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  1. They mentioned in the on-air broadcast that he was using an older driver that he had confidence in and had good results with it in the past.
  2. Okay. It’s just that I have seen others get a little confused about these markings. Just wanted to make sure.
  3. Is the “s” inside a green box? If it is not then you are not looking at the shaft flex. All Japanese shafts have a small “ s for shaft” stencil on them. This does not denote the actual shaft flex. Just wanted to make sure you are looking at the correct label for this shaft.
  4. I think the “accelerate the putting stroke” comes from two things. One many amateurs do decelerate by taking too long a back swing and then quitting on impact. So the mantra to accelerate more applies to that situation. Secondly, todays greens are, for the most part, much faster than 20-30 years ago. Today I would say that most good pros I see have an even speed through the putt. Neither decelerating or accelerating. I think he wants you to think “decelerate” as a way to keep from accelerating. I personally don’t like that thought. But then I’m not a noted putting instructor. If you
  5. You can if you want. But no real need to. 1/4” extra length is hardly noticeable. The real difference in feel will be in the 4-5 swing weight points more that the club will have with the addition of that weight.
  6. Are they worth it? Good question. Unfortunately there is no good answer. Armlock works for some but not others. I’ve put together a couple of relatively inexpensive armlocks just to see if the method would work for me. I found out that it did not. I could never get comfortable with that setup and style. Your usual putter could be extended but there are several issues with that. First the loft and lie would need to be adjusted. Armlock putters typically have 6-9 deg of loft. Lie angles are 4-5 degrees more upright than typical putters. The headweights are usually 30-40 gms. heavi
  7. They’ve been available for a number of years. The original one I tried was quite heavy. Not sure about the current models weights. It didn’t work for me but certainly worth a try.
  8. First-there is no real “standard length”. Different manufacturers measure differently. Some measure with the grip on, some with the grip off. The lengths of the set are typically set from the 5 iron length which may be any where from 37.75” to 38.25” for a non-custom set. Club lengths are usually in 1/2” increments. Except some manufacturers spec. the PW to be only 1/4” shorter than the 9 iron. So there really isn’t an industry wide “standard length”. Lastly, raw taper tip shafts come over length to accommodate over length bulids. It’s perfectly acceptable and expected to butt trim
  9. 20.5” from tip to the bottom of the 16 circle logo.
  10. I received two ball sleeves of the 2021 TM TP5 and 5X balls from Dick’s. Had the opportunity to try them today. These are my one round impressions. First about me. 69 y.o., Hcp is any where from 1-6 depending on time of year and how much I have been playing. Usual ball is the Srixon Z-star. Also like Snell MTB-X and Bridgestone BXS. Will also play ProV’s if I can get them on sale. Today temps were in the low 60’s, not much of a breeze. Maybe 5 mph. Ground was a little soft from recent rains. I played 9 with the TP5 and 9 with the TP5-X. Also was able to hit the Z-Star o
  11. Need some video of your swing to give meaningful help.
  12. Hope every thing goes well for you. But seeing as these were pulls and not new shafts, not too sure you could expect much if they were to break.
  13. Pretty sure they want people three tees away to see what you are using. Black is probably too anonymous.
  14. Probably should ask your instructor about this. But I will say that almost all good ballstrikers I have seen do not have the upper body more open at impact than the hips. The hips are almost always slightly more open than the upper body at impact or at most even. Would seem to indicate that you may be initiating the downswing top down instead of from the bottom up. This might lead to any number of issues depending on what error corrections there are in your particular swing. But like I said, ask your instructor. That’s what you are paying for.
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