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  1. Taylormade R9 C stamp heads 3-P shafted with limited edition Tour Issue X100s $250 shipped via USPS If I missed something please let me know No trades and no low balls Heads were purchased from the BST and clubs were professionally assembled by Mike Harris of Pro-Fit Golf here in Myrtle Beach -7,8,9 had been shaved for weight reduction and although I do not have the head weights they were assembled properly -5 iron head is missing the "TP" sticker (badge) -browning only on PW as seen in photo -currently no grips but will blow on black Pure grips if need be -no peeling on Tour Issue label
  2. Will ship via USPS on Friday morning Bettinardi Queen B model 5 33.5 inches Original grip and head cover in excellent condition One slight imperfection on putter face that couldn't be captured by camera, not visible at address Tried to capture blemish, high on the face
  3. Props to the agronomy staff and the 80+ volunteers The course is in amazing condition.....period You'll see myself and this crew throughout the week
  4. [quote name='JaxBeachNole' timestamp='1399404571' post='9244139'] Awesome pics this morning Future Super I see you got me in one! [/quote] That's awesome, I thought I sensed another WRX'r in the area
  5. [quote name='Vindog' timestamp='1399298187' post='9234565'] Whio is that with Bubba? Scott Stallings? [/quote]yes sir, good eye And the infamous Patrick Reed on the 3 tee Spieth and Walker on the range
  6. A few early Monday photos from ThePlayers
  7. More amazing sights from the eyes of a turf nerd
  8. Hey guys, I am just a student studying turfgrass who has been given the opportunity to complete my summer internship at this amazing facility. I do not know anything about the membership, however the article I have attached below is a good read and provides great insight about Mr. Wyatt and this golf club. [url="http://www.augustamagazine.com/Augusta-Magazine/Masters-2013/Build-and-They-Will-Come/"]http://www.augustama...They-Will-Come/[/url] I do believe there is opportunity for public play during the Dollars for Scholars event in a few weeks
  9. [quote name='From_Parts_Unknown' timestamp='1398741765' post='9192621'] What about a nicer dinner for one night of the trip? I was told New York Prime is the place to go. [/quote] New York Prime is correct, get the 40oz porterhouse for 2, only $99
  10. [quote name='dbleag' timestamp='1398694105' post='9186431'] Weldon & Tom Wyatt are nice people, too. [/quote] I was unable to meet Mr. Wyatt however his story is truly inspiring
  11. Gentlemen, I had the privilege of spending last weekend with the Sage Valley maintenance crew during the 2014 Junior Invitational. Sage Valley is a very low key, first class private golf club 25 miles north of Augusta in Aiken, SC. Without going into great detail about my experience, I will say that this place is the real deal. I was in awe at the beauty of this property, like nothing I have ever seen before. Enjoy the photos, I will post more shortly
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