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  1. Looking for a set of extra stiff Srixon or Hogan irons with the v sole. A set of s55 or iblade irons would also work great. Could be a full set or heads only. Let me know what you’ve got!
  2. I think perhaps what you would find going from the 910 series to ts2 is consistency on off center strikes. For me there isn’t a huge difference in spin between a pure strike and a bit off center.
  3. That bronze color looks so cool. Love the direction they’re going with their clubs.
  4. Those might literally be the best looking irons I’ve ever seen. Any info on how they play?
  5. I was at the range yesterday, guy came in about 20 minutes after me and took the spot next to mine, took a quick look in his bag and saw some JPX 900 Tours, an M3 Tour Driver, an Epic SZ 3 wood and of course, a Scotty. So I was like oh alright this guy’s got game right? No. Watched this guy sky almost every single one of his drives, I heard the rubber tee flopping around like a wet deflating balloon begging for mercy, then I got to see about a 30 second freakout session with him slamming his driver on the mat. I was about to say something to him but I just let it go, I’ve been there....t
  6. Yeah the 3deep is still an amazing club but it’s just not as good as the 2deep I used to have. Should’ve never sold it.
  7. I have for sale here a Callaway x2hot 3deep fairway with an Aldila tour green extra stiff shaft. Comes with a Grip Master leather wrap grip. Plays standard length and is in excellent shape. Asking 110 obo.
  8. Or maybe the +HC guy using Ping G series irons can laugh at the hack playing blades that can’t hit solid shot to save his life. Even better when the guy has iron covers for his blades. Made my day the last time I saw it.
  9. They have a matching blank wedge set as well on tour spec. They’re pretty incredible.
  10. I have for sale here 3 new large footjoy rain gloves for a lefty. Last year I started using footjoy rain gloves after burning through my 5th regular one by mid summer. JB Holmes does this and now I see why. It works incredibly well for guys that sweat or practice a lot, only problem is I can't find a place to buy just the left hand. I myself am a righty and would love to find a lefty who does the same thing and can make a trade. That would be ideal. Otherwise I'll ask 30 shipped. SOLD
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