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  1. Now that I’m in my 60’s I guess it’s inevitable that I would put in a 9 wood. It’s a nice club to have for those 175-180 yard shots into an elevated green since I just don’t get the height on a 4 iron anymore. Just a matter of time until I’m on eBay looking for an 11 wood...
  2. Callaway 2015 Great Big Bertha 10.5 Great Big Bertha ll 3 & 5 wood Steelhead lll 9 wood Ben Hogan Apex Edge 4/E Cleveland TA 588 51* & 56* Ray Cook Blue Goose
  3. In it’s day, Tennison Park in Dallas could be pretty scary, especially if you were on the perimeter of the course as the day was coming to an end. This was back in the late 80’s, early 90’s.
  4. People can say what they will, but I noticed a couple weeks ago that when her commercial came on, every guy in the clubhouse was like https://media0.giphy.com/media/WlUCWnC8KhKRq/source.gif
  5. My wife wanted to know why I didn’t get the yard completely mowed today. Told her the yard is approximately 60% through validation.
  6. Same here. I used to get on the site multiple times per day. Now maybe I get on three or four times per week just to see if it still looks like a second grade Go Daddy project. Sad how the “old forum look” being back in June is now possibly going to be six months. I’m guessing some of the administrators used to be officers for Kmart.
  7. Textbook example of how a bunch of “administrators “ who are way over their skis took something that was really great and made it really awful.
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