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  1. I've been playing the Gen2 hybrid in 19 and 22 degrees for 3 months now. I am alittle disappointed with them. I don't really find anything remarkable about them, other than the fact that they look cool. I do not find them to be overly forgiving, I have trouble finding the sweet spot consistently, and distance is average. I was hoping this would be a "straighter" hybrid than it has proven to be, at least in my hands.
  2. He didn't say that he has to get fitted, he said he should hit a shaft, rather than buy it blindly. That's pretty good advice, unless you don't mind rolling the dice and hoping it works out. I have done that plenty of times, and wasted a lot of money over the years.
  3. Be yourself (assuming you aren't a jerk), be courteous, play efficiently and have fun. Don't act differently due to who you are playing with, that never works. Don't try to impress anyone, but also don't act like you don't care; neither extreme works.
  4. Monte, I am alittle curious about your comment regarding divots. I tend to swing from in to out (I am left handed) and my tendency is a draw that can turn into a hook. When my divot is in to out path, and facing left of the target, the hook is far more significant than when my divot is in line with my target. Is there not a relationship here?
  5. You could always get the 58.14K in the SM8, if you believe that will help you out of the heavy rough.
  6. I'm not sure exactly what you mean, but I recently took a putting lesson with the putting guru down at TPC Sawgrass and the way he described the putting stroke was very helpful for me. -Use big muscles, not small ones. -Your arms and shoulders form a V down to the club. Move the V by rocking the shoulders and not moving the arms or hands. -Keep your elbows tucked in against your ribcage -The butt of your putter should roughly be aimed at your belly button, and stay aimed at that point throughout the stroke (is this what you were trying to say?)
  7. I have found the left dash to be the best ball to play off the tee in any kind of wind. If the wind is behind you and you are hitting into the green with a mid or long iron, I find it very hard to hold the green, even if I play to the front of the green.
  8. I was stuggling off the tee when playing this weekend, and found a left dash in the bottom of my bag. I put it in play, and immediately starting hitting more fairways. I don't know if it is purely mental, but the side spin off the driver seems to be less with this ball for me. I still go back and forth between this ball, the 2021 ProV1x, and the TP5. I am still not sure which ball I like the best, as they each have their pros and cons.
  9. Mob

    TSi3 vs SIM2

    Wow, I am surprised by your results. I am hitting the TSi3 as long and straight as I have hit any driver. I tried the SIM 2 Max, which spun way too much for me, but didn't get the chance to hit the SIM 2. I love the feel and sound of this Titleist driver. My first Titleist driver since the 975D.
  10. While my wedge shots will only run out 2-8 feet on the green, my mid and long irons will roll out much more, and run off the green completely a few times/round. My mid and long irons with the regular ProV1x will hold the green. This is where the spin difference is a big negative for me. It is a trade off. I am probably going to migrate back to the regular ProV1x for this reason.
  11. I believe it is straighter off the tee for me.
  12. I played the Sonar Plus for a season or two and really liked them. Great feel and sustained tackiness that doesn't go away, as long as you clean your grips. I switched to the Sonar Tours this year and like them even better. Awesome grips. Tacky and firm.
  13. The only reason I am still experimenting with the left dash, is because my side spin with the driver seems to be less, so I am hitting more fairways and have 1-2 clubs less into the greens. More fairways is very attractive to me, assuming I can start to gauge how to club down into the greens with mid to long irons so I don't roll off the back every time. I also agree, it is the best wind ball I have every played.
  14. I have played a few more rounds with the left Dash ball. I still am not sure if the extra distance is worth the loss of control hitting into the greens with any iron above a wedge. It is unquestionably longer off the driver and the irons. Definitely an interesting experiment. I let one of my friends try one for a round and he ended up buying 10 dozen that same day!
  15. Less technical answer than those above, I have played all 3 ProV models and I find that the left dash ProV1x has the least amount of curvature/side spin off the driver in my hands, all other things being equal.
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