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  1. I like John Daly for being himself. So he doesn't fit the mold that the PGA would like to have everyone fit into. So hes an underachiever by some people standards but you know what. I really think john has finally found happiness in his life and if we caould all be so lucky to do the same what a great world this would be. I think the people that dislike john the most wish that he had his talent so they could be a toru player, they work hard but just can't get to that level. It ticks them off that he doesn't have to work at and is compettitive alot of the time. But you know its just lik
  2. cpa49707


    I love my Mizuno MPT series of wedges, they are very soft and distance control is great.
  3. Seems to me the rest of the field has a defeatest attitude when they come to a Major and see Tigers name near the top of the leaderboard after the first round. They have resolved themselves to play for second and let tiger have the win. I think the rest of the field needs some mental toughness training.
  4. The Open, its the way golf was intended to be played and on some of the original courses developed for play. I love it when the Open is played at St. Andrews the old course. So much history, so many legends walked those same fairways and greens.
  5. Shania Twain Terri Hatcher Martina McBride Jennifer Nettles Crystal Bernard
  6. I would have taken Davis Love III over Scott Verplank in a heartbeat. Anyone hear what the reasoning is this coaches pick???
  7. Congrats to all the winner! Thanks demo for another great well run contest. Once again I didn't even finish in the top 100. Guess I will have to stick to my day job :help:
  8. I would like to Thank Demoman for running annother great contest, all the Sponsors for genereously donating to all the golfwrx contests and a special thanks to all the members who participate in these contests. Without you members this site would be nothing. THanks again to all. Terry
  9. Its great to see the Shark playing a limited schedule. I think it would be too demanding on his body to play every week on the senior tour.
  10. If anyone gets an opportunity to play a Deschamps putter take the opportunity and run. They are awsome putters. Serges attention to detail is second to none
  11. My Condolences to Darren, his family and to everyone who was touched by Heathers life
  12. CONGRATULATIONS ^5 I'm still waiting for my first
  13. Forget about it, enjoy the time you have with him, remember its just a game and don't take it so serious when playing with your father. Use it as a time to talk to him and get to know each other. life is short. remember don't let the little things in life bother you, and beleive me this is very little. Beleive since I just lost my father-in-law less than 2 weeks ago, you can't bring them back so cherrish this time you have with hime.
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