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  1. That's another concern. If it's going to take a few hours/wk of practice, would I gain the same consistency by spending the extra practice time on consistently executing my current swing? There's probably no right or wrong answer to that, as long as the practice is properly structured and guided.
  2. I don't really have any reason to trust or distrust him. He definitely knows golf and comes from a golf family. He's played some low level professional golf and won the club championship at one local course in 1980 and 2013 (33 years apart), so whatever he's doing allowed him to play at a high level for a long time. I don't think he's giving me any bad advice or trying to change things just for the sake of change. He's also extremely low pressure. If I think it's value-added, I go back, but if not that's ok too. My swing is serviceable, so I'm mostly questioning my commitment to the change pro
  3. Fair point, and that's why I said I think he's right. I've watched a bajillion videos about how to come from the inside and it feels like I am, but somehow I don't. I'm not surprised that it was something he identified... in fact I would have questioned it more if he didn't suggest changing that. Interesting that I may be misinterpreting the end goal (specific shot shape vs correct path). That could definitely help change my outlook a bit. I have also been doing some setup work with a mirror and think I've isolated a key that is contributing to my flaws. When I set up, my head is
  4. I'm relatively happy with my swing, but me and a buddy decided to do a lesson together so that we could both hear/see what the instructor told the other person and help each other watch for flaws and bad habits. I think my buddy is way more sold on changing his swing than I am. I tend to agree about the setup changes, especially after really seeing how open my club face was at set up. I think I use a few different non-ideal actions to enable a somewhat reliable shot. My ball position and open face promote a high fade without much risk of fat shots, so my concern is that making thos
  5. Had my first real lesson last week and found out some interesting things about my setup and swing, but now I'm having second thoughts about going through the process of fixing the flaws. I think he's correct that if I spent some time working on fixing those things I'd be successful, but I'm dreading the time and frustration it'll take to get there. Specs: 42yrs old "athletically overweight", pretty coordinated and able to achieve most positions/movements. About a 10 capper, drive it around 270 with an occasional 300 in the right conditions. 150yd 9i, average short game and putti
  6. A $50 video swing evaluation and a tripod for my phone... completely changed my practice.
  7. 2 currently, Cobra and Ping. May end up with another brand later in the year if I get a driver fitting.
  8. This year? I'm not sure both will make it through this month Right now Cobra Fly-Z and Ping Anser 4w. The 4w is pretty safe, but I've tried to replace the driver twice (Titleist 917 D2 and Cobra F9) and keep ending up coming back to the Fly-Z. Eventually something will come along that will stick.
  9. You have a buddy who is about to visit for 2 weeks, and you've tested new drivers twice in the last week hoping to find a few extra yards before you and your buddy go out to play. All this while knowing you can't trust the new driver that quickly and would end up back with old-faithful by the end of the 2 weeks.
  10. I'll also throw the Taylormade GAPR Mid into this mix. It doesn't seem to have quite as long of a face as I remember on G15/G20, but it does have the "tweener" size with an iron-like design and wider sole out toward the toe.
  11. For his sake, I hope he hangs it up. Nothing left to prove except that he cares about his kids having a dad around.
  12. My wife and I have been house shopping and I'm terrified of having to go through the golf stuff in my garage. I'm actually hoping we settle on a house with a 3 or 4 car garage so I can designate a "golf space" and not have to downsize much.
  13. I'm still using a Cobra Fly-Z, so that would be my admittedly biased answer. I'd say TM M2 (2016) or Sim. Both are approaching legendary status.
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