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  1. motherf... sorry to hear that man. only thing worse than a reseller is a someone passing off fakes. At least now you know.
  2. Those are from an Asian release corduroy pack. There are two colour ways of the 97. Both are pretty solid
  3. Pics look interesting. Seems like even more carbon than the prior heads. interested to hear what TM says about the non max vs max head. They appear very similar in the photos.
  4. I am surprised by the strong negative reaction to this. I actually think its pretty unique if over engineered looking. Maybe price is stiff, but its otherwise pretty cool.
  5. Rick shiels posted a video with a cobra 3D printed putter. I haven’t watched it, just saw the thumbnail so can’t speak for what he says about it or if it’s something else related
  6. 50% of tour/pre-release threads are just people posting "SEND ME PICS" so if it's the worst, its tied with 50,000 other threads.
  7. Unfortunately, it isnt different, there are a lot of guys who score a bunch of pairs of just about every limited release, and many of us are left empty handed. For buyers looking to find things just to wear it can be frustrating.
  8. I’ve never seen people complain about resale prices on shoes more than people on this thread. Don’t want to pay resale then you have two options 1) got your computer at 10am to buy the shoes or 2) buy the gr colourway. the Nike golf drops are so easy to get so you only have yourself to blame. I’ve lined up at local skate shop 4 days this week hoping for a recent sb drop that they just weren’t lucky enough to receive. If I want that pair I have to pay 4-5x retail. That’s just the way it goes. You win some you lose some. The chances of you getting that 1 pair of limited sneakers you re
  9. I dont want to see photos, but i dot want to see any artistic representation. Can someone who has seen it paint a picture for me. Thanks
  10. Damn. Those are basically Sean Wotherspoon for golf. Wish they weren’t pe’s. Would be an instant pickup. anyone try wearing air max 97 gs casually? Really into this corduroy pair but Not ad golf shoes.
  11. Ya. Padded tongue with some green trim and standard outsole. If I had to guess, I would say the Ben-G SB that released last year.
  12. Finau playing in a course vlog with eal. Could be wrong but looks like he's wearing a pair of dunks, of the standard SB variety. could there be a golf dunk coming?
  13. Love corduroy and I’m into it. Just tough on a golf shoe. If those am97s were just a casual pair of shoes it would be a must buy.
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