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  1. Now...that is a trip I'd love to read about. Comparisons between the courses, clubhouses/accommodations, local restaurants, ways to kill the time while driving from one to the other... I've played Prairie Club, Dismal River, Sand Hills and Bayside (fun public course in Ogallala, NE). Never had the opportunity for the Ballyneal...but it's on the list. I'd also throw Wildhorse in that list as it's just south of Dismal and Sand Hills and on the way to Bayside...
  2. I love this thread. While most will hold to positivity, I tend to be the pessimist and understand the need to get a bad round out of your system to avoid jinxing yourself. I've found that one's satisfaction with the end result is somewhat relative to their expectations...the separation between expectations and reality. The greater the separation between the expectations and reality, the less one is content or satisfied with the end result. Thus, when I'm playing some really good golf and thinking I got my swing dialed in, golf has a way of slapping me down to humble me and teach me that you can't win the game, only play it. If I was riding high and mighty in my head (great expectations), the reality of how bad I just played vs how I had been playing would hit me that much harder. All that said...maybe you just take a 2nd ball with you on one of these rounds and promptly pipe it into the trees. At that point, you'll know it happened, can happen again and settle yourself back into playing the game that you got that day.
  3. I own my fair share of CT's, Tour Bettis, some second hand custom putters (Byron, Lajosi, etc) and other OTR putters....here's my conclusion: There's a certain cumulation of variables in putters that will fit your eye, sound/feel and rhythm of your putting stroke. They don't all have to be the same, but there's some combo that makes it work "better" than others of the same or higher value...and it can be subtle. For me...2 putters have stuck out above all else and they are not the most expensive ones I've bought...a Bettinardi flow neck DASS BB8 which is a touch wider than the standard and with softer lines/corners. It has a line on the flange and is about 34.5"...head weight of about 350g. The other is a Lajosi Sensor which is SS, 34-34.5", plumbers neck...a bit more compact than the flowneck bb8, but also 350g. So there are some very consistent things...more compact head which is pleasing to the eye at address (vs. Mallet), SS vs. carbon, no beach/slot in the head, similar length and weight. The subtle different I suspect is that they both have the same loft and lie angle (I've found I prefer it a touch flat). IF I were given $1500...I'd probably spend the time to figure out exactly why those putters stand above the rest and target a future purchase with those exact specs. For now...I know they work...so they will stay in the bag more often.
  4. Best of luck with the sale. I have 2 degenerative discs and the back pain can be horrid. Sadly the discs don’t heal/regenerate, but there are pain management options and potential surgical solutions (fusion, synthetic discs) if the pain becomes too much.
  5. The Dark One was definitely a goofy one. He wrote an essay of a post called, "The Fall of the Cameron Empire" where he predicted Scotty Cameron putters would lose their value and market dominance due to their pricing, sales and marketing tactics. The best part was it wasn't a completely logical argument...just a lot half-baked assumptions and conclusions, but was amusing to read.
  6. Amazing!!! thank god I realize my swing is nothing like TW otherwise I’d be spending a lot of cash for a rebar shaft.
  7. Umm...I hit my 7 iron 155 yards and have been that way most of my 30's and now into my 40's. In the world of online golf comparisons, I am a short hitter....
  8. Interesting stuff. I was always an X-Files fan from the 90's so I was always a believer, but never could be sure. I will say that as a species, we're pretty self-centered if we believe aliens specifically are visiting to see what humans are doing. I mean, let's be honest, most of us are pretty boring and average and the ones that are noteworthy have issues...
  9. For what it's worth...I'm not a big fan of ESPN reporting either (that kind'a comes with being a NU fan and watching ESPN pile on as if the last 20 years of crappy football hasn't been bad enough). With that said, this specific situation itself isn't a great look for the NCAA.
  10. I have a few of my golf buddies who talk about it. One has purchased, the other is adamantly against it. Honestly, I understand the basics of cryptocurrency and get the appeal, but it just doesn't make sense to the "value" investor in me. Guess I'm old school.
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