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  1. Calaway x hot pro 9.5 with project x 6.5. Comes with headcover. Grip looks to have an extra couple wraps but probably needs changed anyways. Sold.
  2. I've got a Scotty Cameron select Fastback that is 34" with heavy weights. Brand new grip and headcover. $250 shipped in lower 48. Not interested in trades at this point.
  3. Left handed Mizuno MP-59 4-PW iron set with DG X100 shafts. They are standard L/L/L with mizuno grips similar to tour velvets. Grips are playable for at least another season in my opinion. Clubs are in good shape with no significant dings other than normal dings you'd expect to see on forged irons. $160 shipped in the lower 48. Only trade interest is a Scotty Cameron mallet style putter.
  4. The pics are good and tell the story. I don't think it's up to you to comment on condition. :stop: Thank you for your input - that's why I also referred to the pictures as they tell the story. I would appreciate it if you didn't comment in my sales posts unless it is a valid question about the item being sold or an offer of some sort.
  5. I've got a TaylorMade M1 with a stiff Fujikura Evolution shaft and a winn grip. It is in fair to good condition as shown in the pictures. It has a couple nicks on the top line, but they have been touched up. I didn't notice them at address, but they are there. The face looks great. The back edge also appears to have been touched up, but definitely can't tell at address. Doesn't have the headcover and I have the wrench, but can't seem to find it. If I find it, I'll throw it in the box, but assume it won't have the wrench. SOLD
  6. Just sold this on Ebay yesterday and taking the ad down.
  7. 1) Scotty Cameron Fastback that was originally 34" but was cut by the previous owner to 33" with 15g weights. In good condition with the only really noticeable marks on the toe that I've tried to picture. Comes with matching headcover and fairly new red cord cameron grip. These are pretty hard to come by and are going anywhere from $250 - $300+. SOLD! 2) Taylormade UDI 20* 3 iron with DG Sensicore S300 and is Standard L/L/L. This one is in very good condition and has the original TM grip still in good condition. Looks like these are running around $100. SOLD! I prefer to only ship to the lower 48 as I don't have to go to the post office that way and it's honestly just cheaper and better for everyone. No trade interests as I play very little golf anymore and have worked hard to thin out the number of clubs leaning against the wall. Let me know if I'm missing something.
  8. I've got a few things that have just been collecting dust in the corner that I need to part ways with. All prices include paypal and shipping to the lower 48 states. Please let me know if you have any questions. 1) Titleist 910f 19* 5 wood. Standard L/L/L and in great condition with a stiff flex Diamana blue kai'li. It looks like the resale value is $46 on PGA value guide, so I'll take $5 off and include free shipping - $40 shipped. 2) Titleist 712U 4 iron with DG S300 shaft in very good condition with just normal bag wear. Standard L/L/L. the only reason I'm selling this is because I was looking for and found a 3 iron. $80 shipped.
  9. I've got a few items up for sale. I prefer to ship to the lower 48 due to the cost of shipping elsewhere, but I'm sure we can make a deal if you're outside of the lower 48 and willing to pay the additional shipping fees. Titleist 910F 15* 3 wood with stiff flex Diamana Kal'ii 75. This club is in good condition with some wear on the face and one scuff mark on the top heel that I never noticed until I started taking pictures. You should be able to see it in the pictures (it's the back wood in the crown shot). Has a tour velvet style grip in good condition as well. $60 shipped. If you want the pair, I'll do $100 shipped. Titleist 910F 19* 5 wood with stiff flex Diama 'ahina 82. This club in in great condition as shown in the photos below. Has a tour velvet style grip in good condition. $60 shipped. If you want the pair, I'll do $100 shipped.
  10. Thank you! It just sold tonight actually. Congratulations to the new owner!
  11. I'm definitely open to offers. Shoot me a message with an offer of you're interested.
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