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  1. That’s the spreader I have. As you turn the spreader the 1st plate expands out and the 2nd plate pushes against your block. I have it pushing against my bench vise.
  2. From personal experience, stick to the 6.0 that got you to a 10 and work on putting and wedge play like you said. If you need to hit it a bit farther take extra club and choke down. I did the same thing and got myself to a six then went in the rabbit hole of different shafts got my tempo all messed up cause I felt I needed to step on it with the 6.5 all the time.
  3. i bought the 1 inch wide lead tape and slapped it on the bottom of putter. really clean look if you have anser style putter. https://www.golfworks.com/lead-foil-tape-1-wide-x-100/p/gw1117/
  4. edel wedges are pretty heavy and the new ones have weights that you can add i believe.
  5. You can use heat shrink wrap on the shaft. Comes in a bunch of colors
  6. I do like heavy swing weights. I added about 5 grams first and thought it played fine and I know you don’t usually need to adjust weight for heavier grips but I did with the jumbo max so I had to add lead till it felt right and it ended up 10g for some and 14g for other heads. I read somewhere on the forum about powder and corking for graphite shafts and it ended up snapping shaft so I was a bit worried but I guess it was due to the amount of powder way above the hosel. A bit of soft stepping sounds good. The shafts play a bit stout for me. Thx @Stuart_G
  7. So I have a set of i110cw shafted to 716cb with jumbomax xs your grips. To get the feeling I like I hit the range with leadtape and found what I like. It’s about 10-14 grams of lead tape I added. I’ve Would that amount of extra weight at the head make the shaft more prone to snap or just softer?
  8. I think your clubs are too heavy is when you pick it up and your mind says this is too heavy. I stick lead on a club and feel and swing until i think its right. sometimes its d5 on a set and sometimes its d2 probably cause of shaft weights. others are club whores. i'm a shaft whore.
  9. I feel like smooth tempo swingers like yourself can hit about anything if they really wanted to. My background is baseball, hockey, tennis so If my clubs are too light my body goes haywire and I start clenching and swinging inconsistently. I try to get a smoother swing but violent thrash is all I every accomplish. hahaha
  10. Had to trade for weights luckily I needed a 20g and another member needed the 7 gram.
  11. the gripmaster roo tour putter grip is similar and about 60g.
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