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  1. These irons...I wanted to love them. Knowing the Icons were stretching it for a complete hack like me, I went for it. And after 3mo of trying to clear the water like ol' Roy, it is obvious that this isn't Hollywood. Received these on Aug 8, pics tell the story. Even had the good dudes at BH build with some custom Tiffany and silver BBF&Co ferrules - here's an up close. They are 2deg upright and 0.5" long compared to standard Hogan specs. 8-PW have some tape on it to play closer to D6 SW. KBS Tour X 120 shafts and the grips are midsized. Pics go 4i face, 4 back/bottom; 7i face,
  2. I've done this twice in the past 10 years or so and each time, I end up back with some sort of player's iron. You'll find out pretty quick that "easy" only applies to the confidence looking down at a massive clubhead. Spin will drop and holding firm greens will become like your 4i/5i now even with the 8i/9i in the GI set. Contact will probably feel decent on most shots, but while one will go the right distance, the same feel will go 10+ yards farther on the next. On the plus side, really crap strikes will travel well so as long as you miss straight - kinda nice. The clo
  3. Awesome, that's what I was looking for. Appreciated!
  4. For those of you with more understanding of shaft brands and profiles...I'm trying to figure out if moving from Modus 120x to KBS Tour X would hurt distance. No swing changes and my driver SS/ball speed is the same as it ever was. But moving from MIzuno 919 Tours with Modus 120x to a Hogan combo set with KBS Tour X has cost me ~10 yards throughout the bag. My 8i has been my 160 club for the better part of a decade at 38deg of loft. If I want that out of the Hogans with the KBS, have to really step on it. Now with this, I'd like to point out that dispersion with the KBS
  5. FWIW, I enjoyed the editorial - especially the $100 line...that is no joke haha
  6. Moved it down to 8deg, RCH 65 S. Would've never thought about Stiff nor stock until I hit this combo. Still don't get why it works, but it bangs.
  7. This driver is completely awesome. I went from playing an Xflex for nearly 20 years to this stock 65 S just because of Newton's review. I can't explain why it is working but the ball flight is ideal, the spin is just right, and the feel is about perfect. Remarkable.
  8. I absolutely love the Ecco cage spikeless. Got them for $80 shipped at TGW during a sale - regularly $250 I believe. Anyway, they are low rise which is different. But the grip on the turf is crazy good. If you're 39, you know by now - get what you like and eff the haters.
  9. If you don't care about style on the course, Oakley EVZero Blades in the dark prizm golf lens. No chance in hell I'd wear them off the course but on the course, haven't found anything better. It's like panoramic visibility with no lines in the way.
  10. Put some BBF&Co on there. Little bit more regal.
  11. Was able to finally get to the range with the combo set. Coming from JPX919 Tours, fully expected these to be different and they are. I went with the KBS Tour V 120 X straight in and pretty happy with that decision. The Mizunos had DG Tour 120X and to be honest, they feel better than the Hogan combo. It's all subjective but the BH feel a little harsher. One thing I had been fighting for a bit is shorter distance in the Mizuno scoring irons. Nothing crazy but noticeable. Checked the L/L/L and all were fine. Was able to hit 15 ProV1s on the actual course from 135 and 150 (each) after my range s
  12. Piling on...Ordered on 7/3 and they arrive today! Stoked is an understatement.
  13. Like Tom Petty said, "The waiting is the hardest part." But this is another level. Ordered July 3rd and just can't believe they still haven't shipped. Fully aware that they have the disclaimer on the site about a month of lead time, but I thought that was a cya statement just to get ahead of customer service load. On one hand, I'm happy that Ben Hogan must be doing very well and understand shit is complicated right now. On the other, it's really hard to believe that it takes that long to assemble irons. It's not like they were waiting on parts - they have a limited combo selection. My club i
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