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  1. Guys - thanks for the input. It is very much appreciated. I respect the hustle Gowfer32 but shirt not for sale. I have searched here, on a few other sites and searched on eBay, and really only found a guy on Craigslist trying to unload a set supposedly owned by Morgan Hoffman's for a pretty ridiculous price. I will PM you bladehunter.
  2. Hey everyone - I spend a lot of time on here but don't post. I am looking for some input with a set of 681s I recently acquired. No stamps on the back, no serial #s on any of the irons, "DH" on all of the hosels. I can't find any info on limited edition sets that were made without the stampings. Guy I bought them from said he was an asst pro at a course in FL and played with them off and on for a long time. Didn't gather whether they were made for him/ where he acquired them. Any info y'all have would be great. They feel extremely solid to me but I am curious if anyone has any information. C
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