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  1. Just wanna know if they got rid of the whistle from the last G model…
  2. Thanks, yeah surprised no one has scooped it up. Guess I’ll be holding onto her. I don’t think Betti sends COAs with non-custom orders.
  3. Limited run blackout Bettinardi Queen Bee #6. 35” and 362g. Headcover is Velcro and grip is Lamkin. $625 $525 shipped, lower 48 only and no Canada (unless you’re willing to pay more for shipping). Shipping tomorrow first pickup assuming payment clears tonight. Good luck!
  4. Any thoughts on how the putters sound compared to anything else out there? Asking for a friend...
  5. I’m here for it if you want to go on and on
  6. True story. Went to PGASS yesterday to get a Ping G425 Max. Before going, as it's a hike, I checked their site for inventory with the X flex shaft I wanted - available. I get there and it's not on the rack. I ask if it's in the back - "we don't have it in the back". Okay...no big deal, s*** happens - no need to point out something they won't be able to control. So I walk around a bit and find the exact shaft I was looking for...but it's in a G410 Plus 12deg head. I'm thinking that has to be an error because no one who needs 12deg would want an X, should be an easy flip. I ask if they'll flip the shaft and the head so I can buy the g425 with the shaft I came in for (that they showed in stock). "We cannot do that". So obviously, it's getting more comical by the second but here's the real kicker...the guy said, "If we take the X out of the 12deg g410 plus, we'll never be able to sell it." My nature isn't to be the a-hole so I just laughed and tried to end with a joke that the 12deg with an X on last year's model will either still be on the rack in 2025 or in a heap somewhere. To his credit, the dude chuckled. Rather than move a $500 driver and take the noodle that was in it and put it in a more appropriate head for that loft, increasing chances to sell BOTH clubs, they let me walk. In about two hours shopping online, I found a brand new g425 MAX head and an *upgraded* shaft of the one that was on the rack (Tensei AV Raw vs. CK) and I will pay exactly $20 more than I would have in the store itself, shipped to my door. Both of these items were ordered online from non-retail. If that doesn't say it all, what will?
  7. 1. 41” Tour AD TP-8x. Had this in the sexxxwood (7w turned down) but went back to driving iron. $175 $150 shipped 2. 44.5” Ventus Blue 6x Velocore with Titleist tip. $old 3. Titleist TSi2 with RDX Smoke 6.5. Head $old…RDX is $80 4. 42.5” Tensei Orange CK 70s with PING tip - $80 All have midsize grips. Ventus and Tour AD have Lamkin; Tensei and RDX have NDMC. I will only ship to US, lower 48 unless buyer wants to pay all the extras.
  8. Holderness and Bourne is the best but you pay for it. I also like Bad Birdie to get a little louder without being tacky. Peter Millar are very good quality but the sleeves are too long or grippy, something. If you play/practice in the heat a lot, just had some success with Amazon Basics. It was like $17 or something and totally fine for grinding in the heat. Just plain but works.
  9. The Vice Pure has proven to be the best overall value imo. Soft, durable, price point isn’t too high or low and they look clean.
  10. I’m sure there are many more out there who will love the sound or not have it bother them. But for my people who can’t take it, threw out a warning. Definitely agree about the feel and roll; both are great just like at address.
  11. @Triple yeah, that’s funny because I was going to call it the “Ping driver of putters” but didn’t want to hit the Ping beehive haha. To each his own!
  12. The Phantom X 11 sets up sooooo nicely but if any of y'all get annoyed by a "tink" at impact, just sayin' this has it big time - most pronounced on putts over 15ft. I couldn't hear it in the store but on the course/putting green, it was like nails on a chalkboard.
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