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  1. i played blackberry oaks out in bristol the other day. WATER JUGS were out. course was in great shape but the greens were very slow. a course where you can leave the driver in the bag the entire round if you want which i found out the hard way out driving the fairway on 9 and 10 into the water. there was nobody on the course and took us a little over 3 hours to play and found a good deal online but i would not recommend hitting balls on the driving range to warm up because it was quite beat up
  2. tried to play golf today after work and the only golf course around me that had open tee times was springbrook. i try and not play naperville golf courses because there driving ranges are terrible and the pace of play is so slow. 18 holes took 4hr 45min today. theres something about the course, i feel like they don't cut their fairways short enough where its fluffy out there and they mow the rough too short where it isn't an issue being in it. the course played much pretty soft and green speeds where normal for the course so anything downhill is a goner unless you hit the hole. the golf game
  3. agree. they won't let you book online as a single and if you call to see even if there are openings they just say show up and maybe you can get on. luckily for me i work 5 minutes away from there and it is easy to just stop into the proshop to see if i can get on. the course is always in great shape and the greens are usually very fast. also someone was saying they haven't seen water on golf courses but arrowhead had water out 2 weeks ago when i played there
  4. #2 and dubs are really the only courses worth playing there and for 50 bucks I would say that is a steal
  5. played st. andrews #2 after work today. there was nobody on the course and finished 18 walking in 3hr 15min. i never played there before and the course was in great shape. the greens where an ok speed, slower then what i am use to though. the par 5's have good variety with 2 playing pretty long and the other 3 are easily reachable in 2. my biggest problem with the course was every par 3 was around 200 yards and had the same look to the hole.
  6. played the west nine at arrowhead today. course is really soft and greens are lightning fast. course was in great shape as usual
  7. how was Arrowhead. I'm thinking about playing there sometime this week
  8. As you probably remember, Bolingbrook has a great range and balls are included. unless the wind is at your I don't think the tips add that much there because you get so much roll out on the fairways there. The course was in great shape when I played a week and a half ago. ended up playing the blues since i felt like i wasn't hitting my driver as long as i normally do. fairways didn't have much roll in them and the greens were alittle slow for my liking. course was in good shape though
  9. going to be playing bolingbrook gc tomorrow afternoon. i have only played there once and i haven't played golf or hit golf balls in alittle over a week so it should be fun. don't know if im feeling playing the tips or not
  10. One of the best conditioned courses in Chicago without a doubt. i really want to play there since it isn't that far away from me but there policy on single golfers make me cry Yeah, they're one of 6 courses in Chicagoland that I categorize as zero stars for single friendly. Show up and hope to play is no way to treat a potential customer. i would be fine if you called to see about possible openings and they are like yeah maybe between 1030-1130 we could get you in but they are just like nope come in and find out
  11. One of the best conditioned courses in Chicago without a doubt. i really want to play there since it isn't that far away from me but there policy on single golfers make me cry
  12. i played blackberry oaks yesterday. it started to rain on the 12th hole and finally had to call it quits after 15. i don't remember it being as tough as it was yesterday. the rough was longer then most courses in the area and seemed to have more prairie grass in areas where i thought there was none. i think if i just hit iron or hybrids off the tee instead of driver on most i would have scored alot better then i did.
  13. played whitetail ridge yesterday. course was in good shape, the greens were really slow and i couldn't read them to save my life. the group i was paired with never showed up and got to play solo took me like 2hr 40mins mid day so not bad. about to go play orchard valley and it was in really good shape last week
  14. playing whitetail ridge tomorrow and orchard valley friday. i haven't played whitetail in a couple of years but was in pretty good shape from what i remember. orchard valley was great when i played it last week even after all the rain we had.
  15. this weather is a real downer. hopefully it warms up some more next week. going to try and play bolingbrook sometime next week
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