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  1. Looks like since his full Titleist deal is up, he’s tinkering with putters. Surprised to see him leave the “trusty” Futura X though.
  2. It’s a prototype of the new rogue without any branding or markings.
  3. Think Cobra would rather see him play well again and get back to competing for wins. You can have all the new stuff but if you’re not playing well you’re not getting tv time, but having him play well and in contention gets that bright Orange puma shirt and cobra hat publicity.
  4. Anyone know the loft of his 4i? Seems like a pretty big gap between the 16.5 4 wood and his 4 iron.
  5. Man, talk about a prototype 3 wood. Love that there’s no markings, loft, or anything on the club, just a completely blank club head.
  6. Continuing to offload extras. All prices are OBO and include shipping to CONUS, anywhere else requires actual shipping costs. Feel free to shoot me a PM with any offer or questions. No trades at the moment. 1. Jordan 5 Peace and Love golf shoes size 12. These are from PGA Championship last year I believe. Have been worn a few times but are just too tight for me. Do not have the box. $old 2. Nike TW 15 Size 12. Have had these since release and have worn them maybe 2 times. They eyelets have been colored black with sharpie. Same as the Jordans, size 12 in Nike just doesn’t work for my feet. $65 3. Nike Lunar Control 4 size 12. Grey and teal in color. Have been worn maybe 2-3 times. Have been stored over the years and I gave them a quick clean, but could probably use a once over. $30 4. Graphite Design Tour AD BB 7x. Has a Taylormade tip that has seen better days. Whoever did the work put a crappy ferrule on there too. Measures 42’ from tip to grip and 23 3/4 from tip to first ring. Unsure about any tipping or extensions. Does have some rubs from use that are pictured. Will include a better condition tip with purchase. $115 5-9. mens pants $20 each or $75 —Dark Green Under Armour 40x32 —Navy Under Armour 40x32. Has a small stain on the bottom of the pant leg that is pictured —Navy Adidas Ultimate Pant. 42x32. Has 2 small stains on the pant leg —Black Oxford golf. 42x32. New without tags. —Khaki Under Armour. 42x32 10. Puma 1/4zip XXL. Don’t believe I’ve ever worn this and if I did it was once. $old
  7. I don’t know man. Calling and telling him to sell you what you wanted even though they were sold out and then accusing him of “imbibing the corporate koolaid” seems like berating to me. hopefully in the future Cameron can get his website together and eliminate the bots to make purchases easier.
  8. I’ve done about 5-6 trades on here and they’ve all been smooth. My biggest thing is if they’re an active member and have a good history on the BST. I’ve never once asked for or been asked to send money for protection. Best advice is to get to know the person, and do your research on them in the forums. Good luck to ya!
  9. Ahh the old “I didn’t get what I want so let me demand a refund and berate the customer service guy who had nothing to do with it”. Thousands of others paid for the membership also, so you paying for it doesn’t make you special or give you preferential treatment. You’re in the same position as they are, first come first serve.
  10. Like everyone else I use a pouch. Louis Vuitton drawstring pouch that comes with wallets to hold ball markers and divot tools, and a small bag for tees.
  11. Did you fill out the Rapsodo form? Yes 2. Where would you use a Rapsodo MLM? Driving range while practicing 3. How can the MLM help with your game? Dialing in my distances and working on yardage gapping through my wedges, irons and hybrid.
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