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  1. Tour ad di 6s 44.5" had it in a tsi3 driver. Titleist adapter at the tip. $old Pxg gen 1 driver 44" 10.5* 7-s stiff flex. $old Ns pro 950 regular flex 37.25 4iron 4-pw. They were stock shafts in my miuras $85 shipped Sm8 60* not much to say used it for half dozen rounds $old Prgr launch monitor $old Sc300 with case bought in November thought we were getting locked down again. Don't need it. Works great $old shipped
  2. Honestly don't knownow. Cal tool says 370 but the digital was out so I can get it to you tomorrow. I need a new battery.
  3. Trades: Mini gunboat putter from pxg gen 2 T100s irons 4-pw true temper tour issue x100 4-pw shafts. Offers on price are welcomed however no lower ballers please . All prices are shipped and pp'ed Mizuno mp20 mmc 5-pw, shafts is modus 120 tour s with blue and black multi compound grips length is 5 iron 37 ¹/² the rest follow down by half inch. Loft and lie i assume is standard however I can not confirm. 9 iron has a rock ding at the bottom. Picture is below. $old Mizuno 4 iron hmb sold! Sm8 60 standard LLL multi compound grip
  4. Lumber jack headcover $95 Lamb divot tool $85
  5. Scotty cameron future 5mb 33 inch ping grip small blemish. No hesdcover right handed $150 shipped Scotty ball marker new $old Scotty putting tool $old Lamb coin $old Lamb lumber jack divot tool $85 Lamb donut divot $115 Kraken yin yang fish coin #18 of 30 $old
  6. $425 shipped. 5-pw standard loft lie and length. Stiff shaft project x LZ 6.5 125 grams. Great clubs Trade interest are mevo, sc300 even trade, Prgr launch monitor +cash on your end. Thanks and stay safe stay safe
  7. 3-pw miura cb 501 full set. 4-pw has kbs tour x 130. Standard L/L/L. Great shape great clubs. Hard to part with but wanting something different this season. $old 4-pw Nippon modus tour 120 stiff 4 iron 37" $95 All prices are shipped
  8. Phatome 6str $old Hollywood blck with blck shaft $175 Future 5 mb $165 Monterey $old Coronado two $185 Lamb headcover $110 Potoato family all 3 for $old Vegas $old Fries $old Army guys $old Cash is king green and purple $sold for pair on standard and one mid mallet
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