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  1. What don't you like about your irons right now? If you feel you are lacking in a certain area of your irons it may benefit to look at new irons. I found that shafts helped my iron game more than any iron head did.
  2. if you go to a place and they don't have you hit your own clubs first and rush you into something stop and go somewhere else. I would go to an establishment first and ask how they conduct their fitting.
  3. If you get a real fitting with irons and not the hey hit this 7 iron 10 times fitting. then yes it will be worth it.
  4. STDs are bad. But all kidding aside, I think a little prep and you should be fine.
  5. I still game mine but didn't fully get on with the counter weighting inside the shaft. I went ahead and removed it and added a graphite shaft and I couldn't be happier.
  6. if you want to go just a little bigger I would try the XS. I usually play mcc +4 midsize and felt the XS was perfectly sized to what I wanted. I got mine for 5.99 plus they had a 30% off sale. I like the mcc+4 jumbo too but I couldn't say no to the jumbomax price.
  7. I bought the tours also in xs and yes i went to 90 with them and slight twisting.
  8. thx stuart. I don't have to play graphite in the wedges just my OCD a bit wanting to play same shafts in all clubs. Doesn't look like I can easily get to what I need with steelfibers so i'll just play steel for time being. thankyou
  9. I have some powder but that's what I was afraid of getting to d8. I may try the heavier 125cw I didn't even think about that to give me an overall heavier club that may help. thx
  10. Hello all, I just recently purchased some irons with steelfiber i110cw shafts. I've been reading about how swingweight drops dramatically with these shafts which i'm okay with in irons but wedges I like pretty heavy like d-8. Has anything changed over the years with better ways to adjust for swingweight with these shafts other than lots of tip weights? I really like playing with the same shafts from top to bottom but if it's pretty taxing to swingweight right i'll just stick with the nippon 125x. thx in advance. Edit. apparently recoil shafts have a prototype shaft that s
  11. if you just want to go a little heavier i've tried the nippon 115 wedge and really liked it but went with the 125 wedge cause i wanted something heavier. I also used the dg120 x100
  12. I play the nippon modus 125x in my irons and dg120 x100 in my wedges. I consider my irons and wedges as two different parts of my bag so my ocd with having to have everything the same is kept at bay. lol. I did try the regular 125x in my wedges but I just like the feeling with partial shots, pitches and chip better in my wedges with the x100s. I felt I had better control with those half shots compared to the 125x. I have not tried the nippon 125 wedges shaft and have heard very good things but I don't want to mess with my short game right now. I do feel that you should find a way to try th
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