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  1. Just checking in to see how the “Tiger is done” crowd is doing... Might be time for me to retire this ???
  2. Gonna make it simple, decided to go TS2 and never took this out of factory plastic. Had it built with Black/White NDMC as well. $400 shipped.
  3. Just checking in.... Wait, I don’t have to do this anymore TIGER HAS RISEN!!
  4. Just checking in to see how the Tiger haters are doing (Obligatory once a month post from me)
  5. I thought shitposts were for reddit only, but here we are lmao
  6. Man I love Phil but this is cringe worthy
  7. I'll buy your stock at a discount if you wanna dump them No need, I edited my orders rest of year and took them off all pre-books. I'll sell out of what I have, I'm just shocked they are doing so badly.
  8. My 2c (from a shop owners perspective) These are tanking, and tanking hard. Usually I would sell about 2.5:1 V1 to V1x in season. These AVX at the same price are just sitting taking up inventory space, while the normal ratio of V1 to V1x fly out the door I'm literally sitting on dozens from my original spring shipment, where as i've already refilled the other two balls on my regular basis by now...
  9. I went from a G30 LS with KK XT To a G400 Max w Pro White Love the move
  10. Just checking in to see how all the “Tiger is done” guys are doing
  11. Going to Scottsdale Saturday to Wed, taking 3 1-hour lessons with JPK golf. You my friend are winner. As a man true to my word, I will send out some balls when I return (low order here to start season). Be on lookout for upcoming DM. Thanks, Ray
  12. This is a CROSSPOST from the instruction forum: http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/1619848-teaching-professional-referral-california-arizona-nevada-with-key-details-enclosed/ PLEASE read the details in the thread above to get a feel of what i'm looking for. I am just going to post in here because of the recommendations i've received, California and Nevada have lead the way, in both public posts and DMs. Just want to make sure that i'm not missing anyone. Yes, i've searched, but wanted a fresh topic to ensure any new teachers get mentioned. As a reminder, to whoever reccomends the teacher I end up choosing, I will send you a dozen Titleist balls of your choice, as I am a course operator with a Titleist ball deal. Thank you for your time.
  13. He's DEF the most exciting player we've ever seen... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #TIGERWOODS
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