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  1. @scooterhd2, I've been looking into that trainer or the Izzo smooth swing. I think ultimately I'm leaning towards one of the "hip trainers" that force you to get your elbow in front of your hips. I've never been a big fan of any of the "connectivity" drills...maybe that's a sign that I should be doing them more...haha
  2. Good point. This is definitely part of or the whole problem. I have tried to address it, and I got decent results by having the feel be to slow my lower body down in the downswing, however, it is very inconsistent. I wanted to address the upper body and try to speed it up. I think in the long run, I'd love the solution be rooted in me feeling like I'm trying to speed up the upper body vs slowing down the lower body. It's a chicken vs the egg problem in my mind, so just trying to address both sides of the problem.
  3. Cameron Champ hits down on it, and he's an ok driver. Sean Foley is his teacher, and here is a video on hitting down on the driver by him (looks like it was filmed on a potato though):
  4. I've finally gotten the chance to video my swing to try to get rid of one/two major issues before taking lessons to really polish the swing. In looking at my swing, the one major issue I currently have is that my right elbow just gets completely behind the swing. At impact it's probably a good 3-5 inches behind where a pro or pure ball striker would be and at a drastically different angle. I'm about an 8 handicap, and shot 77 the other day with absolutely abysmal ball striking. I honestly may have had 2 good swings with clubs other than the driver or putter, so I'd love to consiste
  5. You're fine either way. I've done both ways, and never really noticed any difference. At the end of the day, the superspeed program is only 5-10 minutes max, so it's not that taxing.
  6. I've watched this video several times. Everytime I do it makes me want to get in the car and go see these guys! I know this is exactly what I'm doing, just haven't been able to connect it all yet to fix it.
  7. Those Cobras are sneaky good. Played some for 3 seasons and hit them well even though they were the wrong length for me...haha.
  8. This is the correct answer. Thinking of getting a putter fitting for next season and a toe hang mallet will be on the list.
  9. What has gotten me to my best ball striking ever has been a recent discovery. I have a very specific swing thought/feel that is focused only on impact. I know that the feel has 0% correlation to what is actually happening, but it doesn't matter. I think I've heard Malaska and some other teachers recently say impact is the only thing that matters. So, maybe try to find an impact thought/feel that works for you and see what happens. Also, recently, at address when I'm playing or practicing I quiet my mind by focusing on a singe dimple on the ball before pulling the trigger. Really se
  10. Have three Titleist adjustable clubs. Two turned all the way down and open. The driver is not delofted but it is opened up. As you can tell I struggle with a hook and man these settings help. First season playing adjustable clubs in the bag.
  11. As has been pointed out, a 3w is a very personal kind of thing. I have fond feelings seeing a Titleist metal wood by the ball because of playing the old 975 growing up. I have the 917F2 and it's the first wood I've had confidence in in forever. I think Titleist has the best adjustable hosel in the game. Plus the 917 has the heel/toe adjustable weight cartridge.
  12. As I'm reading this thread, I realize I need to introduce my wife to an expensive hobby in order to free me up for purchases...
  13. I thought Google was broken when I saw DJs score. Holy smokes! Can't wait for that highlight video on YT. Jim Furyk gonna be tuned in.
  14. Yep, getting ready for a big purge here in a few weeks. Gotta rebuild the warchest fund$$.
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