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  1. I currently have nippon 1050s in 2 of my wedges (zodia 56 and 59) and a rifle 5.5 (not project x, zodia 52), so maybe I'll give it a go. Thanks for all the help
  2. Well crap, . How about if I cut it down to put it in a wedge, guessing this is just as bad. Anyone want to buy/trade for this shaft?
  3. Really wish returning it was an option, I got it for xmas with 2 other shafts and just got around to putting them in a week ago, go figure, 4 months of snow on the ground,
  4. Can you explain? The shaft is straight from golfsmith and I haven't cut it. If I were to cut it, would take 1" off instead of the normal 2" I cut off (something like that, it's not in front of me) Would it play differently if I did use it? Really don't want to spend $40 on a shaft, could I use it in a wedge if not the 4 iron?
  5. 7 iron shaft ordered, but needed a 4 ironI accidentally ordered a 7 iron shaft (project x flighted 5.5), but I really needed a 4 iron shaft. Based on measurements, the shaft is long enough to put in my 4 iron, would just be cutting a little less off the butt. I play my clubs 1" longer than standard if that makes any difference. Any thoughts on this being ok or completely wrong to do. Thanks
  6. on the red white and blue poms, would you take 70 shipped? i'm guessing they are not jan craig?
  7. Trying to replace my driver shaft, the speeder was just to stiff for my swing. It is 43" long with a Winn G7 Midsize grip. The shaft is .350 as it came out of my Nike Ignite 460. I can hit it decent if i really go after it, but my back doesn't agree with that style of play. The price on the shaft is $75 shipped and I prefer paypal, but money orders are fine also. I would also be up for trades. A few items I would happily trade for. Rombax 7x07 Stiff .335 Bassara v73 stiff .335 Hibore XL 10.5 Proto ByYou 65-S .335 Thanks for looking, pm me with questions or other trade of
  8. I have one of the Sedona F putters also. Just bought a new putter, so if anyone is in the market for one of these, let me know, I might be willing to part with it, sad as that may be, wife feels I only need 1 putter, uggh. Sorry, forgot to post this info from the pongman.com site (seems his links are a bit messed up, so with some fanagling, hehe, boom). http://www.pongman.com/archives/putters/anniv.htm Anser F This is the Anser F with a pixel insert which has a serial # on the face, not to be confused with the production model which has a different insert. The LTD Edition Anser F had
  9. Bayside Golf Course, Near Ogallala, Ne
  10. play mostly muni courses (due to cost) and starkly contrast each other around the city. the main thing that drives me crazy is the rough, it should be rough, not dirt. they seem to believe that if they keep the rough too long, players will be upset and not play, and it would take too long to play. sadly when the rough/dirt is bare, the ball rolls about 20-30 more yards than it should and can be impossible to find because you have no idea which direction it may have gone as opposed to thicker rough where the ball will slow and sit down near to where you hit it. i completely agree about t
  11. ya, it just sucks, i really want that shaft and am not at the point of paying $179 for it yet. i guess put in their shoes i can see how it would be bad to sell it below cost and loose a little bit of money, but on the buyer side, if i were to have bid accidentally very high and the auction ended, i would be required to pay it without question. don't mean to fuel the flames, just want the shaft (cheaply if possible), ;).
  12. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...A:IT&ih=013 So I bought this shaft last night thinking, omg, this is amazing, it can't be true, figured, why not. I paid for it and hoped they would ship it out this morning and have it early next week. I get an email this morning saying this. Do to an error in the Ebay listing for this shaft we are having to issue a full refund. We apologize for having to do this and thank you for your understading. (not my typo) Cory Pro Clubs Direct 1-877-641-1917 Ok, my understanding of Ebay is that you are in a binding contract when the purchase h
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