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  1. I've been really happy with the Ping Glide 2.0's. First wedges I plan to have in my bag for more than one season. That says a lot, at least for me. I tried the 3.0, but just stuck with the 2.0.
  2. If you have never tried Miura, they are worth it. Most solid feeling irons I have hit. Normal bag chatter, no major dings. Grooves are in good shape. Pictures represent the condition well. For those who have never tried graphite iron shafts, you will be pleasantly surprised with Accra shafts. They have a firm feel but absorb the unwanted vibrations. Very consistent ball flight and distance control. Asking $450 + $25 for shipping in CONUS. PayPal only.
  3. Thanks for all the information on these. This thread was one of the few reviews online, on these hybrids. I pulled the trigger on a 19 and 22 degree (my father-in-law had some shop credit at his club to use up, pretty nice treat). I can't wait for them to arrive.
  4. I got on the launch monitor this past weekend with my clubfitter, (Tony at True Clubs in Carmel, IN) to specifically test the MMT 105 vs. my current shaft the Fujikura Pro 95i tour spec vs. the Steelfiber i95. Other than the slight weighting difference of the MMT, they were all tested with the 2019 p790 7 iron head. The dispersion was best with the Steelfiber. Spin rate averaged 5100rpms with the MMT, 5400rpms with the Fuji Pro, and 5800rpms with the Steelfiber. Launch angle was 1-2 degrees higher with the SF (roughly 16 vs 18 degrees) as well. Distance averages were pretty similar amongs
  5. Thanks for sharing. I also had the Accra i Tour shafts in a couple of sets and liked them as well. They had a firmer feel to them, but good consistency for me. I will definitely give these MMT shafts a try next season, when I buy new irons.
  6. Why didn't you just go with the same weight in graphite?
  7. I am interested in this shaft. I have been playing graphite for 10 years due to elbow tendonitis that required surgery. I start with Recoils, then went to Steelfibers, then to Fujikura Pro Tour Spec shafts. I liked them all. I think the Steelfibers had the best dispersion, but were also the shortest of the 3. I am looking at the MMT's for my next set. Thanks for all the great reviews.
  8. Very strange. I had a topic ad posted today that has disappeared
  9. No, exotic shafts for sale ad
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