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  1. For the second time, yes, Mudguard is wrong.
  2. The Rules of Golf do require the hole to be on the putting green. (Definition of Hole.)
  3. Generally speaking the group ahead should have the right of way, even when they're visiting a wrong fairway. After all, it's pointless for you to make them wait for you only for you to end up waiting because of the delay you caused to the group(s) ahead. Regardless of who was ahead though, there's absolutely no reason to wait for the green to clear on the fairway of another hole when someone's playing that particular hole.
  4. There's no requirement to mark the reference point even though it's recommended. Therefore you can just make a mental note of it. But if you failed to also do that, then yes, it would be a bad drop.
  5. The only question of importance is, "did the ball come to rest within the relief area"? The reference point which determines the front edge of the relief area is the point where the ball is assumed to be lost or crossed the OB margin for E-5. For Back-on-the-Line relief (Penalty Areas and Unplayable Balls) it's the point the player chooses, or if left unchosen, the point in which the ball first touched the ground. For E-5, the ball could travel a hundred meters towards the hole as long as the ball was dropped at least a hundred meters behind the reference point. In the other extreme, for BotL relief when the player doesn't choose a reference point, the ball cannot move an inch closer to the hole than where it first hit the ground. (Unless the MLR E-12 is in effect.)
  6. Here's another one: http://www.clicgear.com/pushcarts/model-6+/
  7. You said the player dropped the ball and then you found the original ball. You didn't say anything about the player making a stroke at the substituted ball. If he did make a stroke at the ball, it's a completely different situation. In that case there's a two-stroke (general) penalty for playing from a wrong place and, as it's a serious breach, the player needs to return to the tee to play his 5th stroke. If the alternative relief option for Stroke & Distance was in use, it comes with a two-stroke penalty in itself, rather than one, and then we'd need to figure out whether or not the player used reasonable judgment to determine where the original ball was lost. If he did so, there are no other penalties. In case he didn't, it would be a serious breach of playing from a wrong place and the player would be penalised two strokes and would need to play again from the correct place (from the relief area determined by the found ball). In that case the player would be playing his 6th stroke.
  8. The player may correct the mistake without a penalty as he hadn't made a stroke at the substituted ball yet. Rule 14.5. Did you find the ball within the three-minute search time? If you did, the player is required to continue play with the original ball without any penalties. In case you didn't, the ball was lost and the player was required to use Stroke & Distance relief and return to the tee to play his 3rd stroke. If the local rule for alternative relief for a lost ball, or a ball out of bounds was in use, the player would've needed to correct the error and use the original ball's location as the reference point and take relief accordingly, hitting his 4th stroke, or return to the tee to play his 3rd.
  9. As the stroke was made from the putting green, the stroke doesn't count and the player is required to try again with a two-stroke penalty. So, if the player was lying 4, he'd replay the putt but lying 6, hitting 7th.
  10. Things can get more difficult when cheaters participate in tournaments but that has nothing to do with the handicap system. If a player doesn't post a score he/she was supposed to and therefore declares a handicap that's too high and gets more strokes than he/she should, the player is disqualified. The club should also look into further disciplinary actions against such cheaters.
  11. Because you worsened your own lie, there's nothing you can do about it but there's no penalty (assuming you didn't cause the ball to move in the process). Play the ball as it lies or take relief for an unplayable ball. https://www.randa.org/en/rog/2019/rules/the-rules-of-golf/rule-8#8-1d
  12. Yes, you need to identify the particular penalty areas for which it is in use. The local rule creates the unwanted situation in which the player might get to choose from two known outcomes (play the ball as it lies in the PA or continue with the provisional) and therefore its usage should be limited.
  13. You won't find it implemented even for general play in Finland (excluding one nine-hole course).
  14. You really shouldn't be blaming others for the stupidity of your own, made-up rules.
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