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  1. ordered straight from the factory in a Callaway so tipping would be whatever is standard. thanks
  2. Diamana Tensie CK Pro White 70 TX with a Ping G425 adapter. I was previously ordered in a Callaway and then had a Ping G425 adapter put on it when I purchased the Ping. That's why you see a little of where the Callaway adapter came up a little higher. Excellent condition. Factory length in a Ping G425. Any questions feel free to ask. I've since switched to a titleist TSI so trade interest would be upgraded shafts for it in x or s flex depending on the shaft. Thanks Rick! 140 shipped!
  3. I have no idea how much callaway tips the shafts, it is the same as it came from the factory though. If you want to try it, make me an offer, you never know till you ask
  4. Aldila rogue 60x with callaway adapter. Factory length. Excellent shape, just went back to a stiff and just bought another shaft to try so this one needs to move on. Any questions, just ask. Will only ship in the inner 48 states 65 shipped obo
  5. 1 iron sold! Let's drop some prices, 50 shipped for both cobra wedges and 75 shipped for the titleist irons
  6. Cobra Trusty Rusty wedges, 55* and 59*, black chrome looking steel shafts, grips still feel new. 50obo shipped for the pair Titleist 704 CB's 4 thru wedge, these have been used. They are definitely still playable, they just aren't the nicest things. The 8 iron has some rash on the bottom as it looks like it has caught some rocks. Priced accordingly as Dick's offered me 105 trading them in but they said I had to trade them on a new set of irons, which I don't need right now. They have the rifle 6.0 shafts which are stiff flex. Price is sold shipped for the set. Ping Zing 2 2 iron and 3 iron, with GLoomis graphite shafts, sold Ping Zing 2 SW, with the Ping 350 series graphite shaft, 25obo shipped Ping Eye 2, 1 iron, steel shaft, sold Just trying to clear some things out, feel free to make offers. I only ship to the inner 48 US states. Thanks for looking!
  7. Found out a little while ago from a member on here that it must be a custom order. He said the sight line is different being it's on the topline, every other one I've seen and can find on ebay have been on the base of the putter.
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