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    Wilson Triad

    more like a replacement for the excellent FGTour ball same compression number one less layer and $10 cheaper.
  2. Hope the Triad is in the midsoft category like the FG. It would be a great fit betwixt the Pro and STAFF Model.
  3. Just pick up some used Wishon heads then.
  4. Now get some backer strips from the hardware store, cylindrical foam similar to what will come with the tool.
  5. Digital scale. Vice for doing FLO work. Touch up paints. Prosoft insert tool. Ramrod. Rattlestop goo. Drying/curing accelerator method. Wishon account. Wishon books.
  6. Really dialed in an EQ1-NX 3wood, best fwy wood I have played, great feel, sound and trajectory. I found the Wilson STAFF Model to be my go to ball of the year. Voice caddie sc300i has been just what I need in a personal monitor. Puma ignites kept the plantar at bay mostly.
  7. I've used the JMax XL Ultralights on my chipping clubs. Takes the hands out if the shot. If a bigger putter grip has worked for putting, same principle.
  8. Use the middle bullet point. I have the sc300i and the EQ1-NX set. Set the club to the iron number and loft of the club. The length of the club only comes into play with the clubhead speed. I have found the sc300i to be a good unit, once I figured it out a bit. I used it outside into a net mostly, when it is at the range with me, seems bang on with yardages. Great for gapping and clubhead speed
  9. Wishons 304 HM series and EQ1-NX wedges are a mid- higher cg design. Seems to help, but loft is still...loft.
  10. Thanks for posting this. This asks the question, on the DTC iron models, I find very little detail on forging materials and processes, for all I can tell, they are offering 3 step/stage forgings using open models then CNCing the cavity shapes. Long live Tom Wishon!
  11. I'm sporting the Wishon branded shirts, quarter zips and fleece - all Peter Millar stuff.
  12. TKS

    Wilson new ball

    They are getting wins on the European tours with the STAFF ball. Love the duo pro and Staff ball, they need to return to an FGtour type ball as well in the line up. FGTour is/was a perfect blend of spin, soft and distance.
  13. The Wishon 989CLA are 4-6 grams lighter for this very purpose - with an excellent weight port system designed in to the heads - very good clubhead.
  14. I just can't. Who designed the heads and why did that way? Most DTC are marketing ops, staying in the lower cost realms/claims. Give me original designs. The NGW, Grindworks, Artisan, Edel are interesting of course designs by Wishon, Sheets, Kohler always hold up well.
  15. Impressive 3 day shipping to Utah in most cases, a day faster than when Tom was running the whole thing out of Durango. BTW, EQ1-NX 60* Lob Wedge is in stock.
  16. 100 8 Bridgestone BX, BXS Wilson STAFF Model, Professional Changes based on course and weather conditions.
  17. New version on the way - last I heard.
  18. Noticing a Yellow Wilson STAFF Model ball on the conforming list too. It's a good time for the old Geezer eyes.
  19. Y'all are pretty sick. But in a good way. Tinker on!
  20. Did someone call these "a larger head". I'd hate see small.
  21. 1. clear and scuff both surfaces - cross hatch if you can 2. clean both surfaces iso alcohol wipes. wait. 3. coat both surfaces with 3M DP product (810/420/460) use a dispenser, don't eyeball it! 4. cure 24hrs at raised temps 130F ideal. unless you have the weenie roster thing $$$$ 5. test hit off the toe (if you can) advise client if necessary.
  22. I play my EQ1-NX Sandwedge and Lob Wedge (SW bent to 58*) one inch shorter than the rest of the set. Adding weight to the head, and a +15gr shaft to keep the same feel. These clubs are rarely if ever struck with a full swing, and both are wearing the a JumboMax XL Ultralight grip to keep my hands quiet, and chip-yips under control.
  23. Yes, but if you need to shape the shot you can adjust - just like the confused sets.
  24. A touch forward of a normal 8 iron. Point and shoot, do the swing.
  25. You'll see some incremental move to groups of clubs matching - already happening with PW-LW and at the top of the bag of irons with a few guys carrying two 4irons of diff lofts.
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