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  1. Great work Chris! My back hurts just looking at the before swing you posted. After swing is looking solid! For sure the least "manufactured" swing ive ever seen from you. Having what feels like a steep shoulder turn in the downswing is such a hard concept to reconcile with also getting a shallow shaft. Nice job making it look easy!
  2. Flexing lead wrist in transition should also be shallowing the shaft. Some thin shots mixed in is to be expected until you get more used to it.
  3. Appears you are shallowing by trying to drop your right shoulder as opposed to through the wrist movements in NTC. Go far less than 80% speed, concentrate on wrist movements, see how you react to getting that correct first.
  4. I appreciate the advice. They are supposed to be fairly reliable for ball speeds, but maybe going into a net just isnt any good. Ill drag it to the range next time i go
  5. Outside into a net. Regular balls. Even took out a new zstar just to make sure
  6. Appreciate the response, i know the smash is terrible. I use powder spray to check impact location so i know for certain when i have center contact. The shaft is a S flex not the X flex, and is the older model evenflow, the blueish green one. I dont usually slice, but have been hitting into a net so might have to check ball flight. I know everyone has questioned the mevo accuracy but literally every other club the numbers seem fine. AoA or face to path seem like the culprits since everything else is checking out. Ill work on it and see what hap
  7. I appreciate the replies everyone. Even center face contact is giving me poor smash. I hesitate to compare the trackman smash to mine due to not knowing the loft of clubs compared. Someone brought up AoA, not sure what it is. But could be the culprit. Spin doesnt seem bad, nor launch angle, but ill try putting a little different angle on it, see if that helps. Not much else makes sense.
  8. Yes 6 iron average is 92, but 7iron average is 90, and my ball speed is similar there. Also my ball speed and swing speed on 4iron are where i would expect. Launch spin and carry are all within expexcted tolerances between monitor and on course yardages.
  9. As the title says Im lacking ballspeed on driver and i dont know what the culprit is. Swing my 6iron (30degree) about 90mph and get about 120 ball speed. Driver swing ave is about 105, good strikes and only get 145 ballspeed. Driver head is rogue sub zero, use the 70g evenflow green stiff flex Launch angle and strike location are fine. Speeds measured with Mevo and are consistent. Not sure what to look at.
  10. Im not Obee, but i do have some thoughts to share. Ive found that grinding over shots can cause a lack of commitment to the shot you've chosen if you arent careful. Examining too many variables can cause doubt and a lack of focus when you choose a shot. Personally, i like to give myself 2 options when considering a shot to play. For example on long shots i decide if im going to play aggressive or conservative first, then pick my shot and club. On chips i decide if im playing in the air or on the ground first. Then read the shot and pick the club
  11. Great job obee! Swing looks like its in a really nice place on that video too! Keep it up!
  12. Can you define how long a short birdie putt is for you? Or how long a makeable putt is? A lot of people think they should be sinking 8-10 footers all day long, when it just isnt true. The average make % for an 8ft putt on tour is about 50%
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