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  1. So I looks like Patrick Cantlay may no longer be with Audemars Piguet as he doesn't have the logo on his sleeve and wasn't wearing one of their watches on Sunday after his win at the ZOZO. He was the profile in my first WOTW article back in June of 2019. No watch on the winner of the European Tour either this week, so I had to take a look at the LPGA! Ally McDonald wasn't wearing a watch after her win at the Drive On Championship, but she did receive what looked like a Rolex Datejust 36 in stainless steel and rose gold after her victory. Rolex's Datejust is one of the most iconic
  2. I got 15 holes in with them last night and Cobra has a great set of irons here. Really soft feel and a solid thud at impact. Off-center strikes will give a little more of a click and added vibration, but nothing that is too harsh. Responsiveness is good and ball flight for me was mid/high with a decent amount of spin. Shots from the fairway stopped instantly on the green and even shots from the rough only released a small amount. Easy to work the ball high, low, right, or left but they were still decently forgiving. Thin shots still had some decent carry and frequently got to the front of the
  3. Quick picture of the King Tour next to the T100. Both 7 irons and the Cobra is on the left. Little longer blade length but less offset. Cobra look really good!
  4. Cobra just announced their latest players irons, the King Tour with MIM technology! Take a look at our in-depth article HERE to read more about what makes them so good. These are irons designed for players who want superb feel and the ability to work the ball while not giving up all the forgiveness and distance. We are looking for 2 members to test out the new Cobra King Tour irons with MIM technology and report back to the community on how they play! Apply now, because this one is going to go fast! About Cobra King Tour Irons When forging or casting couldn't deliver the soft
  5. Since Jason Kokrak decided to go with the bare wrist after his CJ Cup win, how about Phil's Rolex Yacht-Master 40 in rose gold? Phil sported what is probably the new reference Yacht-Master 40 with the Oysterflex rubber strap. Seems like Phil has been wearing this Yacht-Master more and I have been seeing less of the Cellini that he has worn for so long. Personally I have grown to really love the iconic, chunky Yacht-Master bezel and think the matte black Cerachrom ceramic goes really well with the Everose Gold case. The new Oysterfelx rubber bracelet is also a great addition to the Yacht-Master
  6. Yeah, every shaft company is different on how they design their shaft profiles an what tipping they recommend. I hope you find some success with either the Ventus Red or the RAW Orange. For the Fuji Pro vs TGI comparison I would say that both launched similar for me, mid/high. The TGI probably spins a touch more and felt a little more active during the swing. It was easier to feel the TGI load and kick where the Fuji Pro has a more stout feel. For me the Fuji Pro was less prone to go left where the TGI was easier to turn over.
  7. I love the discussion we all had talking about Sergio's Omega last week, so I wanted to start a topic where I can update it every week with what the winner of the tournament was wearing. I will update this each week where the winners is wearing a timepiece. So let's start off the new discussion with Martin Laird's TAG Heuer Carrera Calibre 16 chronograph! I have always been a fan of the Carrera line and think it is a really classic take on a luxury sports watch. It might not have the most amazing movement or be made from precious metals but the overall package is really good for ar
  8. We have members testing the new Titleist Tour Speed golf balls and reporting back here! Take a look at what these members are saying and please feel free to ask any questions you might have about these new golf balls! The testers are... @postfold @pseudoswede @forrester_fire @Hehateme @storm319 @hondarob @llewol007 @timmy8151 @seth514 @anythingfinite @vernon We also want to give a big THANK YOU to Titleist for putting on this testing event!
  9. Sorry for the late post on this! The winners are... @SaltyGrom @joekelli @harleydavis @dalillama47 @scano13 Those covers look really good!
  10. It is time to unleash this special member testing event! Here is your chance to test out the hottest driver on tour, or anywhere, way before you can get them! The new Titleist TSi drivers are brand new and are loaded with the most advanced technology that Titleist has ever put in a driver. We are looking for 6 members to test out these new drivers and report back to the community. Enter now for your chance to be selected! About Titleist TSi Drivers Shhh..... You will get all the details soon! How To Enter In a post below, answering the following questio
  11. I haven't hit the RAW Orange in a fairway, only driver. But I can compare Ventus Red 6x vs Tensei AV RAW Orange 65 TX in driver. Ventus Red is definitely higher launching and has more spin. Don't be deceived by its "High launch / mid spin" description, I would consider it more mid/high launch and mid spin. Orange felt the stiffest out of the 3 RAW shafts, it took a lot to load and didn't offer a big feeling of "kick" at impact. Launch on Orange was low, just a touch higher than Ventus Black 6x, and seemed to be very low spin. Both shafts offer very tight dispersion and consistency. I just thre
  12. It has been a long time without a bag update, but here is where we stand. Still have a few things being tested, but this is what I would go to battle with if I had to play for money. I am still testing out the Fujikura Ventus HB, Honma TR21 fairway + hybrid, and Nippon Formula Regio B+ so those could change after this weekend! TaylorMade SIM Max 10.5 / Fujikura Ventus Blue 6x (44.75") Callaway Mavrik SZ 15* / Fujikura Ventus Red 7x (42.5") Callaway Mavrik Pro 20* / Nippon Modus GOST (40") Titleist U500 4i / Fujikura Pro 115s Titleist T200 5i / Fujikura Pro 115s
  13. Exactly. Pretty amazing that they make these watches that can last through even the roughest sports. They truly are impressive feats of engineering.
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