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  1. 35 (E) - 45 (+10) 80 At that point I had never broken 80. That was a stomach punch.
  2. I recall doing it in one round - my personal best - and to be honest, more than anything I remember how well I drove the ball that day. It seemed like I was playing from the "A" position all day long and that freed me up to attack a lot of pins. I was also putting really well that day and so as I recall, I was more focused on just getting the ball on the green and less concerned with where on the green.
  3. Project X 7C3 played at B2. Absolutely love the look of it at address. Personally, I've never felt as confident with a club in my hands. Heck, it still has the original grip with a wear spot for my left thumb - I'm afraid to regrip it! I played this setup it from the time it came out until I bought the TS3. To be honest, I'm not sure why I took it out of the bag. I suppose its getting caught up with chasing distance. I've played Titleist drivers for as long as I can remember (prior to the D2 I played the 983E and 975D) but my experience with the TS3 has certainly opened the door f
  4. That was me this time last year. I felt really good about my bag having just put T100 into play, but my driver (TS3) really fell out of favor over the summer and so I'm really looking forward to trying out all of the new driver offerings. I'm still in search of something that finds fairways as consistently as my 910D2. That thing was an extension of my body.
  5. I need new wedges and want to tinker with driver shafts so I stand absolutely no chance. With that out of the way.... D - Titleist TS3 9.5* / Fujikura Speeder 661 TS S 4W - Callaway Alpha 816 16* / Aldila Rogue I/O 70 S 3i - Titleist U500 / HZRDUS Smoke Black 90 6.0 4i-PW - Titleist T100 / Project X 6.0 Wedges - Vokey SM4 (52, 56, 60) / KBS Tour 120 Putter - Studio Stainless Newport Beach
  6. Most birdies, that would be 5 and I finished +2/74. Most memorable though was shooting an even par 72 making 6 Pars, 6 Bogeys, 4 Birdies and an Eagle.
  7. Tour Model II (cut down into Jr set) GTX (No name) TaylorMade LCG Ping i3 Blade Bridgestone J40 Titleist T100
  8. I have been playing the T100 in 4-PW (Project X 6.0), with the U500 in 3i (Smoke Black). Find the 3i extremely easy to hit both off the deck and from a tee - as easy if not easier than the 4i and I don't have any trouble with the T100 long irons. I long played J40 4-PW with a 21 degree Titleist hybrid and much prefer the u500 to the hybrid. Only issue is my miss with the u500 is right where for years I have played a draw/missed left only - any one else have this issue?
  9. That would be a brand new TS3 with 6.5 T1100 White 65g this past spring. I fell victim to the excitement of the new series and 'self fitted'. Never got comfortable at address with it and can't hit a fairway to save my life. Now it is collecting dust and I'm back to old reliable - a 910D2.
  10. I played i3 blade up until the last couple of seasons. Finally sold them off this spring...wish I wouldn't have as I have many fond memories gaming them.
  11. > @HappyGilmore22 said: > ^^T100's look great. Ordering the exact setup next week except in PX 6.5s and 3-4 U500s. Thanks! Current gamers have the 6.5, great shaft! - but I'm getting old!
  12. 4-PW T100 w/ Project X 6.0 3i U500 with HZRDUS Smoke Black 6.0
  13. Picked up my U500 with Smoke Black 6.0 on Thursday (custom length/lie). Took it straight to the range and couldn't be more pleased. Very easy to hit a mix of penetrating and high shots off the deck.
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