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  1. He talked about it some on the NLU podcast. He mentioned other guys suffering the same fate such as Stewart, Janzen and Hale Irwin (leaving Wilson). If I recall the podcast correctly, he said PowerBilt paid him $650,000 per year for a four year contract. So, it was purely a money grab. He gave the money back for the final two years of the contract but by then, the damage had been done. His confidence was shaken and he had begun to have injuries he felt were related to compensations in his swing to mitigate the inferior equipment.
  2. Beck was contractually obligated to use the TPS Elipsoid of Power model iron. PowerBilt actually dropped anyone who refused to play them, including Larry Mize. https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/ct-xpm-1994-06-23-9406230336-story.html
  3. Beck talked about this in great detail on the No Laying Up podcast back in February. You have to put different parts of the conversation together to get the whole picture but it's well worth the listen.
  4. It's funny how time changes perspective. Prior to Tiger Woods, the European Tour and the PGA Tour played for virtually the same purses and generated similar revenue for decades. Due in large part, to the Seve factor. Tiger grew the PGA Tour exponentially at a time when Seve was aging and fading into non-relevance from a competitive standpoint. As Tiger ages and fades into retirement, where will the next great global superstar come from? Whoever this person is, if he chooses to remain primarily in Europe, this trend Tiger created could easily shift. Much more detail can be hear
  5. Pure speculation on my part but I believe Bryson may be on the Asperger's Spectrum.
  6. Kinda adds to the mystique of Jordan Spieth as well. He plays well at Augusta year in and year out without the paralysis-by-analysis funk he gets into on the greens in other tournaments. Maybe he should dump the greens book all the time.
  7. He'll have to do it without his greens reading book at Augusta. They don't allow them.
  8. I don't believe Bryson is bad for the game as a player. He may be bad optically as a human given his treatment of other people. Bryson the player and Bryson the human are two completely different things. I do believe his personality will drive the USGA and R&A to make equipment changes.
  9. Sixcat

    2020 US Open

    Pebble Beach never reached the 70's last year. It barely reached the 60's. Here is a link to show the high temperatures for each day last year. https://thegolfnewsnet.com/golfnewsnetteam/2019/06/10/2019-us-open-weather-forecast-shows-consistently-cool-temperatures-at-pebble-beach-115020/
  10. None of us know the complete story and likely never will. But the optics will always be "wealthy golfer and trophy wife take life insurance payout from grieving children" because most people will never look beyond the headline.
  11. The Mahan / Enloe situation is terribly sad regardless of who is right or wrong. But it's an all too common situation when money is involved. The optics of someone with well over $30 million in career earnings taking the life insurance payout of a deceased sister-(in-law) is something that will follow the Mahan's for the rest of their lives.
  12. I was certainly disappointed to see Lexi Thompson in yet another rules snafu! Blatantly obvious she was fully attempting to improving her lie.
  13. Lengthening golf courses, tightening fairways, making greens slick and growing up the rough is actually making length more important. Thus, having the opposite effect of what is intended. "It's a joke to try to Tiger-proof a golf course. Whatever you do, it's going to make it harder for the other golfers. But if they want some guidance, I'll tell them how: Cut all the rough, bring the tees up, let the greens run about 10 on the Stimpmeter and make it as easy as can be. Because then you'll bring a whole bunch of people into the competitions." ~Earl Woods~
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