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  1. A couple of items to move along. Let me know of any questions and always open to reasonable offers. 1. Sim 10.5* Driver head. This head has been gamed for most of last year. There are some brush marks on the sole, a few marks on the face and a few scratches on the toe and rear of the club. I have tried to picture everything. Overall and good club and nothing effects the play fo the driver. Head cover is included. Trying to price this right but feel free to let me know if I am off. Sold 2. Tensei AV Blue 60 stiff, brand new. Just pulled out of a Sim 2
  2. Same here. I returned mine due to this leg sag. It was really bad on mine. They didn't have another in stock so I just grabbed a regular Hoofer.
  3. Good catch. I ordered the standard stock Taylormade Z Grip. Maybe the CSR at TM I spoke to looked at the wrong grip. I did call GG to ask about cancellation and re-ordered. After a few minutes, they got back to me and said they couldn't cancel as the order was already being built. I don't think anyone really knows the actual truth of the situation.
  4. Just wrong...now I know why there aren’t any Nikes in my local Ross and Burlington’s.
  5. Ordered from GG on 1/22 and finally decided to check with TM today. Freaking grip is holding it up and is backordered until 3/26. I left the grip stock Z Grip because I figured there is no way they run out of those. Well they did and GG can't alter an order. They can cancel and order again but that puts me in the back of the line. Oh well, maybe this is fate telling me I should just stick with my Ping.
  6. Interesting story here. Back a few years I was able to secure a set of irons from a PGA Tour player from his caddie. They were a backup set and he had moved on to new model for his contract. I guess he was allowed to liquidate some things. They had X100s and I had not played that shaft but was surprised how smooth and easy to swing they were. I played them for over a year and hit them so well that when I decided to go get fit for some new clubs, I took them to the fitter/builder and told them I may want new heads and keep these shafts because they were working so well. It ended up that they we
  7. If anyone is a prototypical player for autoflex it is Couples with his smooth swing.
  8. Freddie Couples with the Autoflex. Just saw him on the golf channel with it.
  9. That was a killer deal there. Should be to you by Friday. Enjoy.
  10. Nothing in NE Atlanta I could fine today. Maybe they'll get here eventually.
  11. My 12.5 has those same holes drilled out and I know its authentic.
  12. All I know is they have screwed up balls in the past tying to improve them. I hope they don't do that with these.
  13. Yes, I put pictures up earlier in the thread. 7-w in 7s, 5-6 in 5s and 4 utility.
  14. Seeing all these delays so glad I got my order in early and been able to play them. These are the best irons I've had in the bag in a long time if ever. I'm predicting they will reach cult status like the 745s. I've sold my i210s and haven't thought twice.
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