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  1. Calaway x hot pro 9.5 with project x 6.5. Comes with headcover. Grip looks to have an extra couple wraps but probably needs changed anyways. Sold.
  2. I've got a Scotty Cameron select Fastback that is 34" with heavy weights. Brand new grip and headcover. $250 shipped in lower 48. Not interested in trades at this point.
  3. Left handed Mizuno MP-59 4-PW iron set with DG X100 shafts. They are standard L/L/L with mizuno grips similar to tour velvets. Grips are playable for at least another season in my opinion. Clubs are in good shape with no significant dings other than normal dings you'd expect to see on forged irons. $160 shipped in the lower 48. Only trade interest is a Scotty Cameron mallet style putter.
  4. The pics are good and tell the story. I don't think it's up to you to comment on condition. :stop: Thank you for your input - that's why I also referred to the pictures as they tell the story. I would appreciate it if you didn't comment in my sales posts unless it is a valid question about the item being sold or an offer of some sort.
  5. I've got a TaylorMade M1 with a stiff Fujikura Evolution shaft and a winn grip. It is in fair to good condition as shown in the pictures. It has a couple nicks on the top line, but they have been touched up. I didn't notice them at address, but they are there. The face looks great. The back edge also appears to have been touched up, but definitely can't tell at address. Doesn't have the headcover and I have the wrench, but can't seem to find it. If I find it, I'll throw it in the box, but assume it won't have the wrench. SOLD
  6. Just sold this on Ebay yesterday and taking the ad down.
  7. 1) Scotty Cameron Fastback that was originally 34" but was cut by the previous owner to 33" with 15g weights. In good condition with the only really noticeable marks on the toe that I've tried to picture. Comes with matching headcover and fairly new red cord cameron grip. These are pretty hard to come by and are going anywhere from $250 - $300+. SOLD! 2) Taylormade UDI 20* 3 iron with DG Sensicore S300 and is Standard L/L/L. This one is in very good condition and has the original TM grip still in good condition. Looks like these are running around $100. SOLD! I prefer to only ship to the lower 48 as I don't have to go to the post office that way and it's honestly just cheaper and better for everyone. No trade interests as I play very little golf anymore and have worked hard to thin out the number of clubs leaning against the wall. Let me know if I'm missing something.
  8. I've got a few things that have just been collecting dust in the corner that I need to part ways with. All prices include paypal and shipping to the lower 48 states. Please let me know if you have any questions. 1) Titleist 910f 19* 5 wood. Standard L/L/L and in great condition with a stiff flex Diamana blue kai'li. It looks like the resale value is $46 on PGA value guide, so I'll take $5 off and include free shipping - $40 shipped. 2) Titleist 712U 4 iron with DG S300 shaft in very good condition with just normal bag wear. Standard L/L/L. the only reason I'm selling this is because I was looking for and found a 3 iron. $80 shipped.
  9. I've got a few items up for sale. I prefer to ship to the lower 48 due to the cost of shipping elsewhere, but I'm sure we can make a deal if you're outside of the lower 48 and willing to pay the additional shipping fees. Titleist 910F 15* 3 wood with stiff flex Diamana Kal'ii 75. This club is in good condition with some wear on the face and one scuff mark on the top heel that I never noticed until I started taking pictures. You should be able to see it in the pictures (it's the back wood in the crown shot). Has a tour velvet style grip in good condition as well. $60 shipped. If you want the pair, I'll do $100 shipped. Titleist 910F 19* 5 wood with stiff flex Diama 'ahina 82. This club in in great condition as shown in the photos below. Has a tour velvet style grip in good condition. $60 shipped. If you want the pair, I'll do $100 shipped.
  10. Thank you! It just sold tonight actually. Congratulations to the new owner!
  11. I'm definitely open to offers. Shoot me a message with an offer of you're interested.
  12. I'll get pictures of the top line posted in the morning. All PM's have been responded to.
  13. This is the second half of my liquidation of my Scotty Cameron collection. I hate to part with these putters, but I rarely play golf anymore and I'm tired of getting onto my son for getting too close to my putter rack. As a result, these beauties are up for sale. I will give you the information that I know on the putters. If you have any questions or if I miss anything, please ask. Prices include paypal fees and shipping in the lower 48. I prefer not to ship outside of the lower 48 since prices have gotten completely unreasonable and I hate going to the post office, but if you're willing to pay actual shipping then I will do it. 1) Tour Scotty Cameron Newport Mid Slant with a welded neck. I bought this putter in April 2015 from a very reputable source. I have never used it other than carpet putting and the condition shows it. The putter is 34", has a welded mid slant neck, a polished sole, and a tour dot on the face. It has a black cord no cord grip and a black for tour use only shaft band. I do not know the head weight. The only items I see on this putter are a small spot in the finish on the back of the putter and some scratches on the sole. This putter was previously authenticated (A006654); however, the authentication did not come with it when I bought it. Will come with a red custom shop headcover. SOLD! 2) Tour Scotty Cameron Newport TeI3 that was gamed by Steve Flesch. I also bought this putter from a reputable source and have had it confirmed by multiple sources that this is a tour putter. It is 33" with a red cord grip and a for tour use only shaft band. Has the S.F. initials on the bumper. It has been gamed and has various marks in the finish from gaming it (shown in the pictures), but no real significant dings, etc. Will come with a black custom shop headcover. This putter was confirmed by Steve Flesch to be one of his gamers via Twitter by one of my friends (I don't use twitter) and I've attached the communications showing it. $900 OBO. 3) Scotty Cameron Newport with a Pro Platinum finish. This putter is a great gamer as it has a few dings, etc. as shown in the pictures and has the pro platinum finish, so it doesn't rust. I was told when I purchased this putter that it may have been a tour putter, but I have no proof of that and thus I will not be selling it as such. It is 35". Doesn't come with a headcover. $350 OBO.
  14. Its quite possible. I don't remember where all of them came from unfortunately.
  15. I've decided to sell most of my Scotty Cameron collection to fund a new toy. I'm not sure what the new toy will be, but we'll see. All prices include shipping to the lower 48 and Paypal fees. I've tried to take detailed pictures of everything because I'm admittedly not the best at describing condition, so I rely on the pictures to do the talking for me. Please let me know if you need additional information or pictures. 1) Circa 62 #2 Gun Blue - In very good condition for a gun blue putter, but does has some very slight pitting starting on the back that can bee seen in the pictures. Most of what you see in the pictures is hair that wasn't cleaned off before I took the pictures. 35" and comes with the matching headcover. Also has the no cord grip that's pretty well brand new. Still has the original shaft bands. These things have gone all over the place on ebay, so I'll ask $200. SOLD!!! 2) Newport Gun Blue - I don't know the history on this putter as I bought it in this condition. I'm assuming it has been restored because it is pristine. I haven't even carpet putted with it since I bought it. The head on this putter is practically perfect as shown in the pictures. There is one small smudge/mark on the sole (bottom left of picture 2). Still has the shaft band and a practically new pebble grip. Also comes with the matching headcover. These have been going for $300-400 in worse condition, so I'll ask $400. 3) Newport Mil-Spec 35" 330g - Putter is in gamer condition as shown in the pictures. It has several dings on the top line, but is in otherwise very good condition. Has the Super Stroke Mid Slim 2.0 grip and comes with the matching headcover. These have been going for anywhere from $200-300, so I'll price this one at $225. SOLD! 4) Newport Mil-Spec 34" 340g - This putter is in very good condition as it only has a few dings on the top line. Dancing cameron rubber grip that is in very good condition. Comes with the matching headcover and the divot tool, which is not shown in the pictures. $300. 5) Studio Design 1 - This putter is in very good condition and doesn't have any real dings. The finish is worn on the sole as is typical with these putters, but the finish on the rest of the putter still has a great shine. Has the original headcover and shaft band in tact. Dancing cameron grip in good condition. $225. 6) Studio Deign 5 - This putter is also in very good condition. It has a few very small dings and some small scratches int he finish, but you don't find these putters with the finish in this condition very often. Dancing cameron grip in very good condition. 36" $200. SOLD! 7) Squareback No.1 - This is a gamer putter as it has several dings on the top line, but it is still in good condition. Has the 15g weights. Has a Titleist red cord grip. $200. SOLD! 8) Studio Stainless Newport 2.5 - This putter is in great condition as shown in the pictures. Has a mid size Iomic grip that is in very good condition. Comes with the matching headcover with the divot tool. Between 33 and 34". $225 9) Newport TeI3 Gen 2 - This putter is also in good to very good condition for its age. Finish is worn on the sole and in one spot on the top line, but otherwise in very good condition. As shown in the pictures, there is a ding on the toe as well. Has a Titleist cord grip. These have been going for $300+ all day on ebay in similar condition. $325. SOLD!
  16. Trying to thin the herd yet again, so I'd like to sell the items listed below. All items including shipping to the continental US and Paypal fees. I'd prefer not to ship to Canada as the last few times I've done it, it has come back to bite me with the shipping fees being astronomical. I'm not interested in any trades at the moment as I'm trying to cut down the number of clubs sitting against the wall. 1) Titleist 735.CM Chrome 3-PW Iron Set with Project X shafts. The shafts have the label removed and were this way when I bought them; however, I was told they are either 6.0 or 6.5. See the pictures for condition and request any additional pictures if you have specific concerns. They have some bag chatter and normal wear and tear, but no significant gouges and no browning on the faces. They are standard L/L/L and have white lamkin cord grips that are in good condition. I really don't know what the value is on these. PGA Value Guide resale value is $270 and a set with s300's just sold on ebay for $175 plus $25 shipping. With these having the project X shafts, I'm going to price them at $215 shipped. 2) TaylorMade V-Steel 3 wood 15* and 5 wood 18* with stock MAS2 stiff shafts. I believe the 3 wood has been tipped about a 1/2 inch as it is about 1/4 inch shorter than the 5 wood, but has the stock grip and shaft. As you can see in the pictures, both of these have some sky marks on the crowns, but the rest of the club (face and sole) are in very good condition for their age. The 5 wood is the closes to the camera in the picture of the sky marks. I picked these up at a thrift store and played several rounds with them and I am reluctant to get rid of these because they are so solid, but I'm trying to keep my bag all Titleist. Again, no idea on the value of these, but I'll ask $40 shipped for the pair. I would prefer not to split them up. If you want this and the Burner 3 wood below, I'll do all 3 for $50. If you want these, the burner 3 wood and the Taylormade driver, I'll do all of them for $70 shipped. 3) Taylormade Burner 14.5* 3 wood with UST Proforce V2 67g stiff shaft. Average condition for its age. See pictures. $20 shipped. 4) Taylormade Burner Superfast TP 9.5* driver. This has a matrix ozik TP stiff shaft out of an RBZ driver. Grip needs to be replaced. No headcover. This driver still has lots of pop to it. $30 shipped. 5) Mizuno MP Fli-Hi 3 iron 21* with C-Taper stiff shaft and red iomic grip. This thing looks almost new to me as you can see in the pictures. Super solid club. SOLD!
  17. The 2 scotty camerons just sold. I prefer to ship in the lower 48, especially for the remaining low cost items as shipping would exceed the cost of the item in many cases. It will be waiting on you!
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