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  1. Hi all, Selling a set of Razr X MB 7-P, Forged 5-6 combo set. These are forged by Endo and feel amazing. Clean and in food condition, light bag chatter. KBS Tour Stiff Shafts Grips in good condition, plenty of rounds left 1 def up, standard length Price 350 USD shipped 300 HKD 250 USD Thank you
  2. Hi all, Tried to clean some rust spots on my KBs shafts and must have rubbed a bit too hard, see a bit of discoloration on the shaft now. Will there be any issues? Looks like the chrome has rubbed off a bit. Anything I can apply to prevent future rusting / issues. thanks!
  3. wow.. love this. would pick this up if i didn't live half way around the world
  4. Thank you! The grips looks to be Callaway grips, so whoever originally built these at Callaway cut the KBS shaft labels too close? Thanks
  5. Hi all, Any Callaway or KBS experts here? Looking to pick up this set locally but am not an expert in callaway clubs. What raised my concern is around the KBS shaft bands, never seen one cut so close to the “K” in KBS. Any experts here that can help advise if these are legit? Thanks in advance!
  6. Regarding shipping, preference for those who can cover or split shipping costs The Epons are 5-PW Have updated original post
  7. Hi all, Selling off some goods no longer used (or more so not good enough to use...). I am based out of Hong Kong but will box with bubble wrap and ship with tracking. EDIT: Regarding shipping, preference for those who can cover or split shipping costs if OK. 1) Adams MB2 - pristine condition, only used on range. Many of the clubs haven’t been used. KBS Tour Smoked Shaft, MMC grip. Price - ON HOLD 2) Epon Hybrid Set - 7-P AF Tour MB, 2 deg strong 5-6 703 6 2 deg weak to gap Shimada K tour 115 Shaft Regular I
  8. Found a near mint set by me and picked it up to try. Have no confidence I can hit these (coming from the Bridgestone Tour B X CB) but they look amazing.
  9. thank you! picking up a set of near mint mb2, looking fwd to trying them out against my Epon AF Tour MBs!
  10. Hi Bam, see you have the miuras 1007 in your bag now, how do they compare to the MB2s in terms of forgiveness. Actually deciding between the 2 now. Thanks
  11. Hello all, Recently have been looking at Yamaha irons to try out, have read that irons after 2012 are no longer forged by Endo but in China. Noticed in the 2018 catalogue the 118 are "Made in Japan", does this mean the heads are forged in Japan again or just assembled? https://global.golf.yamaha.com/en/download/pdf/yamaha_golf_catalog_2018.pdf Thanks
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