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  1. When we play in NY we usually play at Bethpage (Black or Red) or Trump. For as much love as Black gets though I think it is fine. Not great, above average for sure but nowhere near the rep it has other than being hard. Red and Ferry Point are both actually better IMO. None of them are world beaters for me. They're just solid, functional golf courses. If we're talking public play Montauk Downs is by far my favorite course I've played in NY and Turning Stoe-Shenendoah is probably second. None of those are remotely close to NGL, Frair's Head, Maidstone, Southampton, etc on Long Island or even Sleepy Hollow. NGL might be ny favorite course I've ever played.
  2. Not yelling at you but it took like a total of less than 10 min to type out both of those replies on my phone. Slow play is the worst thing in golf and would absolutely make playing not worth it to me at a 4.5 hour+ mark. I'd rather run or ride a bike than stare at someone lining up their fourth putt or looking for a ball for the full 3 minutes. I accept 4:00 hours is somehow the standard because I know that people don't understand how to be efficient and can't be asked to think about anyone other than themselves.* That's life. I just choose not to play anywhere like that regularly. *-Yeah, I get how this could be construed as me not thinking about anyone other than myself too but I have enough like minded playing partners that I'm ok with being in the minority instead. You honestly don't even have to try to play in less than 3:45.
  3. I get why you think that after playing North Berwick, NGL and Mid Ocean but in 6 plays at OM I can see it. Definitely not in the same league though. Honestly my favorite is Mid Ocean for being laid out exactly as I understood the hole needed to be. I'm also going to state that this has nothing to do with the fact that I explained the concept and how to play it to my foursome at Mid Ocean and then pulled off the exact shot I described to like 3'.
  4. I live in AZ and belong to one of the toughest courses in the state. Average round is around 3:30, walking, half the time with guys who are near 70. I also belong to 3 other clubs. 2 in AZ and one in Mexico. None of them have anywhere near that pace. I have played golf in 30 different countries and only Malaysia had a regular pace like that (in Brazil they like to stop at the turn for lunch but I’ll skip counting that). I’ve played at more than 1000 different courses over the last 24 years including Kapalua several times (usually around 4:00 hours when I’ve played). The only places that we’re regularly 4+ hours were overcrowded and poorly managed and if you accept it then you are part of the problem. Period. Oh and if you feel attacked by this... uh, ok. We may not have the same definition of an attack. let me edit this slightly as I don’t mean to “attack” you. I realize that you can’t revolt on your own. Anyone that is subject to a 4.5+ hour round should be complaining to the course every time. People should not find it acceptable or inevitable and help each other put a stop to it. Stating that it is inevitable is a problem.
  5. I'd honestly quit playing golf before I'd regularly play in 4.5-5 hours. My average time over the last 10 rounds is closer to 3:15-3:30 and that's just about right. There's no scenario, whatsoever, where a 4.5-5 hour round of golf is acceptable and it sure as heck cannot be a regular occurrence. I mean, one of the clubs I belong to has a pace of play policy set to 3:40 for foursomes! It can be done and there's no reason for it ever to be 4.5-5. That's just poor management and people who accept it are as big of a problem as the people who set it up. Also, note that I walk 95%+ of all rounds I play (yes, even in the summer in AZ) and even at that pace my heart rate rarely gets high enough to register a full day of exercise on my watch, i.e., it is slow... Rant over but I cannot accept anyone telling people that they need to get used to a 4.5-5 hour pace. Fight against that absolute insanity.
  6. I know several people that have played there. None of them have paid a cent because the member has always paid. My wife has actually stayed onsite in a cabin for a work function as a guest of a member but I couldn't go due to my own work commitment. I'm 100% sure I'll play there some day if I really want to push connections to make it happen but to this point I haven't done so.
  7. Main club: Gold 7203 75.5/149 Blue 6933 74.5/142 Red 6713 73.2/137 Black 6534 72.2/133 Silver 6064 70.4/129 Green 5606 68.0/124 There's also a white and copper set that aren't rated for men. Red tees are named after Red Lawrence who designed the course and are meant to be as close to the original back tees as possible. It is my favorite set to play. Other clubs I belong to have different naming for tees but only one course has the Red tees as the most forward tees. In other places it is Green or "V". My wife who has mostly only played golf at these places wouldn't even have any idea that "Red" is commonly the ladies tees because she only plays one place even semi-regularly where the most forward tees are "Red".
  8. That's been the case at every private club I've belonged to as well.
  9. az2au

    Rancho San Lucas

    Had the opportunity to play RSL last week while I was at our place in Cabo last week. Overall, very fun course. We played the gold tees (6819 yards, slope and rating unknown as they don't show up on the card or in GHIN) in an extremely heavy wind and it was still quite playable. Multiple risk reward holes and several holes along the beach. Overall, probably the best Norman course I've played (I'm not a huge fan of his work). Definitely play it before the real estate really comes in as it will change the course considerably. Staff, conditions and facilities were top notch as you'd expect. Beautiful drive into the community as well. Nice to see yet another quality option come into Cabo.
  10. South course is more scenic. North course is better golf. Honestly with as many houses as they've packed in though both have kinda lost any charm they ever had.
  11. If those are my only choices then it is is A 100% of the time.
  12. It is amazing how no tee times turns into self selecting groups very quickly. I didn’t understand before I belonged to a club that did it. That said, the other clubs I belong to have tee times (and allow zero outside play and very tight guest restrictions) and it is sometimes more difficult even with 1/3 of the member numbers. Interestingly, one of them has a policy unlike the others. It has tee times but is it also a resort/fractional ownership club. Full members can just go whenever and we’re always “next”, i.e., we just show up and tell them when we want to go and they hold up the tee times to let us out. It works surprisingly well.
  13. Honestly, I would have assumed the same at the club I’m talking about and I would have been wrong. Not saying you are. I’m just saying that I would have been completely and totally wrong.
  14. One of the clubs I belong to has ~600 members (the other 3 have 650 combined) and it is the only one without tee times. Works perfectly. No issues whatsoever and I’ve never had to wait more than 45 minutes to play ever. I’d normally arrive 30 minutes before I play anyway so it really isn’t meaningful. At this club we also have an enforced 3:40 pace of play as well.
  15. somewhat fascinating that clubs have restrictions at all. I have heard of clubs like this but never actually belonged to one. No restrictions for anywhere I belong and no problem making times.
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