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  1. Our rep said the target is 525 in spring and 230 in late summer. Hoping things get closer to normal and if so, that means late Feb shipment on 525 and late August shipment on 230.
  2. One item for sale. No trades. Cobra Radspeed Big Tour 14.5* 3 wood with Fuji Motore F1 7S shaft. Stock Arcos grip. No headcover. Club has been used for only 3 rounds. In great shape with a few marks on sole and face but crown is excellent. Great tee club and surprising good out of the fairway too. $200 Shipped OBO
  3. 1. City, State? Hoschton GA 2. Handicap? 9.2 3. Current hybrid or fairway wood? Titleist 818H1 4. Why do you want to test the Callaway Epic Super Hybrid? Forgiveness plus the extra pop. I need more of a 5 wood club. 5. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? Yes
  4. Let us know. My Grade A were probably 3/4 Mint. Most of the balls look like new or played 1-2 holes. The rest are easier to identify as used. I think this is probably the difference in Grade A and Mint. I will say if you think about the average Left Dash player, its not going to be a random dude showing up at a golf course and buying a dozen ProV1 for his round. I think your chances of getting "more premium" used balls here are better than ordering used anything else.
  5. Golf Ball Planet has various grades of the Left Dash Balls. I ordered 4 dozen Grade A (there is a Mint Grade higher) and got free shipping. They ship from Canada FedEx and got here today for an order placed Saturday. All balls were better than expected with only 1 that has a significant scuff and all the rest were either in great shape, a little dingy or marked with sharpie. I did get 1 ProV1x but didn't mind as they actually shipped me 50 balls instead of 48. I am not sure how good the rest of their selection is because I figure anyone playing the Left Dash is probably a more discerning consumer. Highly recommended though. I hesitate putting this out to everyone because I'm not sure they're that popular and I would like to keep this as my private stash when needed but paying it forward anyway.
  6. PGA SS in Roswell GA has had stock sets for a while now. I looked at the full set demos a couple of weeks ago.
  7. One item up for sale. Great price for quick sale. Scotty Phantom X 11, 33" with 20 gram weights. Original head cover, grip and Cameron plastic bag included. Purchased brand new last week and has 2 rounds on it. Just not for me. I had PGA SS pull the original grip and install a Superstroke 2.0 GTR Pistol Camo grip. Another $30 down the drain. Paid over $490 for this. Let me know of any questions. In the 2nd pic there is a bit of water on the sole where I cleaned it up. That is not a blemish. SOLD
  8. Emptying out a few more things to pay for an upcoming golf trip. Prices are good, no lowballing. Will make package deals. 1. Tour Satin Chrome Vokey SM8s, 50-08F, 54-12D, 60-10S. All stock. 3 rounds exactly, no practice time. Excellent condition. $508 is what I paid with taxes. Will not break up set. SOLD 2. Vessel Players 3 Gray. I am 2nd owner of the bag. It is less than 6 months old according to new owner. I put less than 5 rounds on it. Great shape. Comes with rain cover, cart strap protector and leg stand retractor. SOLD 3. Cameron Pistolini grey grip. Pulled brand new from Phantom 11 at PGASS. SOLD 4. Wedge Shaft: Aerotech Steelfiber i95 Stiff. Blue Golf Pride MCC grip. Measurements shown. $30 Shipped
  9. 1. Must subscribe to Club Champion's YouTube channel HERE: Complete 2. Search for your local Club Champion location HERE: Complete 3. What Club Champion location would you get fit at? Buford GA 4. Have you been fit for clubs before? Yes 5. What part of your bag could use a fitting? Putter
  10. This is GolfWRX. No one on here ever misses the center. I stand by my comments. The i59 will not produce the same results on off center hits as the i210. The flight is lower and you lose more distance. Thin shots are much more punishing. This is how I measure forgiveness. The i59 does just as well as the i210 from an offline perspective but comes up much shorter. This is all with a 7 iron. You get to the 4-5 its going to be much more punishing. A little secret on Ping's statement on MOI. I asked our Ping rep directly about this when he brought them by our club. My question was how did you guys do this and he said that is more pointed to the short irons. They can make that statement and not qualify it to all irons so it helps them from a marketing perspective. MOI matters but robots don't hit clubs on the course. I'll watch closely to see how many of the Ping pros that play i210s migrate to i59s. I am a Ping guy and play their irons religiously.
  11. Wrong. MOI is moment of inertia. There are many other things that go into a club’s forgiveness. I’ll give you that MOI equates to “more” forgiveness especially in a wood or driver (like you posted) but an iron is a different animal due to sole/turf interaction, weight placement and center of gravity.
  12. I'll be the devil's advocate here but MOI does not equal forgiveness. I have played i210s for going on 3 years. I have tried the demo iron we have with the same shaft I play on grass multiple times. It is not as forgiving as the i210. Period end of story. It is a great iron and if/when they take this technology to the i500 sized iron, it will be the most forgiving iron in its category. The i59 is roughly the same as the T100s. I also owned those and hit it against those at the same time.
  13. 1. City and State? Hoschton, GA 2. Handicap? 9 3. Where do you practice? Outdoor range and short game facility 4. Have you used a personal launch monitor before? No 5. Do you have a current iOS device to use with the Ernest software? Yes 6. Do you agree to take high quality photos, write an in-depth review, and be part of an on-going testing thread? Yes
  14. FYI, Ping has taken an increase already on current irons. I ran across a set of i210s today 4-W and they were $999. I asked about them and was told they went from $125 a club to $142 per club. This was a brand new set because they had the Arcoss sticker on the grip.
  15. ALL SOLD 1. Titleist T100S 4-PW heads. These are standard loft and lie. They have 3 rounds of play on them. No bag chatter or dings. Slight amount of sole and face wear on a few of the irons but most look like new. Snag these to build your own set. $950 Shipped 2. Titleist U500 4 iron. All stock with Hzrdus Smoke 90g 6.0 shaft. In very good condition. $160 Shipped 3. Titleist 913 F2 13.5* 3 wood with Diamana LTD 70 stiff shaft. No head cover. $90 Shipped 4. Titleist 818 H2 Hybrid 21* Fuji Atmos Tour Spec Blue 8S shaft. No head cover. $80 Shipped 5. Dynamic Gold 120 S300 pullouts. 4-PW. Measurements shown. No grips. These were pulled from Ping i210s standard length. $110 Shipped
  16. 1. City, State? Hoschton Georgia2. Handicap? 93. Current Iron set? Ping i2104. Are you right-handed or left-handed? Right5. Why do you want to review the Takomo 201 irons? I have never tried a DTC brand and would love to see if the quality and craftsmanship hold up versus the bigger names.6. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? YES
  17. 1. City, State: Hoschton, GA 2. Handicap: 9 3. Do you currently use a rangefinder? If so, what model? Yes, Blues Tees 4. What is your preferred price point for a rangefinder? $250 or under 5. Do you agree to participate in an ongoing testing thread, posting reviews and photos? YES
  18. No big deal for me at all. The bottom 2 slots are the only ones that are not full length dividers. I go 2 wedges on each side and they are probably to most used and never had any real issues. The top 2 rows both have full length and I go 3 irons on each side with the top having 3 wood hybrid and driver putter. Those are very easy to get in and out of.
  19. My head pro has 2 Sim2 cracked drivers on his desk right now. These are from very good players and cracked under normal use. Both are cracked on the bottom carbon section. TM has acknowledged to him they have had some issues in this area and will replace the heads. Just FYI.
  20. Yep. I just ordered. Maybe we should petition the OP to delete this thread now while we all still have a chance.
  21. Eastlake is such a different animal for everyone with the Bermuda right now. This is one of the few tournaments played this time of year in the south with the grass at its peak. I would bet it has more to do with the sole, bounce and turf interaction he needs. I play on it year round and this time of year 1 inch rough can do some evil things. Heck, I watched a plus HC I my group get murdered from the fairway yesterday and dump one in a bunker because he was into the grain.
  22. Thats what I am noticing too. I've always been a Ping/Srixon player because those worked so well through the turf for me. These soles work better than either of the aforementioned brands. They are amazing.
  23. Very fortunate that I fit into PX LZ 6.0 so grabbed a stock set. May need to have them bent upright but that's easy and prefer to have lofts/lies checked anyway. Playing with them a while before doing anything. So far so good. Very good clubs.
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