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  1. Ditto! Unwrapped and all set up, if I could just get some time out of work to get set up at the range. Good luck, you won't regret the purchase!
  2. I just picked up mine from the fellas at gunghogolf.com - they were great to deal with and I received the unit within a few days. You're just going to need to pull the trigger at some point!
  3. "PXG Sucks" I do not concur
  4. And I agree with the assessment above. Light touch, the counter-weight does it's thing. Check out the weight kit when they put it online. It's a nice putter, rolls the ball well - but in the end,I'm a flow neck guy so I probably won't keep this.
  5. I picked one up today in San Marcos, California. They had the demo ziptied to the rack with the headcover on - you couldn't even see the head. It's nice enough, face feels great and the ball comes off fine, Counter-weighted 2.0 SuperStroke grip. I figured why not, worst case it goes back after a few rounds (or more). I'll probably have 26 putts with it tomorrow and have to keep it forever - smh.
  6. Picked up a three pack at my local Costco for $14.99. I'm happy with them and will continue to purchase.
  7. > @youdamantiger said: > I've always bought my stuff on the way out unless I'm buying a backpack that I'm going to use during the day. Never had an issue with things being sold out but YMMV. > > Oh and do yourself a favor and eat a Georgia Peach Ice Cream Sandwich. I'm not even a big dessert guy but good Lord they're ridiculous. The peach ice cream sandwich sells out! Everyone else in my groups watched me eat a couple and said, "We'll get one later." Yeah... two years later when we went back! They ate them for breakfast that trip.
  8. > @Newbs24 said: > Piggybacking on the thread... Heading there Tuesday as well... Flying back to Michigan and plan on buying a decent amount of merch... Easier to ship it back??? Planning on going to buy FIRST then walk the course...Also, if I buy a chair, would I be able to drop it off at the end of the day and have it added to my merch that is going to be shipped back??? 1) Ship it back, it may even beat you home. 2) The chair won't go back with the first shipment, but it's OK. You'll be headed back in to buy everything you didn't get the first time through. DO NOT cheat yourself on the merch, you'll regret what you didn't buy! Have fun!
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