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  1. Hey friends, So a new season is here, I am playing the same old irons. I have been playing Titleist 990B with s300 shaft since they came out in 2000. I don't practice has much anymore and have become a little less consistent over the past year or so. I am looking a getting a combo set of Mizuno 3-P, I don't think I feel comfortable having hybrids to replace the 3 iron. Do you all have any recommendations for a more forgiving set up? In either the Mizuno or Titleist, I am not in love with this years Mizuno set up so older sets would be okay I would like to get back to a forged set. My current
  2. I vote go home, golf is a grind but it's still should be fun. Go home and enjoy summer, practice and I am sure you will play well.
  3. The longest shot- story of 1955 US open The Master- by Curt Sampson
  4. There is one in Naperville on Wednesdays. I have never played in it but it is handicaped and goes after one oclock. You might be able to make it.
  5. Well, I played much better today shot 71 to won my morning match. However I got a lot of heat from my wife at home and she pretty much forced me to pull out for the afternoon match. Saying oh your not going to win any money. Clearly she doesn't understand why we play the game. So I am out because she wanted me to be home when her parents got there.
  6. So I shot 82 in qualifying not to great. But match, I get to play in the match play tomorrow at 7:14. I had a lot of trouble getting up and down, clearly a little rutsty.
  7. He is the worst. I would sign that petition, I don't know about you guys but I can barely listen to this guy talk.
  8. Not likely, for tuesday finish. Unless they can't play at all saturday or sunday
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