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  1. When I was ordering my first DH89, I was contemplating GSS... So I asked Byron, when I was at the shop. "Honestly... What is the real difference between Stainless and German Stainless?" His answer... "One of them is from Germany." I ordered the regular stainless. ?
  2. Hi all, Doing some closet cleaning to fund another purchase and everything is priced to move quickly! All prices are shipped and PayPal'd in the CONUS. 1. Mizuno MP69 Heads (4-PW) - SOLD! I bought this set, but ended up playing them as a combo. As a result, the 6-PW were refinished in satin chrome by the Iron Factory. The 4-5 are the stock chrome finish. These heads have 15-20 rounds on them, are in used condition with normal wear, and have tons of life left in them. 2. Vokey SM6 Heads (52/54/60) - SOLD! These were my trusty gamers tha
  3. It’s a different styling and marketing spin on anser style putters in an attempt to snag a small percentage of the market share in the higher end putter business... so, basically the same business model as every other small putter maker who is going about it in their own way. You are obviously not their target market... neither am I... and that’s fine. That’s what is so great about having so many putter makers to choose from. No one maker has to appeal to everyone. Also, regarding the subject title, literally every single putter maker offers more cover designs than head designs... as the
  4. I'm sure they'll use the same pure roll insert, but I'd love to see something that feels just a bit more firm. I've been using the Spider black since it came out, but my Dad recently got a TP Red Ardmore 2 L Neck... I'd LOVE a Spider that feels more like that putter.
  5. The only way this would be really intriguing to me is if there were no logos and/or identifying marks allowed. Would love to see how a "blind" vote turned out.
  6. It didn’t look bad in the pic, but the crack went all the way through. Really a bummer... and I’ve also been looking hard at the Juno. LOL
  7. Man... I totally forgot about this thread! Back on July 27th, I received a text from Byron... along with a picture. He had started work on the putter. Unfortunately, some of the finishing on the sole revealed a *gasp* crack in the flange. Unrepairable... and the dream died that day. No 006, HDCP is now at a +0.3 (and trending the wrong direction... much like my waist size), the black Spider Tour is still in the bag and the “0.0” grip is living a lonely life, as it sits on my desk waiting for a celebration putter to adorne. Cue the customairy tissues, tears and teeny-tiny violin...
  8. Tyson Lamb has created products that are so sought after that they not only command premium/luxury prices, but when they come available at those prices, they sell out instantly and they can’t keep them in stock. Just in case anyone was unclear, this is a successful and profitable business model. He makes what he wants, he charges what he can, he’s never stuck with dead stock and everyone who purchases something from him is happy with what they get... and now he has a putter on tour, in a major champion’s bag. If I was Tyson, I’d ignore all the jealous keyboard jockeys and keep doing exac
  9. You can... https://www.taylormadegolf.com/myspider-putter.html Or you can buy an OTR putter and send it here... http://www.continentalgolf.net/repair.html or here... https://www.slightergolf.com/ or here... https://putterlounge.com/ or here... http://www.labworxgolf.com/ or here... http://www.thegolfgarage.net/
  10. You missed 3rd category: putts you have no business making but should be able to 2-putt. How does Spider Tour stack up on long lag putts? I consider those putts that you can make. Personally, I discount most of the posts I read that make mention of the putter performing poorly on longer putts, from a speed control perspective. It's a high MOI mallet putter with an insert, that has piqued the interest of many players that typically used a once piece milled blade putter. This is a HUGE difference in head shape, feel and pretty much everything else. Anyone who thinks they should be able
  11. Coming from many dalehead and anser 2 head shapes, I’ve had the black Spider tour in the bag for over a year now. There are 2 types of putts: Putts that you can make and putts that you should make... the line in the sand for what putts fall into these categories can differ from player to player. If you miss a putt that you can make, it’s no biggie. If you make a putt that you can make, it feels like you made one... and that feels good. If you miss a putt that you should make, it feels like a miss... like you gave one away. If you make a putt that you should make, it feels like... well...
  12. So... in a 14 way golf bag... which one is the Glorie hole?
  13. I think it's awfully tough to do customization sales that way. The first time the Lambs did these a few weeks ago they were deluged with emails correcting orders and such, and they told buyers that if you do that then you go to the back of the production line. Well, I'd rather do it that way than rush something just to make sure I don't get shut out entirely. And the Lamb apologists will say type faster, have your lettering in Notepad ready to copy-and-paste, etc. I've read them all. But your post says it all too. If they want to expand the brand past flippers and the same few hundred guys, so
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