Wrap mid-size, but slowly adding microsuedes into the mix.
  15. Leave the last spot open and fill it based on conditions/course. Maybe pick up a strong 3w, 3h, driving iron, lob wedge, and a "mud" wedge (high bounce) and use them to fight wind, wetness, tight fairways, etc.
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