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  1. I have a 50° and 54 degree ping glide 2.0 wedge. The 46° pitching wedge in the set is it the perfect transition.
  2. I was able to get out and hit the irons 2 days last week, before the weather took a turn for the worse. After 2 days, I immediately turned around and sold my p790's. I love the way these look, feel, and play. I went back to the Aerotech Steelfibers, and I think I will be happy with this change as well, but I need more time to be sure. I can't wait for my golf trip in March, as that maybe the next time I get to hit these.
  3. As the title says. Pictures represent the condition well. No major dings. Normal face wear for irons used for 3 seasons. 3 and 4 iron were hit a couple of times, but never played. Graphite Fujikura Pro Tour Spec shafts. I will include additional matching shaft for sand wedge. Standard loft, lie and length. Asking $600 shipped. PayPal only. No trades please, trying to reduce inventory.
  4. The sole width of the ZX7 is alittle narrower than the 2017 p790. I don’t have the zx5, but I would imagine that is closer to the sole width of the 2017 p790.
  5. I got out on the course today and practiced with the zx7 irons. I hit a couple of balls on each hole. It is 45 degrees here and I was hitting to temporary greens, but had the course to myself, so that was nice. It is hard for me to separate the Steelfiber shaft and the zx7 head, but I love the feel of these. Steelfibers have a very muted feel that some people describe as "dead". I played them about 4-5 years ago, before moving on the P790's coupled with the Fuji Pro Tour Spec shafts, which have a more lively feel. I actually like the feel of both shafts, even though they are very differe
  6. They are just that good looking in person. Pictures don't do them justice.
  7. Yes, the graphics on the shaft are rotated to the left a couple of degrees rather than perfectly in line with the club face.
  8. Update: Just got on the launch monitor with the 7 iron. Numbers look really good for me, when I make a good strike. 170-172 yard carry with 2 yards of roll out, 5400 rpm spin and launch of 17 degrees. This actually matches my p790's on yardage, but less roll out which is great. Feel is very solid, I am definitely looking forward to hitting the golf ball with these irons on the course. It is going to be 45 degrees here tomorrow, and I am off work, so I will try and get out and hit them on the course. Negatives: (for those asking about build quality) They put th
  9. My wife told me that my irons are at home waiting on me.
  10. I couldn't find it anywhere online. One thread said .370 for spider x, but I just wanted to check and make sure, in case anyone here knew offhand. I will email before buying.
  11. Would a spider x putter with the small slant neck need a .355 or .370?
  12. Not entirely sure. I upgraded to the Aerotech Steelfiber shafts, but that is on their list of available upgrades, so does that make it a custom build? All other specs were standard (loft, lie, length)
  13. I just got a notice from FedEx that my zx7’s should be arriving on Tuesday.
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