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  1. I don’t know... their 99.8% feedback rating is a bit concerning.
  2. I use midsize multi compounds with 3 wraps of tape and have found that ping and Taylormade stand bags are really good! Currently using a hoofer, but have a US Open Taylormade bag that is really good also. Not much tangle or resistance with either bag.
  3. Threads like this pop up once every 6 months... nothing you can do but move on. And they’re more than likely not doing anything with your PayPal address.
  4. That’s NOWHERE near advertised correctly. That putter has been beat to hell and back, and attempting to sell it as anything other than average condition is absurd. Although I do appreciate you making it so easy to add you to the block list.
  5. Continuing to clean out my excess golf stuff. Not looking for any trades at the moment and the first to pay gets the items. All prices are OBO and include shipping. 1&2. Footjoy XL golf shirts. Navy with paisley collar, and pink with navy and white stripes. The navy polo has been worn maybe 2-3 times, while the pink one has been worn no more than 5. $20 each or $30 for the pair. 3&4. Ralph Lauren 1/4 zips. Both size XXL. Light blue with navy horseman and Navy with light blue horseman. Both worn no more than twice. The navy one is an XXL Big but fits exactly the s
  6. Was out in CA a few weeks ago and a master staffer with Callaway got his in. Probably the best looking Callaway driver I’ve ever seen! More of a pear shape and bit as elongated.
  7. I’ll address this since it seems aimed towards what I said, and if it wasn’t then oh well. No where in my post did I say anything negative about the mods on this site. They job they do is relatively good for the amount of stuff on this website. the 2nd point is where I feel like you came at what I said. Like I said, I know rules are rules and they’re in place for a reason, I just said some of them made no sense, the 30 day rule being the main one. I’ve gotten soft warnings before but there seems to be a lot of things that are let slide in the BST. I’ve seen ads with no photos stay up
  8. A 2 year ban is ridiculous no matter what. I get rules are rules but that’s harsh regardless. Meanwhile we have guys like the OG seller in this thread (a legitimate threat to the community) who can pay $5 and sell no matter what. Some things on this site really don’t make much sense.
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