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  1. If your usual shafts are reg. flex do you use a stiff 8 iron shaft?
  2. Man, do I remember the righties screaming to high heaven when the Titleist 931 PM’s came out in LH only!
  3. I have one. It works well for it’s designed purpose. I don’t use it much any more except for an occasional tune-up. I used to struggle with an open face at contact but this has pretty much fixed that.
  4. I highly recommend this book. https://www.amazon.com/Back-Mechanic-Stuart-McGill-2015-09-30/dp/B01FKSGJYC/ref=sr_1_2?crid=3AISLM53ZUHNO&keywords=stuart+mcgill+back+mechanic&qid=1638845456&sprefix=Stuart+mcg%2Caps%2C179&sr=8-2 Following it has completely fixed my back issues.
  5. Has Feherty been ill? He looks terrible.
  6. I don’t find that true for me. I have no trouble keeping a flat wrist.
  7. You really can’t ask if anyone has had the same injury since you don’t yet have a diagnosis. Since you say you can’t shift weight to your front leg is that from pain or does the leg buckle and not support your weight? Any swelling of the knees, no/yes, a little or a lot? Really hard to give any cogent response with the info you’ve given. Not trying to be mean. Just need more info.
  8. Just a slight clarification that really doesn’t matter. The driver was used in the sense that it was a demo club used in-store. It was never retailed. The store is trying to clear Cobra items for the next release. They haven’t discounted new items yet but with winter coming they’re selling their demo clubs. I’m sure they figure there will be little if any call for them this time of year.
  9. nels55 is correct. A mat on grass or dirt doesn’t work very well.
  10. Mystery solved? The store was busy when I took the driver back. They just called me. When things slowed down they had a chance to take a closer look at the driver. It seems there is a slightly flattened area on the face. Middle of the face, just below the equator. They said it wasn’t noticeable until they compared it to a new one. They’re still sending it back to Cobra, hopefully for a replacement. Never thought my paltry swing speed could damage a driver face
  11. So, went back to the store today. Explained what was going on. They’re sending the driver to Cobra to see if they’ll replace it. I guess I’ll find out in a couple of weeks. Guess I’ll just have to use one of my other 6 drivers in the mean time!
  12. Good suggestion. I tried that but there didn’t seem to be anything unusual. Later today I’m going to take it back to the shop where I purchased it. The manager there is also LH. He’s a very good golfer with a lot more swing speed than I have. I’ll have him hit it on their simulator and see if it does the same thing for him.
  13. These were close to center hits. Definitely not heel strikes. I’m leaning toward a developing failure of some kind that just isn’t bad enough yet to be visible. I did check bulge and roll with a straight edge. It seemed okay. I didn’t notice any deformation. But it’s true I didn’t have another head to compare it to. Honestly, if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes I wouldn’t have thought a ball flight like that was possible off of a driver. 3 straight drives that looked like the worst duckhook you’ve ever seen except they were slices. A duckslice???
  14. Unknown about the hotmelt as it is preowned. But negative any sounds if I tap the head gently on the ground. There was no lead tape on the head. The shaft and adapter don’t show any signs of damage. I don’t see any face damage. I’ll just have to try it again next time I’m out and see if the same thing happens. I’m totally perplexed.
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