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  1. I'm more intrigued to know how the OP paid? Paypal or CC should have dispute rights that allow for the OP to get his money back fairly easily.
  2. Based on 1st pic...looks like Black dot. Should be confirmed though
  3. Awesome!!! Hope it remains a keeper!!
  4. exgolfpro - where you from? It's definitely out in the middle of Nebraska...same deal with Sand Hills and Dismal River. 5-5.5 hour drive from Omaha or Denver. The drive sucks, but once you are there...there's nothing quite like the isolation and serenity. The mornings at PC can sometimes be a bit busier, but afternoons thin out a bit. Dismal and Sand Hills tends to see a little less traffic (private clubs with limited tee time spots). When all you hear is the wind, the club striking the ball and the sound of the ball landing on the fairway...it's a nice way to dis
  5. Been to Prairie Club previously. It’s a pretty good set-up. The Dunes was my favorite...more of the traditional sand hills links style. Pines has some tighter holes as some are tree lined. Horse course is also fun for an after round par 3 game...just take a couple wedges (all holes under 100 yds), putter and beverages of your choice. Clubhouse is pretty nice and dinners are good there as well. Enjoy!
  6. I love this topic. My uneducated brain had always thought that humid conditions is "thicker/heavier" because it feels "thicker/heavier" and thus provides more resistance and impact to the ball's velocity and overall distance. But I've read so much that drier, colder air is actually more dense and thus would actually have that impact. Science...
  7. Steve - Your message was posted a couple weeks back, wondering how your trip went...sorry I missed it and didn't provide my recommendations.... To answer your questions...Wildhorse does have some lodging on site...otherwise you can find a hotel/motel in Gothenburg, NE which is right near Wildhorse... North Platte is not one of my favorite towns...nothing wrong with it, I've stayed there when traveling the night before to get to the Sand Hills, just not my favorite place...would prefer to stay in a hotel/motel at Ogallala (Bayside) or Kearney, NE (Awarii Dunes).
  8. So I follow BST because I'm a ho who needs his golf fix. So I want email notifications every time something is posted. Hotmail (yes I'm old) was hit and miss and then discovered they were in the Junk folder. I since switched them over to Gmail. At first it was all fine and then I stopped getting them...low and behold...it was the SPAM/JUNK folder again. Glad I'm receiving these notifications again.
  9. So my buddy was telling me he was getting his notifications immediately for the forums he was following. He asked me the age-old question..."did you check your junk folder?" I said..."I always receive my GolfWRX emails...why would it be there?!" Guess what was in my junk folder. Mystery solved for me.
  10. I suspect you are correct with the emails having issues at the moment. When I click on my profile, Manage Followed Content and then click on Forums...it does show "Immediate Notification", when I click to change it, it shows that a Notification and Email is sent when something new is posted. Oh well...all in good time...just have to be patient...
  11. Glad we are back on and the updates looks great! It'll be great when feedback is brought back as well. I did mention an issue with receiving email notifications forums I follow (Classifieds...I'm still a golf ho)...I get onsite notifications (bell icon), but I'm not receiving the emails.
  12. So, I'm having a similar issue. I'm following the Classifieds and I'm fairly certain I have it set-up so I receive an email immediately when something new is posted. I also just turned on the onsite notifications as well...I seem to get the onsite notifications, but no emails...
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