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  1. Nice, can't wait to hear what you think about the setup.
  2. Did you order directly from All-Fit? When I was looking online I thought the Ping collar was listed as a G30. When did the Cobra adapter change?
  3. Only downside is that it looks like they don't have new drivers sleeves for Ping and Cobra yet
  4. The Club Junkie Podcast might be going live tonight on ClubHouse as I record my show! Could be a fun time!
  5. Thank you for the heads up! I agree 100% that they could have marketed this to the WRX crowd and we would have really adopted it. How many of us have a couple shafts laying around that we want to test against each other on the course and the range? And if you aren't going all in with 20 shafts and every OEM driver it is fairly affordable.
  6. Now I feel pretty bad about the recommendation! DIdn't know they were going this route.
  7. Man, I am going to be so bummed if I can't get anymore Uni-Fit stuff. I have gone kinda all in on that system and from the looks of the Billy Bob's CMX design, I don't want to mess with headweights and counter weights with all the procut I am swapping on the range.
  8. Are you serious? I haven't heard that until now, but man that is a real bummer. I will reach out and see what info I can find. Here is the discussion going on about it:
  9. I have the Bushnell Shift V5 and the Precision Pro NX9 Slope right now. Accuracy on both units is pretty much identical, even with the slope adjustment. I don't think they have been more than a yard apart when comparing head to head. Both lock onto the target well and give the jolt to let you know you hit the flag and not the tree 50yds behind the green. I give the slight edge of speed, and I mean not even .5 sec, to the precision pro. The Bushnell's LCD is a little brighter and clearer but both are very easy to read. For the price I think it is hard to beat the NX9 Slope. Had a L
  10. I messed around with it this summer for a few weeks. I think the band on it is the best in golf, the micro adjustment and soft rubber honestly stay in place more comfortably than any other watch I have worn on the course. Now the software does have some faults as mentioned above. I also had shots where it was giving me a yardage from a spot in the fairway and I was over in the rough and 20 yards in front of that spot.
  11. There is a lot of truth to that statement, I RARELY show up to the course with only 14 in the bag! And thank you for listening to the show, really appreciate it.
  12. I hit it 1K vs. Ventus Black on the range yesterday with limited launch monitor numbers from a Rapsodo (No Spin). The 1K has a very smooth feel with a good feeling of the shaft loading and then unloading at impact. Lively, but very tight and controlled even if you "went after it". Easier to turn over than Ventus Black and the shot shape was more of a gentle draw where V.Black is straight to slight right of target. Ventus Black launched lower and had an overall more stout feel to it. Ballspeed was a little higher with the 1K for me, around 155 while the V. Black was around 153. Ventus Black als
  13. I will be really interested to see 425LST vs 410LST when you get a chance.
  14. No, from what I read and understand it is a resin technology that adds strength to the whole shaft. They added the Boron tip back into the 1K, not in the RAW sereis, and that should add stability to it.
  15. I really like both and think they are two of the best wedges out there currently. The Vokey and ZipCore prob feel similar but I give the slight edge in softness and responsiveness to the Vokey. ZipCore spin the most of almost anything I hit last year, even out of the rough they can produce some balls that really check well.
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