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  1. At one point I had a V2 in an Adams Fast 12LS and a Super LS. Hit some bombs with both. Sold the Super LS with the V2. Put an Aldila NV in the Fast 12 and more bombs followed. Just picked up a Bridgestone J40 and can't decide between the V2 and the NV. The Fast 12LS has been a great head matched with older shafts for me and can be found on the cheap. Good luck.
  2. I would be content with mid launch so long as I can cut the spin down a little. Would tipping the F5 have any influence on that?
  3. I am looking to make the move to graphite iron shafts and am really liking the Recoils. Unfortunately, my local shop doesn't have a tremendous selection in the fitting cart. I have tried the 125 F4 and loved the feel but it seemed to launch higher and spin a bit more than my current PX 6.0. My flight with the PX is mid-high and the spin is pretty low. Shots into the wind don't lead to ballooning. I love the PX but not what they do to my elbow and wrist. Would I notice slightly lower flight and spin by switching to the 125 F5? I would love to just keep buying and trying different shafts, but th
  4. I've been an Aldila fan since the NV was released and had one in almost every driver I've owned since. I think it may finally be time to upgrade. Would love to try out a 60X.
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