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  1. I have it in my hybrid. I can't compare it to the KBS Tour because I play Ctapers, but really enjoy the hybrid shaft for feel nonetheless.
  2. Yeah I have other PING sets and wedges, I know the fit you're talking about, that's not it. The Blueprint head is a bit different. If you look at the hosel, it narrows unlike other PING clubs, so the shaft can only go so far based on hosel circumference. and there's a few mm before the hosel bottoms out. When I pulled the shaft there was what appeared to be more epoxy/maybe a little plastic insert at the bottom, but it had melted a bit so couldn't identify it, just needed to gently drill/pry it out. I know that some manufacturers put a a little plastic insert into their wood shafts, for sound/
  3. I'm changing shafts, so I pull the 7ir to build a test club. When you insert a new shaft tip it can only go so far, to where the hosel narrows. But when I measure the actual hosel depth/insertion it shows that there will be a slight gap (let's call it 4-5mm) under the shaft tip and where the hosel bottoms out. Is this by design? Does PING put some foam/plastic material in there to mute feel? How would this small gap effect the club/strike/feel/anything?
  4. I think some of the ranges I go to have that strip, is it a bit like hitting a ball that's sitting up in semi rough, where you have to clip it, the ball sits on top of the bristles and they don't give too much resistance, if you get a bit steep you feel the club hitting the metal bottom?
  5. Yeah I'm steeper on wedges and mid irons, being a better player I'm not concerned with knowing if I've hit it fat, pretty sure it will be obvious. Just don't want to end up with wrist and elbow pain if I hit a few hundred balls a day during winter.
  6. Great point thanks, haven't considered that.
  7. Probably just a small footprint mat for the the garage
  8. Cool thanks, which one did you get? The small hour glass model looks like a great home/compact one.
  9. If you weren't going to spare any expense, what's the highest quality hitting mat in your experience? I'm specifically interested in one that is the most ground-contact realistic. Which I assume will translate to more precise launch monitor numbers? Added bonus would be if it's not as jarring on the wrists in the cold as your average hitting mat, but accuracy is the goal, not softness. Manufacturers/reps shoot your shot. Personal experience preferred. Thanks!
  10. Not sure if this event is still going? What was it, 50K buy-in 2 man teams? I know Scott Piercy won it, Tony Finau too right? Did the tour kill it by saying members aren't allowed to play or is there just no more appetite for this type of pay to play event unless it's Phil vs Tiger or celebrities?
  11. Not sure why OP is taking grief from some. The guys at PING (Paul Wood) found that irons with a shorter blade length (heel to toe) allowed some players to better deliver face and path consistently. Nevermind some of the psychological/neurological impacts of increased focus with a smaller implement (which makes the most sense to me) Paul also talks about some of the engineering behind why it works for some... Here's the video:
  12. I get the 9 - PW is only 1/4'' but then shouldn't it be .4 change vs .6 change? If they're jumping .7-8 from other clubs? Are most fitters not doing .5 lie for .5" length change when building iron sets?
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