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  1. It is all in the materials of the face for me, personally. The good thing about the standard flowback is that you are probably already used to the presentation at address, but the SSS is next level I think in the feel off the putter. That's just my opinion though! PM me if you want to chat more details.
  2. Selling 2 goodies today! Circle T Flowback 5.5 Tourtype (20g circle T weights) with COA - This is an absolute beaut and butter soft. Only rolled indoors with all original box. Includes pictured headcover. So tempted to just game this one... - $3600 Adidas Superstars Size 10.5 Brand New - Love these shoes, but the 11s fit me better. No COA on these lol - $70 pin 2/19
  3. Hey all, just clearing out a few things that are gathering up dust, for better or worse. SkyTrak with protective case ($OLD - includes 2-day insured shipping FedEx or UPS): Purchased this just over a year ago and used it about 50 times between my son and I. I'm including an aftermarket case for it for that buddy who wants to try it out and happens to shank one (since we would never shank one ) Scotty Cameron Studio Style Newport ($OLD) Measures 33". This is one of the best feeling blade putters I've played outside of a tour GSS or SSS, but unfortunately, I am just not a b
  4. My home club is Manufacturer's Golf and Country Club in the Philly suburbs - a William Flynn design dating back to 1923. I plan to take a few pictures of a few of our holes with some satellite shots at a time for discussion! As a teaser, here's a picture I shot from playing a few holes with my 8 year old son last night as the sun was setting...a view looking back across the rest of the course from the par 4, 3rd green, with a little practice flag (short game practice area sits between 1st and 3rd fairways) in the background, and the first fairway and more beyond that. You can also see that th
  5. Let's use this group to chat any specifics on Pete Dye's courses! What courses have you played, any holes that stood out to you, why?
  6. Let's use this group to chat any specifics on Flynn's courses! What courses have you played, any holes that stood out to you, why?
  7. I agree that the really interesting nuggets will come about once we can start to talk details about golf holes. My intention to start this thread was to just garner some interest and to see if we might be able to stir up the right group of guys to turn this into a subcategory of its own. Personally, I think it could be great to then break it out into additional subforums with the big name architects by course and by hole and a separate area to talk about some of the lesser known folks too. We can post satellite pics of holes to discuss (since not everyone will have played it)...should make for
  8. Definitely some good choices. Anatomy of a Golf Course by Doak was a good reason, but as mentioned earlier, he does tend to promote his own course design. Nevertheless, a fun read to see how he took influence from other archs.I think I'm spoiled here in the Philly burbs - even a local semi-private track is a Donald Ross design, and there is a ton of Flynn, bunch of Nicklaus, and of course Tillinghast all within a 30-45 minute drive. I agree that there are a bunch of public charmers out there. It's interesting to try to dig up some dirt on these folks to try and figure out their influence. For
  9. I'd say that Flynn is pretty much on par with the rest of the Golden Agers - simple but challenging with the great use of the land given to him. Love a good Doak (and his book is a fun read too)!
  10. Hey all! After a short hiatus from the game with 2 young kids and a busy work schedule, life in the last year or so has finally settled down to get my addiction back in order! Plus, my 8 year old son is now into golf! That being said, I love good golf course architecture, and I love chatting about it - Flynn, Doak, Ross, Dye, MacKenzie, MacDonald, Nicklaus,...Woods(???) - you name the architect, and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Personally, I'm a member at a classic Flynn course in the Philly area where there are some really amazing tracks that have recently been redone. Aronimink's Hanse r
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