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  1. Halfway through the year I've changed putters a few times and changed to a Vokey 60*, but everything else is exactly the same. For me, that's a win.
  2. All 4 currently, but considering switching the 56/60 to a 58 so I can add my driving iron back into the lineup.
  3. If the flag is in the middle of the green or on the opposite side of the green, PW all day. If I'm short-sided, GW or SW. In all three cases, I'm usually trying to land it on the fringe or just onto the green depending on how far it needs to carry and how much speed it'll need to roll the proper distance.
  4. Spalding Elites are becoming some of my favorites to rehab. Such clean lines and beautiful flow. Also nice to not have to worry about paint, torching, etc. Just a dremel, sandpaper, and about 3 hours of elbow grease. Total cost $13 for the putters, plus a few bucks for dremel sanding discs, buffs, and a couple sheets of sandpaper.
  5. One of the reasons I can't permanently kick the Cobra Fly-Z out of the bag. Big face, and most of it is pretty forgiving. I've hit some incredibly awful parts of the face and ended up OK... parts of the face that don't even exist on some other drivers.
  6. I reached a similar point with softball, but thankfully I could transition into golf. I'm slowly beginning to develop a fishing bug, so hopefully that'll still be there if I ever have to transition away from golf. Best of luck to you!
  7. I went with $800-1000 on golf equipment, $200 on lessons, $300 on fishing gear, and the rest on playing more, traveling, etc.
  8. Manager on a research/engineering contract, so I spend 25% of my time doing admin stuff for my team and the rest of my time trying to explain to our customers why they can't give us ham sandwich money and expect us to deliver caviar.
  9. 10 ross/Burlington today, saw 2 pair of golf shoes, none my size (14). Picked up a pair of Roshe's for a buddy and enough UA gloves to last me a year. 2 more stores to check tomorrow. If anyone ends up with sz 14s that they don't need, give me a shout.
  10. Ebay was my first thought also (I got them from Burlington as well). There are a bunch of the FI Premiere and FI Impact, but none in my size (14).
  11. Question for Nike experts... A few years ago I had a complete Achilles rupture and repair, so one ankle is a little beefier in the back than the other. I have a little bump that tends to rub the back of many golf shoes. For instance, I have a pair of Air Max 1 G's that were worn 1 time because they were too rigid and rubbed my scar. I currently wear a pair of Nike FI Premiere's, which are incredibly comfortable for my specific situation because they have a sock-like top. I haven't been able to find anything else that really feels quite as comfortable, and my FI Premie
  12. All 3 for $350. $160 on the hybrid, $120 on the bag, $75 on the shoes.
  13. Mych

    Cobra fan club

    My normal setup has 11 Cobra clubs in the bag. Fairway and hybrid are always the hardest spots for me to fill and right now Ping has a death grip on those spots. Used Cobra gear has been the best value in golf for years now.
  14. There have been some steals in the Goodwill thread. I got a Scotty Cameron Detour putter and a Callaway XR 3 wood for $2.99 each. Used them as trade-ins for a set of used Mizuno irons and the Ping G30 Hybrid that I still use today.
  15. I had a couple voltages. I also bought out 15 Synergy 2's when the 100mph rule went into effect, about $200 profit each. Best for me was denting $40 Easton Tri-shells on a bowling ball and magically turning them into $300 Easton Synergy Extendeds. My wrists/hands hated me, but it paid for my softball tournament fees and golf greens fees for a couple years.
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