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  1. Thanks for the recommendation, I'm going to check that out guaranteed!
  2. I think you have the Black and Yellow flip flopped Yeah that was the response I got from someone at Cool Clubs, I am surprised as I assumed the Yellow would have a smoother feel and the Black would be more boardy. If you check out the Cool Clubs shaft app on a smart phone, they have the Yellow as substantially stiffer in both the butt and tip of the shaft than the Black, however the mid section is relatively similar in the middle. I'm not sure if this is a mistake by Cool Clubs but it does seem the exact opposite to what everyone else is saying about the two shafts.
  3. I am interested in this discussion, as I currently play a GD AD DI 7X (Tipped 1 inch) in my driver and was thinking of replacing it with a Hzrdus Black or Yellow. I even went as far as to call Cool Clubs in Scottsdale and had a club fitter compare the three shafts, the response I got was surprising as I assumed the Black would launch lower with less spin. However, I was told the Black would be very similar to the AD DI, but the Yellow would launch/lower spin with a boardy feeling. Anyways here is the response I got, hope this helps for people looking for a comparison: I went over to our R&am
  4. This is my current swing! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ie4PuD9vAv8&feature=youtu.be I once was a scratch player but now play off 10! Any help will do!
  5. I have been hitting it fat and right for the better part of 3 years! I then get the old flips going and the dreaded two way miss comes into play! I have been told I have decent fundamentals but I get steep, hang back and anything can happen! I have been having trouble clearing my upper body on the downswing and getting my arms in front of my body! Does anyone have any tips for getting the shaft more shallow coming into the ball but clearing the upper body/chest faster? Every time I think Im doing this I come straight over the top of it! I appreciate the help!
  6. [quote name='DuckHook02' timestamp='1338599684' post='5014862'] Titleist TOUR ISSUE 910H 17*...Project X HB6...xxxxTxxx serial...41" in length...straight from the Tour Van. Face and sole have a few marks from normal use...easily 9.5/10 condition (crown is perfect). $350 [/quote] Will you ship this to Australia?
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