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  1. Double K

    Alberta Courses

    I don't recall ever seeing a Ping demo day in Calgary.
  2. The course will have a west exposure. I would expect it to have a longer season than Greywolf, but shorter that Radium/Invermere.
  3. Double K

    Alberta Courses

    You are joking right? You saw the state of my wedges, what makes you think they’d be good at fitting?! Drive to Calgary and hit up Modern Golf.
  4. Double K

    Alberta Courses

    Forecast is for +10 on Sunday, who is hitting the range??
  5. Double K

    Alberta Courses

    Boulder Creek is the course right in Langdon. Serenity is the newer course to the south.
  6. Thanks. Wanted to confirm that the thread title was misleading garbage.
  7. This is the most solid advice in the thread. Do treat yourselves to dinner at the Lodge, I’ve run out of superlatives for how good the food is. The Firebrand Hotel has a pretty decent happy hour/menu as well.
  8. Has anyone confirmed that these are in fact private label Titleist balls?
  9. Whitefish is where you want to be. Golf is excellent, lots of hiking around and the nightlife is good if you don't mind a bunch of drunk Canadians. Do drive the 50 miles north to play Wilderness Club, it's fantastic. I'd also suggest playing Northern Pines towards Kalispell. The courses at Whitefish Lake are good albeit slightly overpriced. Food at the course is very very good and they have a pretty lively 19th hole with live music at times.
  10. Who? I’m not familiar with this company.
  11. The Nikola of launch monitors? Wonder how much they paid for Tiger...
  12. Double K

    Alberta Courses

    How long until courses open?
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