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  1. Both are really solid options and I have them both with Modus 125 Wedge shafts. I found the HLX to launch a little higher but also have a softer feel to them. Spin is about the same, both are drop-n-stop for me with some minimal backing up unless you are taking some close to full shots with some sloped greens. SM8 are a little easier to flight the ball and hit different shots with, especially knock downs. My SM8 56 and 60 are D grind so out of the sand they are much more consistent and easier to hit, but I never had any problems with the HLX either. Open faced shots are easier with the HLX as the RJ sole has more heel and toe relief, sliding through the turf a little easier. If you are a steep swinger or play in soft conditions, like me, the D grind has better turf interaction where the HLX would be great for tighter lies. Overall I like both and have been playing 50+56 in the SM8 and the HLX 60. 50 56 60
  2. I can give you my thoughts on RadSpeed and XB compared to Sim Max if that helps? RadSpeed and RadSpeed XB were really impressive out on the course and think they are big upgrade in stability over the SpeedZone models, especially RadSpeed. The RadSpeed driver was so much straighter than the SpeedZone for me. RadSpeed was low/mid launch and seemed to be very low spin. Most of the driver holes I played seemed to be into the wind and the RadSpeed was the only driver, out of the 3, that had ZERO rise in the shots hit. Distance was the longest out of the 3 drivers I had on the course and even the mishits carried very well. Sound and feel are really good, solid "thwack" and you can feel the ball compress off the face. I don't think I missed a fairway with the RadSpeed XB yet. One of the straightest drivers I have hit in a long time, the ball just doesn't want to curve. Shots hit off center still found the fairway where the other 2 drivers caught the rough. Launch and spin were the highest of the 3, but only really noticeable unless you were hitting into a decent wind. I saw the ball climb a little during a windy day but it still carried a good ways. Of course when the wind was at my back the XB was the longest of the bunch. If you are looking to work the ball, the XB probably won't be your favorite but if you just want to hit fairways this should be on your list to try. RadSpeed and RadSpeed XB had the same shaft in them when I was testing. Ball Flight: RadSpeed (lowest) Sim Max RadSpeed XB Spin (visual, on course): 1. RadSpeed (lowest) 2. SimMax 3. RadSpeed XB Stability: 1. RadSpeed XB 2. Sim Max 3. RadSpeed Distance 1. RadSpeed 2. Sim Max 3. RadSpeed XB Off-center Distance: 1. RadSpeed XB 2. RadSpeed 3. Sim Max Off-Center dispersion: 1. RadSpeed XB 2. RadSpeed 3. Sim Max Sound/Feel 1. Sim Max 2. RadSpeed 3. RadSpeed XB
  3. I have the 23* right now and it is a good gap between the ZX7 5i and my 20* hybrid.
  4. I know you didn't ask me, but the ZX Utility is a solid choice. Compared to the Titleist U500 it flies higher and is more forgiving. The face seems to carry more ballspeed on off center hits than the U500 and those same shots stay online a little better. With the higher trajectory it is a little harder to flight down than the U500, but you can still get it done. Feel and sound are a touch firmer and just a small click at impact. Sole is wider than the U500, but they both still get through the rough with ease. ZX will dig a touch more in soft turf due to the sharper leading edge, but not so much that I wouldn't play it.
  5. They are really good irons. If I "could" go play with something on the line right now it would be a hard decision between these and my T100!
  6. I know this isn't everyone's cup of tea, but I just have a soft spot for Audemars Piguet pink gold. I think they nailed the color and the Royal Oaks and Offshores just look amazing in it. Lee Westwood was wearing an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore "Summer Edition 2017" after winning the Race To Dubai. Limited edition of only 500 pieces for the world, this Offshore comes with the white rubber strap that Lee is wearing as well as a navy blue strap to match the subdials. Retail was $50,900 when it was released, but it looks like they are trading for around $60,000 today. WOTW Specs: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Self-winding Chronograph “Summer Edition 2017" Reference: 26408OR.OO.A010CA.01 Year: 2017 Limited: Yes, 500 pieces Case: 18ct Pink Gold Bezel: 18ct Pink Gold Dial: Silver Méga Tapisserie Size: 44mm Movement: Calibre 3126/3840, 54 Jewels Power Reserve: 50 Hours Glass: Glareproofed Saphire Crystal Water Resistance: 100 Meters Bracelet: White Rubber, pink gold pin buckle Price: $50,900 (~$60,000 today)
  7. Thank you for listening! I had a full set of ZX7 irons and the ZX Utility 4 out on the course the past couple rounds. The more I hit the ZX7 irons the more I like them. Really soft and solid feel yet more forgiving than I expected. Turf interaction is the best I have had in an iron this year. Great irons for steep swings or if you play in soft conditions. My one complaint is that I don't love the look of the pitching wedge in the set, it has a sharper toe and straighter top line than I would like. ZX Utility is an easy to launch utility that adds some distance to the top of the bag. The face is hot and pretty forgiving, offering some more speed on shots hit away from the center. Launch is mid/high but you can still flight the ball pretty easily. The ZX has a little click at impact, but nothing that is harsh or unpleasant.
  8. Thank you all for entering the SeeMore putters giveaway! It was great to see everyone's dream putter posted in the forum! The winners of the SeeMore putters are... @10HcpBlades @juice93 @Montanagolf @howaboutme We also want to give a huge THANK YOU to SeeMore for putting on this giveaway!
  9. KBS and GolfWRX are excited to bring you this latest giveaway and let your upgrade your driver! We are giving 5 lucky members the chance to win a Tour proven KBS TD wood shaft along with a virtual shaft consultation! The shaft experts at KBS will help dial you into the correct TD shaft for you game over the phone or through a web conference! The KBS "Tour Driven" wood shaft is a mid launch and low spin shaft that has a flex and weight for any swing. Upgrade your driver and enter now for your chance to win one of these amazing shafts! About the KBS TD Shafts The KBS TD Driver/Wood Shaft is a lighter and stiffer Driver/Wood shaft that has the characteristics of the original KBS feel, efficiency, and optimization of spin and launch that the KBS product line is known for. It is a Mid Launch/Low Spin Performance Graphite golf shaft that optimizes the maximum performance and efficiency of spin and launch angles at various swing speeds. “The KBS TD is the culmination of my years of shaft design being put into the most exciting club in your bag. The KBS TD will change the way you look at Driver/Wood shafts.” – Kim Braly How To Enter Check out the KBS TD wood shaft lineup HERE In a post below, answer the following questions. 1. City, State? 2. Handicap? 3. Current driver setup? 4. What KBS TD wood shaft do you want to win? 5. Why do you want to win a KBS TD shaft? 6. Would you be open and honest about your swing with an expert from KBS? That's it! We will pick the 5 winners at random in about 2 weeks and contact them through the Private Message system on the site. Good luck! This contest is for good standing members in the USA only.
  10. I don't know how much difference I will see with this 19* as my Mavrik Pro and Honma TR21 were 20* hybrids. My typical shots were 230 off the tee and about 220 on a flat fairway lie. That is all I am looking for too, so I think the ZX should fit the gapping pretty well. I had the V6 Tour Raw and really loved the feel of them, underrated irons for sure. You will definitely find better turf interaction with the Srixon if you are a steep swinger. For me the 4i was still much shorter than my 20* hybrid, hybrid is 230/220 and the 4i was 210/200 (tee/turf)
  11. Hahaha, Here is the address for that bill: Santa Clause 1 North Pole Drive North Pole I just got the ZX 3h in and built up. Ventus Blue 9x, a Golf Pride MCC Teams grip, playing at 40", and about 7g of hotmelt to get the SW to D2. Really excited to get this one out on the course or in the simulator!
  12. Hahaha, thanks! The ZX5 is for sure worth a try. I think it stands up there with anything else in the market in terms of distance and forgiveness.
  13. I am all for adjustable hosels in drivers, fairways, and hybrids. It is also a great way to dial in your gapping and to swap shafts!
  14. MaxSwingSpeed and GolfWRX are excited to bring you this great giveaway! We are giving 5 lucky members the chance to win a MaxSwingSpeed training aid to help add some clubhead speed to your game! Enter now for your chance to win and add some distance to your game! About MaxSwingSpeed It began with the challenge to produce an all-in-one speed trainer free from bag clutter, wrenches or multiple shafts. The unique design of one shaft and interlocking, stackable weights make it the most versatile and functional swing speed trainer available. It began with the challenge to produce an all-in-one speed trainer free from bag clutter, wrenches or multiple shafts. The unique design of one shaft and interlocking, stackable weights make it the most versatile and functional swing speed trainer available. Our unique and progressive weight design builds strength and consistency when paired with overspeed training programs. Increase speed and distance in as little as 2 weeks. Change weights efficiently with our unique screw-in, stackable design. During training programs, simply place weights in your pocket for quick and easy access. Constructed with a steel shaft and aluminum weights to achieve strength and balance. 2 Ways To Enter Follow MaxSwingSpeed on Instagram @maxswingspeed Or Sign up for the MaxSwingSpeed email newsletter at the bottom of www.maxswingspeed.com Then, in a post below let us know what way you entered and how extra distance can help your game! That's it! Winners will be chosen by random in about 2 weeks and contacted through the Private Message system here. Giveaway is for good standing members in the USA only please. Good Luck!
  15. There are probably ways around it, but all that engineering and manufacturing isn't free. Along with adding in lighter materials or more expensive manufacturing; adapters, screws, washers, and wrenches all cost money too and most adjustable fairways are at least $30 more. I worked the demo day circuit for 7-8 years and the average golfer typically didn't care, and some didn't want, adjustable clubs. Most of them didn't know how it worked and didn't care to learn, they just wanted a club that went farther and straighter than what they had. Us super gear focused WRX'ers are a small percentage of overall club sales, so what we want isn't always what sells to the masses.
  16. Typically it is a weight saving measure. The structure for adjustable hosels takes a lot of weight and shoves it high in the heel, going glued allows the engineers to take that weight and move it elsewhere in the head to make the club more stable, forgiving, and launch higher.
  17. We have members testing out the new Cobra King Tour irons with MIM technology and are ready to report back their findings. The members testing the irons are... @J_Birdie @mtex22 @csiachos Please feel free to ask any of these members questions you might have on how these irons are out on the course! We also want to give a big THANK YOU to Cobra for putting on this testing event!
  18. Writing my article found out that every piece of that skeleton movement is hand finished. Every angle on evey part, crazy to think about!
  19. The new Cobra King RadSpeed drivers, fairways, hybrids, and irons were just announced and if you didn't see our launch article, take a look below! These are generating a lot of buzz in the forum right now and we want to make sure that everyone has all the information they need! Cobra King RadSpeed Drivers Cobra King RadSpeed Fairways Cobra King RadSpeed Irons We are going to have the experts from Cobra Golf live in this forum on Tuesday December 15th, at 4pm ET / 1pm PT answering all of your questions on the new clubs! If you have any questions on the differences between the RadSpeed models or how they compare to the previous clubs, now is your time to find out! Get your questions in now to make sure that you are included in the bonus giveway! When is it? Tuesday December 15th, at 2pm ET / 11am PT Bonus Giveaway We are giving 1 lucky member who asks a question the chance to win a brand new Cobra King RadSpeed Driver and 1 lucky member will win a Cobra King RadSpeed fairway wood! The winners will get their clubs in January when the clubs are available! Giveaway winners will be picked at random and is for good-standing members in the USA only please.
  20. No, winners will be picked sometime this week. Sorry, just been busy around here.
  21. It is like they have machined away any excess material on every part in there!
  22. How about Viktor Hovland's Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Openworked? I am typically not a fan of skeleton dials, but for some reason I just love this watch and it's gold brother. Something about the grey, pink gold, and silver movement just fits my eye. The retail on these is $55k but good luck finding one, the secondary market is charging double that price for one of these rare Royal Oaks! WOTW Specs: Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Double Balance Wheel Openworked Reference: 15407ST.OO.1220ST.01 Year: 2016 - Present Limited: No Case: Stainless Steel Bezel: Stainless Steel Dial: Slate Grey Openworked Size: 41mm Movement: Calibre 3132, 38 Jewels Power Reserve: 45 Hours Glass: Sapphire Crystal Water Resistance: 50 Meters Bracelet: Stainless steel Price: $55,100
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