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  1. Hi all, Cobalt Q6 Slope rangefinder / range finder - $360 shipped USPS priority continental U.S. Used for ~10 rounds and probably 20 shots/rnd never abused or dropped, very well cared for and always in carrying case - have had since this May, great condition, includes all of the originally shipped materials - battery, carrying case, shipping box, cleaning cloth I hope the pictures help tell the story of how great of condition this is in, but please let me know if you have any questions. Only trade bait at this time would be current gen Srixon ZStar white ,
  2. Hi Welch, Is there one or are there two ZX utilities available? I see two in the pictures. If two, what the specs on the two - both stock with stiff recoil or any custom adjustments? The 3/20* looks to have dirt in the grooves.
  3. Hi Afternoon Spray, sorry for my delay in posting my experience. I have used it, the Cobalt Q6 Slope, for two 12-hole early morning sessions. For reference, I have never used a slope range finder, I am coming from a Leupold 3i2 for the last six or seven years, until I had noticed at the beginning of this season that the numbers in the display were fading and was told by Leupold that the numbers would continue to fade and it is not covered by warranty, but would provide a discount on one of their other rangefinders, which are backordered at least into July but no specific timing provided. Before the 3i2, I had a Callaway brand Nikon for a couple years getting my feet wet on rangefinders. My comparison comments here will be limited to my experience with the 3i2 (I don't remember much about the Nikon, other than I really preferred the red display). I had put in the order for the Q6 a few days before MGS's Best Rangefinders 2021 report had come out. Out of the box, it is bigger than I was used to (but may be comparable to non-Leupold rangefinders), but no news here as I had compared the dimensions before ordering. As some people have mentioned on other sites, there was a worry that the knob would get in the way. The knob has not been an issue for me, as I am a righty, a lefty may not like it. The knob does cause a little big of a snag in putting the range finder back in the carrying case. I mostly carry my bag (Sun Mountain 3.5LS), so I use the rangefinder sleeve (open pocket) in the bag for easy access rather than clipping the Cobalt case to the other side of the bag. I like scanning my shot as I am stepping up to my shot and before I put my bag down, probably just a habit, so I don't have to bend over to take out of and put in the pouch the rangefinder. I put the Q6 in the carrying case when I am done with my round. Use: the range finder was on my short list because of the red display combined with the language around the Lifetime Warranty (note my warranty issue noted before and my worry that all red displays will become defective at some point...). The Q6 has a very long range. Magnification works well, but I don't usually change it once I have a setting set. The Q6 locks on the target very quick, definitely quicker than I was used to. One thing that I thought was odd, was that the lock display & pulse was for any target, not just the prisms on the flagstick. Maybe this is common nowadays, but I always thought this tech only showed a "lock" when hitting a prism. The slope works very quick, you don't need to scan again if you want to toggle between slope and non-slope, after a "lock" you can toggle and the yardage changes to reflect the setting. I play in a few tournaments, so I probably won't use the Slope function too often, but thought it would be nice to have for comparing against what I was thinking during practice sessions. Conclusion: I like the rangefinder. It does just as it says it does. I don't get too excited about rangefinders, just want it to measure distance accurately and quickly while staying within the rules (slope off), which many rangefinders do. The Q6 is a little pricey compared to the other rangefinders in the market, but as I have touched on earlier, the red display, lifetime warranty, and the company's background in rangefinders are what sold me. Would I buy it again/recommend it? Yes. If anyone has any specific questions, please feel free to reply here or DM me.
  4. I pulled the trigger and bought the Q6. It was delivered tonight and I'm going to test it out tomorrow during an early nine before work. I'll report back what I think.
  5. Now see Cobalt Q6 in the market, which seems very similar to the Leupold GX 5i3 and has me somewhat interested, but need to read more reviews. https://www.thehackersparadise.com/the-quick-six-cobalt-golf/
  6. TRC, which version do you have that you’re referring to the fog mode? I’m coming from 3i2 and between 5i3 and predication pro nx9
  7. JLL, thanks, this makes sense. I may check out this set up. Play well!
  8. Hi all, Looking at the Two Thumbs grip I saw in play this weekend, has anyone tried these? I'm wondering if it is located stateside? I don't see it on TGW, Grips4Less, or PGA Superstore. I like the idea of the two thumbs side by side and seems similar to the set up I have with my Garsen, where the Garsen's ridge aids in keeping thumbs on its own side and then palms face each other. Looking at some pics online, it seems like the Two Thumbs may be a paddle design, almost like a cricket racquet design.
  9. Hi, what flex are the modus 120 in the zx7s? Any stepping?
  10. Just one item up for sale this time. Sorry, no trade bait. I will ship USPS Priority Mail, dropping off at the post office the day following cleared payment. TM 2019 P790 UDI 2i - $135 shipped continental U.S. (OBO) Club is in great shape. Please see photos and ask any questions you may have. - Stock L/L/L - Shaft is Hzrdus Black Smoke, 100g HY, 6.5 (extra stiff) - Grip is stock Golf Pride Tour Velvet 2019 version, not the 2018 version
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