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  1. 1) Edel Classic with weights and pixel face 2) betti bb25 3) tp mills mizuno
  2. I have a gripmaster roo grip on mine that is similar shape but i don't know if they sell a midsize.
  3. I’ve done four layers with no problems if you put some mineral spirits in the grip before you blow it on.
  4. Thx guys. I’ll just play it on the safe side and get a new shaft.
  5. I was just checking on my clubs for tomorrow’s round and saw this in my driver shaft. Is this okay with some epoxy or is this a lost cause?
  6. the regular bestgrips are pretty built up already. If you blow on your grips with an air compressor, you can build up with painters tape. I usually play a standard mcc grip with two extra layers on bottom and the standard bestgrips with no layers are perfect for me.
  7. Hey guys selling 8 brown best grips micro perf standard grips. They are used with some of the caps a little worn but the grips are in good condition. 100 shipped continental us only. 16 shown in pic but only selling 8
  8. Happy Thanksgiving my bladesmen. Wishing you guys and gals a wonderful holiday that are celebrating in the states. On a side note Rickie Fowler's new blades looking mighty fine,
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