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  1. 13 year broadcast journalism veteran, so probably in the booth/tower
  2. I know this - I wish those DPCs were made for us leftys
  3. The Johnny Wunder article was great! Never seen a wear pattern on a wedge out on the toe, but he must hit a lot of flops with it
  4. Anybody have anything new besides the Tour Edge driver he was using in Jan/Feb?
  5. The black blade is sold, I forgot to crop it out of the pic, my bad. WH Pro is also sold
  6. White Hot XG 7, 32.5”, newer SS 2.0 grip - $50 ’07 Burner TP 3 Wood, 14.5*, stiff UST Attas Internat’l - $75 ’16 M2 Hybrid, 19*, stiff UST V2 - $60 Pics show condition so I’ll let you be the judge; cash is king but if you have a crazy good trade I’ll listen
  7. Any interest in a trade for some tour issue RAC TPs?
  8. I do my own taxes LOL...I just need to set aside the time
  9. M3 head only 10.5 $125 NO TRADES - need the cash
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