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  1. In. I haven't tried Cobra in years...would love to give them another shot at the bag...
  2. In all truth...I read the headline and thought it was going to be much more egregious. No doubt it was classless, but I guess I was expecting much worse. As others mentioned, there's more history with him and AGNC for the ban...
  3. If front 9 got away from me...I'll try to focus on improving on the back 9 to mentally show myself progress. Sometimes though...it's a complete golf/swing meltdown and you're gonna have those days. I used to get really mad and angry, but as I've grown older, I've realized...it's gonna happen and if it's gonna happen today, I might as well reward myself with a beer or some other beverage...maybe a nice cigar and just go with it. You can't have the sweet without the sour.
  4. Stetson mentioned some of the public events and there's quite a few public courses, but availability for 9 holes will depend on leagues, etc. Obviously some of the private courses will have their own events, but it'll depend on your budget and area of town.. If you are looking for affordable private tracks: Midtown or downtown...affordable options would like be Field Club or Council Bluffs CC. Down south (Bellevue) you'd have Platteview CC. West Omaha...I'd say Deer Creek is more of a cost conscientious private club, but with a 27 holes and some nice amenities. East of Council
  5. Crap...I was really hoping we left 2020 and this kind of bad news behind... Hope he recovers and I sincerely hope this crash wasn't fueled by reoccurring substance abuse issues.
  6. I've done it...and it's not bad especially when riding in a cart. Obviously, it's very hot and dry. As a Midwesterner who is used to humidity and excessive sweating, you have to realize that your body is dehydrating faster and more than you likely realize. Stay hydrated, drink water...occasional beer or cocktail won't kill you, but keep drinking water.
  7. Nope...that price and condition...they’ll be gone soon! Younger me would have jumped at Miura’s for that price...just can’t do Baby Blades.
  8. I prefer to show up about 10-15 minutes before tee time to get my clubs unloaded, pay my green fees and putt a few to get my pace down. Some days my time management isn't nearly as good as I prefer and I'm calling one of my buddies to pay my green fees so I can get to the 1st tee without delaying the group (I pay the buddy back).
  9. Something you do more frequently as you age and feel more injury prone than you did in your youth.
  10. NCAA - Nebraska Cornhuskers NFL - Denver Broncos MLB - NYY NHL - Chicago Blackhawks
  11. I only wear long socks with pants...shorts get short socks. It's all a circle and fashion will favor longer socks again for a while. Birkenstocks and Dr. Martens have picked up steam in the past couple years after being relics of the 90's. I noticed at the gym in the past couple years...it's gone from baggy long gym shorts to mid-thigh shorts which are a slight bit more "snug" or "fitted". "Fashion" for youth changes and typically seems to go contrarian...almost as if youth were finding a way to rebel or be unique.
  12. The Ping Eye 2 will always be a revered classic by most people. Personally, they were a little chunky for me, but they got the job done. About 3 years ago, I bought a set for a friend who was starting to get into golf. We went out and I hit a couple of the irons...to my surprise, those irons still hit the ball as one would expect. Sometimes when something works...it just works. He liked the irons and hated his woods, he commissioned me to find him a 2 iron and a 1 iron. As much as I tried to talk him out of it, I found a 1 and 2 iron and bought them for him. He still leaves
  13. I'm more intrigued to know how the OP paid? Paypal or CC should have dispute rights that allow for the OP to get his money back fairly easily.
  14. Based on 1st pic...looks like Black dot. Should be confirmed though
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