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  1. Very forgiving and workable. I like them better than other Miuras because of the leading edge grind....it is a rolled leading edge, they don't dig and are very smooth. I have done custom grinds on other Miuras in the past to duplicate it. If you don't do your own builds... you can send me your shafts and I will build them for you.
  2. Nike forged tour prototype full cavity players irons. - Miura forged and very rare - slim topline - nice rolled leading edge - new never used heads but a couple years old - there are a couple tiny nicks on the 7 iron that you can see in the pic. Cannot see when addressing the ball and I can buff them out if you want a brushed finish applied. - 3-PW $650 shipped in the US If you don't do your own builds... you can send me your shafts and I will build them for you...PM for more info.
  3. Cincinnati area. I can drive down 71 south and meet you somewhere.
  4. MItchell Steel Club Angle Machine - Cost new is $999... asking $600 - excellent condition - perfectly calibrated - Includes steel floor mount and high end bending bar - I prefer to sell locally and can drive a little bit to deliver it. (shipping is possible but may be costly) Machine Features: Patented Clamping Fixtures Measures Loft/Lie Simultaneously Accepts Right- & Left-Hand Irons ¼-Degree Increments Analog Gauge Right- & Left-Hand CNC Milled Quick & Easy To Use Eliminates Operator Error Adjust A Full Set Of Irons In 10 Minutes Or Less Measures & Bends In Same Fixture Easily Bends 17-4 & 431 Stainless Steel Easily Bends Forged Carbon Steel Patented Precision Slide-Bearing Gauges Completely Assembled
  5. I'm a professional clubmaker and do some finishes in my shop. This is a baked on black powdercoat not a DIY spray paint. But since I do them in my ship, I guess it is technically a DIY job.
  6. Titleist 910 D3 - 8.5* loft - custom black powdercoat finish - $ SOLD Oban 75 X shaft - new NDMC grip - Titleist sure fit tip SOLD
  7. TItleist 670 Blades 3-9 plus 46* Vokey PW Brushed satin finish - minimal bag wear, always head covered Brushed satin S400 Shafts +1/4" length 1* strong lofts and standard lie D3 swingweight Frequency matched, spine aligned SOLD
  8. Titleist 909 hybrids 17* and 21* - VS Proto X shafts - blue NDMC grips - great condition - head covers included sold.
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