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  1. How did it stack up? I went from the Adams Fast 12 to. Cobra Fly-z+, the Adams is my Spare but not redundant I'll find out on Saturday for the first time, playing in a compo. I'll report back on its performance
  2. You mean the XTD Ti that TM used their own adapter in? :D Haha, you know what I mean
  3. UPDATE: Hi all, I ended up sticking with Adams. I grabbed myself a 10.5* XTD Ti with the stock Red Tie. I haven't had the chance to hit it yet, course or range or LM, but if it isn't an improvement then I have the 12LS as back up. There is just something about the pre-TM Adams equipment that I gravitate towards. Thanks for all the comments. Cheers Craig
  4. Thanks for all the feedback guys. Good deals on the Bio Cell +, Fly Z + and 815 DBD at the moment - I'll throw these in the mix along with the G30LS.
  5. G30ls is now on my radar to demo vs the Fast12ls. Only downside is that they are VERY pricey down here is South Africa - Rand/ Dollar exchange rate is in the toilet!
  6. Thanks guys, I'll agree that it is long. I have hit my longest drives with this driver but I am prone to low knuckling snap-hooks with it on occasion. Though that might be me more than the club. Any suggestions regarding something as hot but with more forgiveness?
  7. Hi all, I currently play the Fast12ls with Fubuki Alpha, overall I am happy with what it offers me BUT am I missing out on new tech by playing an older driver? I generally only buy used, generally great value and often mispriced, but I have an itch to demo some newer offerings. As the title suggests, will I be gaining significantly by playing one of the latest driver offerings? Cheers Craig
  8. Adams Fast 12 LS - new to me this year. Really happy with this driver and the stock stiff Fubuki shaft.
  9. Like clockwork, every night. Liberating standing outside, staring at the stars and marking your territory with a smoke hanging out my mouth and one of my golf clubs in my other hand;-)
  10. Glad to see the 3 South Africans make it through. It has been lean pickings on the PGA tour for us lately! Holding thumbs for them. Though I have probably just jinxed them all.
  11. [quote name='MadGolfer76' timestamp='1428805421' post='11337499'][quote name='Sean2' timestamp='1428780565' post='11335075'] Was never a big on Gary. He's so busy telling people what to do. [/quote] Pity he doesn't redirect that to the problems in his own country.[/quote] Just out of interest, what would those problems be?
  12. Hi all, For those that have hit both, which would you regard as the better option iro of launch and forgiveness etc etc? Really just interested in thoughts on the 2 iron not the full sets. Thanks folks!
  13. Awesome final round by Jacques Blaauw but an even better win for Georgie at home!
  14. 88 with two quads - 7 on a short par 3 and a 9 on a par 5 following a tantrum in a fairway bunker�
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