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  1. Taylormade SIM2 Max 3 wood, 15°. Standard Length HZRDUS Smoke RDX 6.0 Shaft. Club was taken out of the wrapper today hit on the range 15 times today, just not my jam. $250 Shipped CONUS.
  2. Typically you would need 6 or so memebers to vouche for you and then go on a wait list.
  3. Any updates on your game? Where in East Cobb are? I am there as well. I went through something very similar. About 2 years ago I bottomed out and went looking for some answers. I started a rebuild about 1.5 years ago and seem to have found some consistany again. A lot of it is coming to the self realization that things are bad, usually you need to hit rock bottom with your game. Also, gettign old and having kids doesn't work well for your golf game. When you play, or practice, 3-4 days a week, you can work on a lot and figure things out. When there are big gaps in play, bad things c
  4. I remember putting in from off the frnge on the 9th hole, a par five, for eagle to shoot 31 on the front and then birding 10. Then it sunk in that was 6 under and the didn't make anythign the rest of the round. I was 16, shot 65, I got looping into a big money game by another memeber. He told me that he would back me. I won like $500 and went an bought new irons that afternoon.
  5. I believe rivermont has a short range (irons only), and a practice bunker/green. More of a warm up range.
  6. As it was mentioned, 40 is the number where you are probably going to pay the most. With the economy the way it is now, I don't think these clubs are having any specials.
  7. My understanding is the zoysia still need the same sun the champions does.
  8. Atlanta Athletic Club is great if you are under 30.
  9. If you are basing it on course layout, Rivermont is the clear pick. Berkeley is going to have a better club house/swim tennis facility.
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