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  1. Seems like it takes time and adjustment.
  2. I am a lefty as well. Mine comes next week. What did you think of it?
  3. I ordered my Mezz on 1/6 and it just shipped today. Quicker than I was expecting. Looking foward to rolling it.
  4. I tried 105 and 95 range. I found MMT a bit more lively. The Steelfibers have a dead kind of feel which I have gotten used to and actually now like. Bottom line is that dispersion was more important to me.
  5. I have that combo and really like it. I have played it for a year. I did demo the MMT shafts a couple of years ago and the dispersion was better with the Steelfibers for me.
  6. I am a sucker for the marketing hype and typically buy the new equipment, hoping/believing that the newer model has to be better, due to technological advancements. I also love trying/experimenting golf clubs. Rarely has this worked out. I did buy the Srixon ZX7 irons without trying them, and that has been an excellent purchase.
  7. Just ordered my Mezz putter with a LAGP shaft. Looking forward to it.
  8. I have a Stability shaft in my current putter, but I am considering an LAGP shaft with this putter. How do these 2 shafts compare?
  9. A few tough ones: Merion East- Members tees are around 6100 yards (par 71), and yet somehow I had hybrids into several of the par 4 greens. You have to be able to play a lot of different types of golf shots out there. I never score well out there but keep hoping every time I go back. One of my top 2 favorite golf courses. Pine Valley- Kicks my butt every time. Wolf Run (Zionsville, Indiana)- now closed. What a shame. Beautiful and punishing at same time. Very natural and rustic with significant elevation changes. Victoria National- A lot of water and some tight fairways Pfau Course at I.U. in Bloomington - only a couple of years old. Similar to Wolf Run but not as naturally pretty.
  10. I just did the online lie angle putter fitting and sent it in. I may pull the trigger this week.
  11. I worked on this today, and it was extremely helpful. I tend to get too long in the backswing with my arms pinned across my chest, then my arms and the club are stuck behind me and I have to find a way to square up the club face. I am left-handed, so my swing thought was to keep my left elbow from going past the seem on the left side of my shirt. It felt like an abbreviated swing, but my contact was more consistently straight compared to draw/hook that I struggle with. I need to keep working on this, but initial results are promising.
  12. I have been playing the Zx7 for the past season and absolutely love them. The feel is great, they are longer than I was expecting, and mishits still end up with a decent result. My litmus test for a club is when I no longer look forward to the next generation of clubs coming out, and I can say that I am definitely not looking for any new irons next season.
  13. I’m hoping since they show a picture of the Left Dot box on their website along with the others, that maybe it will become commercially available in the future.
  14. You get used to it after a little time. I played it for one season and now when I play a regular Pro V1 ball it feels like a marshmallow
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