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  1. Does Anyone have a valid coupon or a friends and family discount code for Ralph Lauren? Looking to get some early Christmas gifts and some personal things and was hoping to save some money. If you have one please PM me, thanks in advance!
  2. As someone who dealt with OEM warranties for 4 years, I can almost guarantee Cobra (or any manufacturer for that matter) won’t do anything about that. The warranties are usually for the club face, top line, about an inch or so from the top line, and within 6 inches of the tip. I saw so many people bring clubs in and try to get warranties for things like this in similar spots, and the OEM tells them it’s not under warranty. They’ll deem that as abuse.
  3. The communication part I can get being upset about, but it’s been 4 days and 2 of which were weekend days. I’d give it atleast a week before really getting concerned.
  4. 1. Steve Dresser Golf Academy 2. Loris, SC 5. 10 4. TS3 hzrdus smoke green "hulk" 60 5. No 6. TSi3 7. Absolutely
  5. Looking for the grey and navy Titleist gaiter/neck warmer and a Footjoy printed gaiter like the one pictured.
  6. To begin, all prices are OBO and include shipping. Open to trades for a different piretti putter but mainly looking to find my TSI purchase. First to pay get the item and I will not hold. 1. Cleveland zipcore wedges. 52, 56, and 60. 52 and 56 are brand new never hit a ball, while the 60 hit about 15 balls just chipping around the backyard. These are standard loft, length, and lie. Have the DG spinner Tour Issue shafts. Looking to sell as a set. $385 4.) Piretti Teramo. Measures 38.5 from bottom of the face to the butt end of the grip. I do have the stock grip and can easily cu
  7. 1-5: Men’s golf pants. Take all 5 for $115 —Camo Ralph Lauren Golf stretch chino. Size 42x32. Only been worn once. $35 -–Royal Blue Ralph Lauren Golf stretch chino. Size 42x32. Worn once. $35 —Light blue Ralph Lauren Golf stretch chino. 42x32. Worn once. $35 —Black Adidas ultimate pant. 40x32. Worn less than 5 times. $old —Khaki Under Armour showdown chino. 40x32. Don’t think I ever wore these but if I did it was just once. $old 6. Mitsubishi Tensei Orange 75x. Stock TMAG 3 wood shaft. Bought the club as a demo and never used the shaft. Does have some
  8. Just saw on Jonathan Wall’s twitter that Rickie has a Futura X in the bag this week. Interesting to see him change, since he’s touted as one of the best putters on tour.
  9. Obviously don’t want the Tennessee logo, but does anyone know what style hoodie this is?
  10. Swannies and Turtleson are great! Swannies is my new go to. Great modern styles and at a good price point.
  11. OP never said it thought it was fake, just asking for reassurance. But the real reason he ask is probably because people fake Cameron’s more than any other golf item...
  12. Bought a backup Hzrdus Hulk and it came in a box, not packaging, nothing. Just flopping around. Bought from a pretty big seller too.
  13. Obviously not the case for everyone but I just felt like PXG clubs never preformed compared to the competition. But like an above poster said, i think it has something to do with the 0211’s being cheaper and allowed more people to buy them and experiment, and people either wanting to try the brand out or having the PXG status symbol.
  14. Cleaning out my closet and getting rid of things I don’t/haven’t worn. All prices are OBO and include shipping. Discounts for multiple items purchased. Not really interested in any trades at the moment. 1-4: XXL 1/4 zips. Take all 5 for $125 —Grey RLX. Worn a handful of times. Very warm without any bulk. $45 —Dark Grey/Pink Nike. Worn once. SOLD —Grey Under Armour. Worn maybe 2 times. $25 —Grey Puma. Worn once. $30 —Grey Adidas. Fleece lined and more of a hoodie material. Worn maybe 3 times. $25 6-9 Men’s XL and XXL polos. —Brand New With Ta
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