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  1. I have been wearing a nike aeroloft jacket. at about 50* i find its fine with just a golf shirt beneath, but maybe throw on a long sleeve layer for anything colder.
  2. I am in Canada. The helpful gentleman at my local Golftown told me it shipped from Asia. This also seemed a bit strange to me. Probably still doesnt get here for Friday, but Georgia at least gives me a chance.
  3. Was just advised my set has been shipped by mizuno this morning. Presumably this means its leaving the factory/assembly plant somewhere in asia. Hopefully they arrive for Friday. would love to swing them saturday.
  4. Ordered yesterday from Golftown. Was told they could not predict shipping dates, but provided a range of 4-8 weeks. I was observing them place the order in their system, and the manufacturer drop down menu said "Mizuno *Delays*". I didnt see the "delays" notice next to anyone else, but it might have been there. Also I would note that I spec'd the bb&fco ferrules, and was charged $7 per club for the privilege. That's canadian dollars, but still, I didnt think i would be paying more than just buying them direct from bb&f, particularly since i was already owed pla
  5. prefer the navy look but dont mind the GR either. Size 11-13 in the AM97 still available on golftown's site if anyone in Canada is looking, btw
  6. finally popped up on Golftown's site. Right hand only for the HM, and no SEL set posted, so this sounds like a further delay in production for lefties in general.
  7. EDIT: i was wrong, they did not drop on nike.ca this morning.
  8. went for a pair of the air max 97s. They look pretty cool and i dont own a golf version of them, though they seem to be the least sought after of the bunch. Do roshe tours fit TTS?
  9. I've mentioned it before, but hard to believe these heads still arent at Canadian retailers. I was ready to drop on order on day one, but the way its going our season will be over before i can get these in hand. Im probably going to just wait until next year and cross shop with whatever drops from Ping and others. No point staring at them in my closet for four months.
  10. Doesnt sound like you are intending to go HM or HMP, but are you able to confirm whether the fitter had those heads?
  11. I also agree with this. Was surprised how much I disliked the 410s as I prefer the reduced offset. Short irons were way too hot and unpredictable. Would get so many fliers, randomly hitting the 8 iron as far as my 7 and the wedge as far as the 9. Had no confidence i had the right club. Also found they didn’t spin enough. I would recommend G400 or even the previous G over these. i also agree with the above poster who said that the more aggressive lofts seems to have hurt the balance that made the prior gens so good.
  12. im sure there is a story behind the three dots on the fairways. Ping doesnt do anything without a purpose. I also think the problem with the ferrules isnt the accent, but the height. If they wanted to go so short they probably should have stuck with black, but what do i know
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