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  1. THIS!!!!! We used to argue with the old farts on WRX about how they didn't like the colors, etc. Who cares about the color of the back of the iron when you're looking at a forged steel face??? LOL!
  2. Balls react differently to the handler (pun intended). If you're a high spin player then the Vice Pro+ might suck for you, while the BX's firmness would work better. The BX would rival the MTB-X, V1X Left Dash, and Chrome Soft X in firmness. For me, most other balls aren't as firm as those.
  3. So you're going to trust some opinions online on something so subjective?
  4. I agree with you with the exception of the Vice Pro+. That's been a really good ball for me. I bought about 12 dozen ProV1s during their annual loyalty campaign last month so I don't have to try to find a ball similar to the ball they're trying to copy. I just bought plenty of the prototype ball.
  5. This is shoe porn for old men!!! LOL! Keep em coming! I am 44 and never liked the old school look but I just bought my first pair of FJ Premiers and I am slowly becoming an old man, I mean convert. LOL!
  6. I'd definitely give them a try. I get a good deal on Srixon balls so it wouldn't hurt to buy a dozen.
  7. This is my first set of irons with thick bottoms since my first couple of sets (I've gone through many from the S55s to the Pro Combos to the 765s) and I can say that I hate thick soled clubs...UNTIL THESE! I love them and would only consider a combo set with some ZX7s in 8-P.
  8. Thanks for your reviews! Saw these while shopping for groceries the other day and since I was already spending $200 I said screw it. LOL! I'm looking forward to trying these on the course.
  9. Man you ain’t gotta lie on this forum. Nobody on WRX hits cart paths! We hit 320 yard bombs right down the fairway ONLY!!! Nah real talk, I had a similar experience as you this past weekend with the XS. Played 17 of 36 holes before I lost one on a bad drive. Played the last 19 holes with the next one in the sleeve and it’s ready for more action.
  10. Your game is your game. I’d say go for it BUT make sure you get PROPERLY fitted for that 1/2 iron. Get the right shaft with the proper launch characteristics for you. While you’re at it, also get fit for a 3 wood. Practice with them both and get to learn how to use them both to your advantage. You may find that you’ll play courses that might dictate one over the other. In true WRX fashion, it is better to have more clubs than you need versus not having a full arsenal of weapons!
  11. In all of my searches, there just isn’t a replacement ball for the ProV1 or V1x. Everything else is just another ball with its own benefits. Some other balls I like that are good alternatives are Srixon Z Star and XV and Bridgestone RX and RXS. My favorite non-ProV ball is the 2020 Callaway Chrome Soft. That ball flat out performs for me!!!
  12. I wasn’t offended. I thought your statement was very general because I see many posts that like the 65 and many that like the 45. I am finally going to order some 85s because my 65s have been beat up enough, so I will have to learn to like the square toe. As long as they feel the same, I wil get over the slight difference in the look. To me, the biggest value of the Srixons is how much they cost compared to how they feel. I imagine this buttery feel is what the Endo forged Japanese irons feel like.
  13. I haven’t played it recently but one of my close golf buddies played it two weeks ago and he said it’s in bad shape. I don’t think Green Valley does a good job maintaining their courses. I just played Crystal Lake last weekend and the greens were the only thing that was good about my experience. Heron Bay is in the same boat.
  14. I’ve never been intrigued with tour usage because I will never play on tour. Let’s agree to disagree about pages of reviews, because I’ve seen many reviews that would contradict what you say regarding the 65s being the ugly duckling of the family. To each his/her own, but not everyone likes a square-toed club.
  15. I may be in the minority, but I thought he 65s were more forgiving than the 45s and seem more solid than the 85s. I could’ve upgraded to the 85s with a major discount but chose to stay with the 65s. Hell I wish I had a backup set of 65s built to my specs. I would hope the new series is more like the 65s or even the 45s than the 85s.
  16. My group had an informal “outing” last weekend and we did not gather, but we were able to talk sh*t and enjoy what we saw of each other on the range (spread out of course). We did skins using CashApp where we collected all entries the night before and paid out the skins that evening while validating with pics of scorecards and comparing to the scoring app we use. Our foursome stayed more than 6 feet apart throughout the round and in the parking lot at the end of the round. It was a very safe round.
  17. Got an F9 driver with stock Evenflow Blue (which will be switched out soon) and an SZ Tour 3 wood (a rocket launcher) last Friday and put them in play Saturday. I had to dial in the driver because I’m not used to the Evenflow shaft (usually use HZRDUS Yellow), but once I got it dialed in on #7 (only the third time I needed it), I hit it LONG! My guy I always play with is normally much longer than me, but I was a good 20+ yards in front of him. He was like, WTH! I did that several more times that day. LOL!
  18. I wish the “Like” was similar to the “Like” options on Facebook because that deserved the laughing emoji!!! LOL!
  19. Funny you say that because I thought there would be more sales besides Heron Bay and GA National on the southside (I did hear they sold Healy Point or they are selling it). I think they make too much revenue from the P’tree City cluster and CG1 to sell them. CG1 is the best draining facility IN THE STATE in my opinion. Where most courses are CPO, they would be a solid 90 degrees.
  20. They sold CC of Gwinnett (they needed to sell it), Northwood CC (which was definitely not close to their best track, but it was convenient to a lot of folks in Gwinnett) for land development and I just got wind that they sold Hamilton Mill with Traditions of Braselton to be sold next. Atlanta golf has always appealed to the folks with old Southern money because of the posh private clubs, so getting rid of ClubCorp courses is a major blow. I’m wondering if any of the public courses are in danger of being sold too. I’d imagine that The Frog would be interesting to developers because of its lo
  21. Another vote for Chattanooga in the summer. I’d avoid Myrtle Beach and Hilton Head because their beaches actually suck. I like the Wisconsin Dells area in the summer for fun and golf. Upstate New York is cool. So is Boston. As a matter of fact, I’d recommend Cape Cod, MA and check out a Red Sox game while in the area. Go to the North End for some awesome Italian food and be sure to eat some REAL clam chowder while there as well.
  22. If you can, try a Srixon U85 (or U65 if you can find one). It feels REALLY good when struck purely (forged face I believe) and the ball flight is piercing but not low running. I have a 4/23* and it’s my 205-215 club.
  23. Nice! I think I'm going to start putting up some coins to get them one of these days.
  24. I think the Srixon designs picked up where TS left off. Just get a set of 5 or 7 series Srixons (545, 565, 585 or 745, 765, 785) clubs if you’re able.
  25. Nevin, put together the comments of the guys that have suggested different things and work to get those things in order over the winter. What you can do now? Move up a tee box, stretch, work on your core in the gym, try different balls (and have fun with your search). What you can do over the next few months? Get a full bag fitting (driver-wedges). You may need lighter, softer shafts in your clubs. You’d be amazed at the distance gain you can see with the right iron shafts as well as driver and fairway wood shafts. Ball suggestions? Srixon Q Star Tour, Titleist Tour Soft, Snell Get Su
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