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  1. I thought this was an extremely cool video. I’ve noticed that my PRGR is basically spot on with the ball speeds I was seeing on a Trackman when I did a fitting. If you’re speed training and/or only interested in club/ball speed and a relatively accurate carry distance, then the PRGR is an awesome device!
  2. That’s good to hear! Curious how long custom builds are taking some folks. An extra $200 for shafts/grips/install just can’t be beat.
  3. This is the feeling I have in my gut. Did you place an order with them?
  4. Has anyone on here purchased, received, and tested these irons? I’ve seen the YT videos and read the reviews from the winners on here, so I’m pretty much sold on these. As of now, I’ve got a customized set sitting in the cart on their site, but just want to hear from a few more voices before pulling the trigger.
  5. Trying to recreate the ideal set make up I got fitted into without dropping mega $$$ on it. I'll cast a wide net, as I'm usually happily surprised by what some of you have sitting around. I fit into the new 2021 Callaway Apex w/ KBS C Taper Lite X (everything was standard L/L/L), so I'm looking for heads of something similar to these: Callaway Apex (regular, not pros/mb/etc), Wilson D7/C300 Forged, TM P790, Mizuno JPX 900/919 Forged, or Cobra King Forged Tec. I'd like the model to be from within the last 4-5 years. The shafts I'm looking for are KBS C Taper Lite X flex or Nippon Modus 120 X, preferably with a midsize grip on them.
  6. I’ve never thought of doing a mobility screening. Had a TPI trained guy point out quite a few flaws that I’ve incorporated, but would be curious what a trained kinesiologist would find.
  7. People are taking more time to argue against non-dominant side swings than it would take them to just do it in their training.
  8. Yeah, I think Phil’s reply is pseudo science at best. There’s been no evidence in any study that proves what he said. However, there is absolutely no harm in training reverse swings. For me, I mainly do it in case there are some unfound as of yet benefits and to eliminate the possibility of developing muscle imbalances both functionally and aesthetically. You’re already engaging in speed training, why not add the other side? It adds to the cardio aspect of it and there’s no downside to it at all.
  9. Lol… I saw Foley at the WGC in Memphis walking around. Can’t remember which of his guys he was following that day. Anyway, his leather designer murse he was carrying costs more than my entire set of clubs I currently game.
  10. I feel that for sure. I try to rush my instructor through the explanation as much as I can. I’ve played for almost 30 years and came close to being an instructor coming out of college so I understand the fundamentals. I’m like, “Just tell me what to do so we can start working on the actual fix.”
  11. You are 100% correct. One is fairly close to Orlando, and your description is scarily accurate.
  12. YouTube isn’t a great factor but it was a way to say that neither instructor was a Leadbetter/Gankas/etc type but they were still charging astronomical fees.
  13. I live in the Southeast and these two instructors were relatively close by but in completely different markets/states.
  14. I’ve been taking some lessons from a pro near me. He’s definitely not old school, but doesn’t really incorporate launch monitor or other technical data into a standard lesson. We’ve gotten a lot accomplished, but I feel if I wanted to get to the next level, I’d love to see hard data on a swing to swing basis and see what feels are incorporating into reals. I’ve got quite a bit of money saved in my golf piggie bank (thanks stock market), so I looked up some instructors that are within a days drive to see about some more advanced lessons. I’ve come across these two instructors from various sources but they post on YouTube fairly regularly. Anyway, I went to their respective websites expecting to see something in the range of $200/hr or so for launch monitor based lessons. Boy, was I WAY off. They were both $500/hr for an in person lesson. My jaw nearly hit the floor. Now, neither of these instructors are “world-class” “elite level” ones. They average around 1.5k & 15k views on their YouTube platforms. From everything I can search, they’ve never been on any major best instructors list and only one of them has an association with one pro. I totally understand the cost of doing business and the $$ these guys have invested in their craft. I used to run a business myself so I understand you want to put food on the table, but these prices were absolutely mind boggling. I think I’ll stick with my $80/hr lessons for now. Thankfully there is a guy close by that is $120/hr for launch monitor based work/fitting, so I will definitely be reaching out to him. I really didn’t understand how good of a deal he was offering until I did a bit more digging. Anyone else been absolutely stunned by lesson prices lately?
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