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  1. Once in hand all 4 look really good. I played the BB-8W last year and this years is for sure better. Little softer feel and the blade length, from heel to toe, is a little shorter. To my eye it looks a little more proportional and the corners look a little more rounded off. Probably going in the bag as I type this!
  2. I know, closed toed shoes are a horrible thing! Didn't have enough room in the bag to pack the trusty sandals! But @madeinguam81 and I both rock the same brand of sandals, OluKai are the best out there!
  3. Yes! Do some gapping and stuff on the range and then hop in the cart to go down to the short game area!
  4. hahaha, there have been a few pauses before answers! But no, nothing we can’t share yet!
  5. I can pretty much say that isn't going to happen! So I am here at the Atlanta airport waiting for rebby to show up, airlines can't just get the guy here on time can they! Thankfully the Atlanta airport baggage claim has a Fridays that I can hang out at for awhile while he gets in. Rest of the guys are driving in today and it should be a great time at dinner tonight talking some gear and picking some TaylorMade brains!
  6. Excited to get these members down to The Kingdom and let them loose on some MG3 wedges! I will for sure be getting a bunch of photos for you guys and asking your questions! Going to be a blast!
  7. Could always go 50* + 54* (bent to 55*) in the MG3 and then go 60* in the Callaway!
  8. Feel is good, but a little firmer and with a touch more click than the MG3 wedges to me when hitting them side-by-side. It sounds worse typing it than it really is. Still responsive and you will get good feedback on where you made contact on the face.
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