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  1. I own the Glide 3.0 and ZipCores. The Pings had better turf interaction for me until I tried the Full Grind on the Clevelands. I definitely like the shafts in the Clevelands better. The spin on the Clevelands started out to be better but after a month or so of wear, the Pings spin better and hold up better. Feel on the Clevelands is softer for sure. The leading edge on the Pings are much more rounded and I personally prefer the look of the Clevelands. The Pings are significantly more forgiving though. Just make sure you get the right grind and you'll be happy with either.
  2. If those had the Modus shafts they would be on the way to me.
  3. Got some more items I need to move. As always reasonable offers considered. No trades. Let me know of any questions. 1. Ping i500s 4-W with Glide 3.0 56* thrown in. The i500 heads were purchased off eBay in nearly new condition. They have been played for a couple of months and are still in great shape. These are Orange Dot, Power Spec, +1/2 inch with True Temper XP 115 shafts installed and GP Tour Velvet midsized grips. The Glide is a 56/12 with Modus 105X. $699 Shipped OBO 2. Titleist 818 H1 19* hybrid. Gamed for a year with normal wear and scra
  4. Loving the 105 so much but wanting/needing a bit more heft and spin reduction, I am thinking these may be the perfect shaft. Can't wait until they start shipping on Golfworks.
  5. I've got a couple things to move quickly. As always, reasonable offers will be considered and I will ship quickly. I am not using Priority any longer due to delays. 1. Titleist TSi2 Fairway 13.5* with Tensei AV White 75 stiff. This club is as new as they are going to come and is bone stock off the rack at the PGASS. It has 1 range session off matts. Head cover included. Save yourself $50-$60 and snag mine. SOLD 2. Hzrdus Smoke Green 6.5 70 gram. This is stock straight out of a Sim driver. It has a Lamkin 360 gray grip. Measurements shown in pic
  6. Looks like the 7 is the smaller head and I hate the site dots. Not a single shape that will tempt me out of my "original" 7 large head. Not close.
  7. I have always been a fan of Titleist Fairways. Been playing a 917D2 in 13.5* and thinking of going to the TSi2 in the same loft. Anyone hit them against the TS2 and have a verdict? I am trying to decide if I need to pay the extra for the latest or save some on last years. I have my preferred shaft in a Diamana LTD ready to go but that AV White has me intrigued as well.
  8. What’s the verdict on the TSi2 Fairways? Haven’t gotten along with Titleist drivers but always loved the fairways. Been playing a 917 D2 13.5 and looking to grab a TSi2 in 13.5.
  9. Liquidating some backups and some like new items. All are OBO and I normally ship fast but due to a work trip, I will not be able too get these out until Wed-Thurs of this week. I will ship UPS or FedEx since I have had so much trouble with USPS lately unless the buyer requests Priority. Let me know of any questions. 1. Ping i210s 5-UW with i500 4 Iron. 8 clubs total. Black dot standard length and loft. Modus 105 stiff shafts. Brand new Golf Pride MCC+4 in gray. These were purchased 5-UW originally. All factory original from Ping with matching serials. I added the 4 iron later so i
  10. Ok, going to resurrect this thread as I went and was able to get on GC Quad. As stated, the profile of the 105 feels good for my swing but I found out today that I am spinning these shafts a bit too much. They are paired with stock Ping i210s which I think are a bit spinnier than some heads out there. My SS was a bit higher at 89-90 today with my 7 iron and it was spinning above 7000. It was indoors so I couldn’t see flight but the monitor was showing peak height at nearly 100ft/33yd. Still thinking 125s may help bring these numbers down. The fitter had me try 105x and it didn’t help much on s
  11. Just ordered one for mine. Looks like it can help with any bag but will allow me to go back to my preferred stand bag.
  12. Agreed. I loved the XV prior to the 2019 version but I'll play the Maxfli Tour before this ball for sure.
  13. Leaning to the Max myself before any fittings. I have an LST and a Plus head in the G410. I gamed the LST all summer but took my Plus to the range today just to look at the differences. The plus is definitely the easier to hit driver. It just is hard to miss a shot with it and it is less fade biased. The launch is the same but you do see some downrange spin differences for sure. I have the LST dialed in but I have those couple of shots during the round I realize I needed more spin with that club as I sometimes accidentally put a good swing on it. I think if the Max gets in the same range of th
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