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  1. I was a die-hard Playstation Vue subscriber until they ended the service. I tried all the options and ended up on Sling for a while, but after I found Locast to scratch my sports itch I dropped Sling. When my mom comes to visit it's easy to turn it back on for a month so she won't have to navigate the various apps, but we've cut our combined internet/tv bill to below $100/month for the first time ever and my family has no complaints. We were previously at $200/month with 5 HD DVR boxes, sports packages, premium channels, etc. That's 2 rounds of golf/month back in my pocket. We're s
  2. If you don't get good HD antenna reception, I highly recommend the Locast app (https://www.locast.org/). It's free with ads, or only $5/mo ($60/yr) to have the ads removed. It's basically a rebroadcast of everything you can get on an antenna in your region, with a basic channel guide functionality. No DVR, On Demand, or other bells & whistles, but lots of the major sporting events are available. Super Bowl, NBA Finals (ABC), MLB (Fox), NFL/college football, NCAA Final 4, Olympics, and the Saturday/Sunday golf broadcasts that would normally be on the major networks. All of the weekend cover
  3. That is definitely part of the issue. I've been playing a Cobra Fly-Z for the last couple years, with a higher total weight and shortened shaft (44.25"). This M6 is lighter and longer (45.75"), which gave me a nice bump in clubhead speed when I can find the sweetsopot. I was getting almost 10 mph in clubhead speed with the M6 (104mph with Fly-Z to 113mph with M6). That resulted in about a 20yd carry difference between my best swings with each club. My Fly-Z is only about 10 yards longer than my 4w on "good" shots (according to my Shotscope history). I'd like to eventually be able
  4. One bad round last year (on a terribly windy day) sent me on a 6 month bender of lessons, equipment changes, and range sessions. I've learned a lot and taken a lot of swings, but the biggest lesson was to understand that you're only competing against yourself in golf. The course is a machine that feeds on the fuel that you give it. When you can't keep a driver on the course, stop feeding it driver and it'll stop eating you. When you're 3-putting too much, focus on lagging the 20 footer instead of trying to make it. When nothing is working, chalk it up to "golf is hard" and get back on the hor
  5. I bought an M6 recently and am having trouble dialing it in. Out of 5 shots, 1 is mediocre/poor, 3 are average, and 1 is flat out amazing. I know the biggest variable is the (lack of) consistency of my swing, but I'd also like to figure out how to get the best result as often as possible when I put a decent swing on it. In the past, I'd pound range balls until I saw a shape/accuracy that I liked, and just hope that distance/dispersion is close to optimal. I'd like to test on a launch monitor and take some time trying out the settings this time, but I'm not sure whether to try to
  6. Zion Williamson would've been justified when his sneaker tried to turn itself into a flip flop a couple years ago.
  7. I was hearing him say "it's spot on" and "within a yard or two" while the skytrak vs R10 comparison was showing as much as 10 yards difference on 150yd shots. Then he said it shined in short shots (<100yds), and in the background he showed a R10 calculating 93yd total, with the comparison monitor showing 101yd total. That's an almost 10% margin of error. At the very least, it seems to calculate roll very differently than the others. That may mean it's reading/calculating spin incorrectly. In a lot of cases the carry distances were pretty close, but the R10 routinely has <5yds of roll
  8. Mickelson's most talked-about club is a Taylormade... I'd let Dechambeau go find a driver elsewhere if he thinks he can.
  9. Somewhere there's a Krank R&D engineer laughing his arse off about someone hitting a 5 degree driver at 200mph and complaining about only keeping 4/14 on the grid. That's probably above average for the LD guys swinging at competition speeds.
  10. Douchambeau strikes again... I actually like his engineering approach to golf, but the attitude is hard to stomach.
  11. Peter Finch for me... seems very down-to-earth and his thoughts about the golf swing usually match up very well to mine, so I can often understand and implement his advice.
  12. I usually drink tea during the week, coffee on weekends. I used to drink 4-6 cups of coffee/day about 5 years ago, but gradually went down to two 10oz cups/day, then switched to mostly tea. I couldn't really get into the green teas, but I found a couple of black teas with good flavor and some caffeine punch. It's also nice to not need any "extras" (half & half, sugar, etc). I can easily stash a few tea bags in a suitcase or in my work backpack and make a cup anywhere that I have hot water. I also traded sodas for sparkling water about 2 years ago, so my sweet tooth isn't quite
  13. Ditto... I've actually been using the ebay filter to take those out of my search results. They've become pretty annoying.
  14. I think there are more comprehensive data systems than Shotscope, but I also struggle with capturing/entering data manually. Shotscope does all the in-round heavy lifting, and with their recent addition of Strokes-Gained stats, there's a lot of value there.
  15. gotcha, that's an interesting visual... thanks for the clarification!
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