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  1. Because it’s $130 less than anyone else sells it for. Just seemed a little suspicious. You know, the old “if it’s too good to be true it probably is”.
  2. This seems suspicious. Any comments? https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07K6VNGHH/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A1OD22A6PPV8GD&psc=1
  3. I have a couple of items for sale. I'm not looking for any trades right now. Price includes shipping in the U.S. Canadians add $40. First up is a mint LH Cobra Speedzone Xtreme driver head. The loft is 10.5 deg. The headcover is included. Tried it a couple of rounds. As others have mentioned, it's about the most forgiving driver currently out there. Asking $230.00 Next is a nice Henrik Stenson special. It a Callaway Diablo Octane Tour 15 deg.(the 13 deg isn't made in LH). Headcover inlcuded. The shaft is an Aldila NV Protopype 80 stiff. I don't have the swin
  4. They’re okay. About as good as any other premium urethane ball.
  5. I believe XXIO drivers are on the lighter side.
  6. No such conversion exits. Fitting to an armlock style is even more critical than a standard length putter. So individual fitting is important for best results.
  7. I did the same thing, as being a lefty, arm locks are impossible to demo. I bought a heavy putter on sale from Dallasgolf for $50. It’s one with a plumbers neck so I could bend it pretty easily. I had an old ski pole putter shaft lying around. If you’re not familiar with these, they were used on some models of belly or long broom stick putters when those were legal. They are a very stout putter shaft. Easily the stiffest I have come across. The tip on the ski pole shaft was slightly larger than .370 of the heavy putter so I had to drill the hosel out a little. Once I did that assembly
  8. Depends on what you are calling mid-size. GP mid-size are thicker than Lamkin mid-size. For me, 4 wraps of standard thickness masking tape plus 2 more on the lower half seemed pretty close to GP mid-size plus grips. Sometimes you have to experiment with these things. Try the 2/3 combo and see if it’s enough. If not just pull it off and build up a little more.
  9. I have no idea what you guys are doing to these balls. I bought a three sleeve just to try them out. I used the first for 36 holes then gave it to a buddy so he could try it out. He promptly hit it into a pond. But when I gave it to him it was still in very good condition. Could have easily gone another round or two for me. I’m currently playing off a two handicap so I generally hit somewhere close to the middle of the face. If anything, I occasionally catch one a little thin. I have zero issues with durability on this ball. It was few yards longer off with the driver and a touch lon
  10. They work just fine and there is a wide variety of weights to choose from.
  11. I haven't tried the stability or lagolf but I have an Accra fx400 in one of my putters and I like it very much. Extremely stiff but retains a nice, crisp feel without feeling harsh. Nice weight as well. I bought two more of the same. Just trying to decide which putters I am going to put them in.
  12. I've never had an issue with my Titleist t200/t300 iron set. I do remember that on the original Callaway S2H2 irons the 8 iron had a freakish hot spot that would occasionally give 20+yds extra distance but it was only that one club in the set. I've never used the Cobras so I can't comment on them.
  13. What weight are you looking for? I have an extra 20 gm. kit. It comes with one 20 gm. weight, two extra screws and a tool in a nice case.
  14. Lee Westwood played Ping Zing2’s for several years. Hard to get much more game improvement than those. Didn’t seem to hold him back at all.
  15. Weight is purely personal preference. The lie will probably be several degrees more upright than you are used to but this can be adjusted. The loft will be 6-8 deg. compared to 2-3 on a standard putter. But if you’re delofting the putter as much as you say you are this may actually help you. In any event the loft can also be adjusted. I’m just not seeing what you are hoping to get out of cutting an armlock putter down to 34” that you’re not getting out of your current putter. If it’s just the added loft then just have your current putter loft adjusted.
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